SWTOR PTS Patch 2.2 notes

Game update notes for SWTOR Patch 2.2 on the PTS released on May 24, 2013.


  • Characters in a guild will receive an XP and Reputation bonus based on the number of characters from unique accounts in the guild. For every five active unique accounts in a guild, the XP and Reputation bonus increases by 1% (on top of the base 5%) for the entire guild, up to a maximum of 10%.

Classes and Combat

  • All stunbreaks (Determination, Escape, Unbreakable Will, Resolute, etc.) will have their cooldown reset after a character comes back from a defeated state.

Jedi Knight

  • Shien Form now increases movement speed by 15%, in addition to its other effects.

Sith Warrior

  • Shien Form now increases movement speed by 15%, in addition to its other effects.

Jedi Consular

  • Breaching Shadows, granted by Shadow Technique, has a new visual effect that persists while 3 charges of Breaching Shadows are active.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Dark Ward has a new visual effect that persists while active.


  • Static Charge, granted by Surging Charge, has a new visual effect that persists while 3 charges of Static Charge are active.

Bounty Hunter

  • Made visual improvements to Flamethrower.

Crew Skills
Crafting Skills

  • Underworld gear can now be Reverse Engineered and learned as a schematic.

Terror From Beyond

  • Nightmare Mode is now available for Terror from Beyond!
  • Story Mode drops have been updated to include the following in addition to current rewards:
    • The Writhing Horror now drops the Arkanian Bracer Token
    • The Dread Guard now drops an additional random Black Market Item

Scum and Villainy

  • A PTS sneak preview of nightmare mode is now available for Legions of Scum and Villainy! This will be released as part of Game Update 2.2.2.
  • Story Mode drops have been updated to include the following in addition to current rewards:
    • Dash’Roode now drops the Arkanian Waist Token
    • Titan 6 now drops the Arkanian Implant Token
    • Thrasher now drops the Arkanian Earpiece Token

Items and Economy

  • A new sub-tier of gear is available! Kell Dragon gear can be obtained from Nightmare Mode Operations at level 55.
  • A new vehicle, the Helix Hyperpod, is now dropped in Nightmare Mode Terror from Beyond.
  • A new vehicle, the Titan 6 Containment Vehicle, is now dropped in Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy.


  • New vendors have been added to the Gav Daragon and Ziost Shadow where players can exchange unassembled Kell Dragon tokens for gear.
  • New Rated PvP Weapons have been added to the PvP Ranked Gear Vendor. These new Weapons cost 400 Ranked Commendations, and require a pvp rating of 2400


  • Players that are backfilled into a Warzone will be awarded a Reinforcement Medal that will count toward their total medal count for the match. This also means that backfilled players will no longer be put into a situation where they get backfilled into a match and don’t have enough time to get one medal and thus miss out on the warzone rewards at the end of the match.


  • Turret (Objective Control Points) will no longer be interactable while changing ownership.
  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Alderaan Civil War Warzone when one team has twice as many points as the enemy team.

Ancient Hypergates

  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Ancient Hypergate after the 4th explosion.


  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Novare Coast Warzone when one team has less than 25% remaining on their shields and the other team has 75% or greater remaining on theirs.


  • Players will no longer be backfilled into Huttball Warzone after 10 minutes have elapsed in the match.
  • Glave

    I definitely want to see some pics of the new gear and vehicles! Also, what is a ‘sub tier’? Awesome work, as always, Dulfy!

    • SWTORfan

      “sub tier” just means it’s an add-on sub-set to the existing main tier of current end-game gear not an entirely new tier of gear.

    • Ancaglon

      Did Dread Guard/Hazmat count as a sub-tier the same way?

  • Moromillas

    “Dark Ward has a new visual effect that persists while active.”

    Oh, for fucks sake. We already have enough of a seizure enducing ‘laser light show,’ why pile on even more effects. /disgruntled

  • Vaer

    This is probably the weakest content patch to date. some welcome changes but overall very weak. Thanks Dulfy as always for doing the work you do and getting the info out quickly and thoroughly.

  • darkfather

    And they still dont fix the crafting problems. Thank you Bioware for ruining my crafting since 2.1.

  • zepthiras

    Define ” UNIQUE ACCOUNTS” please

    • WillCaedes

      They mean you and your aproximately 10+ alts if your a subscriber, can’t be used to break or boost the guild EXP system. So every 5 UNIQUE (meaning different peoples toons tied under one ACCOUNT they use to log in with) will contribute +1% to the guild exp bonus.

      Christ I am not looking forward to those damn Double EXP weekends.

      • Ariel

        Sorry if this comes across as incredibly dumb, but I’m struck by a language barrier. Does this mean being in a guild with just more than 10 people (so the actual person, not character) will give the maximum bonus of 10% (15% if you count the base 10%) and do they need to be online or what? Seems quite easy to achieve if I understand it correctly.

        I’m quite excited about it, it’s also not as ‘game-breaking’ as the double XP weekends. (I understand that for players who are leveling their first toon, or those who like doing everything on a planet it wasn’t much fun.)

        • Villétta

          when you create a guild you will have the base 5% xp bonus. for every 5 accounts after that you will get an extra percent of xp bonus.

          So if i am thinking this through correctly you will need a total of 25 accounts to bring the guild xp bonus from 5% to the cap of 10%

    • Ancaglon

      I expect that “purely F2P” accounts (i.e. not paid anything at all to Bioware/EA) will not count, but that “Preferred” (spent at least $4.99 or equiv) will (because, among other reasons, you need to give a working email address, name, date-of-birth etc.)

  • Moromillas

    Right… Fanboys downvoting criticism, this is why the game sometimes stagnates.

    Have a look at all the effects during combat in flashpoints and ops, it’s nothing short of a cluster fuck. People are actually willing to defend this?

    It’s not supposed to be a laser light show simulator, it’s supposed to be star wars.

    • iceberg265

      Aww boo hoo people don’t agree with your stupid opinion.

      • Moromillas

        Fanboy right? Being an unpaid rep for Bioware doesn’t help anyone. At least it’s an honest criticism. Yours has no value, because you want to blow the developers.

        • iceberg265

          You are welcome to your opinion, and I am welcome to think your opinion is stupid. It doesn’t make me a ‘fanboy’ or give you the right to make personal attacks against me. Stop being a child.

          • Moromillas

            No, it looks like you’re butthurt that someone is criticizing your favorite game, and that’s more than enough justification for you to raise a stink about it, isn’t it. Funny you should tell me to stop being a child.

            • Swordsman

              Neutral observer here. Moromillas, you’re the one coming across as a bellend.

            • iceberg265

              What part of my post are you saying no to? No you won’t stop acting like a child? No you are not welcome to your opinion? Or no you think its OK to keep throwing around insult? Aka, being a child.

              • Moromillas

                The part where you profess you’re not a fanboy, all the while denigrating anyone that dares speak ill of your beloved game, as if it were a personal attack. You say you’re not a fanboy, I say no, you are the definition of fanboy.

              • iceberg265

                You really are pretty dense. I said nothing about your opinion other than that I thought it was stupid. I even defended your right to have it. Stop with the hurpaderpfanboy nonsense, it just makes you look foolish.

              • Moromillas

                You don’t want an answer, then don’t ask the question. You thought someone was ‘attacking’ your game, and threw a tanty over it. If you don’t want to be called a fanboy, then stop acting like one.

              • iceberg265

                I am trying really hard to be nice, but man you are stupid. You are the one that threw the “tanty” just because people disagreed with you. I really don’t care if you like the game or not, just be an adult about it either way.

              • Moromillas

                Yeah, because going into stockholm syndrome cognitive dissonance fanboy mode as soon as anyone criticizes this game is being an adult. All those “haters” are just stupid little kids after all, right. Do you honestly think devs want you to kiss their ass.

              • iceberg265

                Are you even reading my replies at all? This obviously isn’t going anywhere so I will just end on this: The thing about having a right to your own opinion is that everyone else has a right to theirs as well, and when you have a lot of different people, their opinions will sometimes be different than yours.

  • Bigbot Bashman

    Any word Dulfy on the Paid server transfers that were maybe going to hit with this update? Bioware was having some of the overseas servers transferring to the Westcoast US prior to this one also? Thanks and great job as always.

  • Beasthunt

    Someone wake me when they decide to finally give us a legacy bank.

    • HysGrace – Shadowlands

      I agree totally. It suck having to login to one toon to send items to another. A legacy bank would be a great idea even if they did something like limit access to fleet and home worlds. It would also be nice if schem drops were bound to legacy instead of characters. I hate getting a schem for a skill that I can’t use and of course they would all be epic drops. On something SWTOR is on the money.. in others they don’t have a clue. What can I say though, I’m still hooked and still enjoy the game. SMH BW has me brainwashed!

  • Vladimír Odznak Gregor

    Still no Dessler Nomad and Exploler? And no Tirsa Champion, Praxon Trackmaster etc.? When are we going to be able to obtain those?



  • Nekochan

    Still no fix for the ultimate comms reward imbalance that favors the republic by 6 comms.

  • It mentions being able to RE Underworld gear, but the wording is vague. Can anyone confirm whether this means we’ll finally be able to RE lvl 31 Mods? I don’t know when it started or what the (seemingly inconsistant) parameters are, but I’m getting real tired of pulling mods only to see “No research available” – esp when I just laid out 80 Ultimate comms or more.

    • Yes that means you can RE mods/enhancements/armoring.

      • Awesome. Thanks for the confirmation! Is there a guide out there that has a definitive listing of the RE rules since 2.0? For example I can still RE 26/27 mods, can do the Lettered 28 mods that the trainer sells anyway (but any unlettered mods I pull out are no-go), etc. Is there any kind of “rule” as to what can/can’t be learned? It just seems inconsistent with the lvl 28+ mods.

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