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SWTOR Archon’s Contraband Pack items preview

Screenshots and list of the items coming with the Archon’s Contraband Pack. This contraband pack is available for viewing on the PTS.

  • Five new mounts
  • Six new pets
  • Four titles/moods/emotes
  • Three reuseable Jawagram
  • Eight Encrypted Datacubes


Rendili Solar


Praxon Echo


Aratech Blur


Aratech Lux


Adno Mantis



Striated Wriggler


Nefarious Blurrg


Slateshard Lylek


Ebon-Wing Flutterplume


CH-R1 Power Droid


Model B28 Extinction-Class Bomber



Emote: Jig

Emote: Woohoo

Mood: Creppy

Title: Archon


Reuseable Jawagram: “Awesome!”

Reuseable Jawagram: “May the Force be With You”

Reuseable Jawagram:  “Party On!”


Not sure on their use at the moment but if you look them ingame, here is the message.


Encrypted Datacube 74-C

Encrypted Datacube 93-E

Encrypted Datacube 58-P

Encrypted Datacube 68-B

Encrypted Datacube 78-R

Encrypted Datacube 97-0

Encrypted Datacube 89-G

Encrypted Datacube 99-F

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36 replies on “SWTOR Archon’s Contraband Pack items preview”

I believe the datacubes are their way of saying SPOILERS, Not showing you the gear! On a related note to cartel items that constantly annoys me, Revan’s(and other double hood items) is still not fixed even though Eric said it was planned for 2.2. Hope it gets patched in.

Didn’t they say they would not fix it? To avoid the kind of backlash they had when fixing other sets, like the Phantom one, where they ended up releasing the classic gear to make everyone happy? Also, Revan, the NPC, in game has a double hood and I don’t get why so many people are upset with it, actually. I mean, IRL I find myself having two hoods quite often, one because of my hoody and one because of my jacket and it’s not really to be disliked; who can say that in a galaxy far, far away no one would have ever crafted a single piece with two hoods? We have all seen stranger fashion than that!

The encrypted data cubes need to be taken to Nar Shadda, click on them and you will be given a mission to a panel. Reward at the end is either a major xp or valor boost or a credit boom. I got 39k credits for easy work.

Keep in mind, following their crystal pattern. This coming crystal in the Archon pack will be Red related. (first pack having purple, second blue, third red, fourth green)

Look at this, old stuff recolored. Yeah, ugly mounts still stay ugly, what ever color they have. So, nothing new in the new pack? Just the bomber pet?

Theres a completely new mount, but i guess you missed that.
And the datacubes are completely new (and for now, unknown) as well.

yeah, upon further review… I guess it is a new model. Looks like they took the Czerka CR-17 seat … and put on a GSI-explorer front-end … and a somewhat original back-end. Doesn’t stand-out too much, though, imho.

Considering they added more content in the last 3 months, than they had in the first year.. I dont think your statement is valid.

But as I evaluate your name; nomo-pvp. Quitters left. We stayed, and pvp’d.

So you come back to cry when we mug you like you were an offworlder in Mos Eisley.

I would have to think that (don’t want to spoil anything) but that would be the continuation of that quest line? It seems like that would be the only thing that makes sense… but then again, who knows?

More reskins and ugly fluff. And, dont tell me there is going to be some treasure hunt thing you can only do with Encrypted Datacube’s. >: {

Have they just not put the outfits on the PTS, or are we looking at having to do the macrobinocular quests (or whatever these datacubes are for) in order to get Cartel gear now? D:

According to some sources, There is more, just not located in the current collections list. I can let you know, so far it looks like the crystal is called Mint Green, Might, MIGHT be Huttball Uniforms and Calo Nord’s armor.

Also, there seems to be a new regen item, the “Holochair” 😉 It’s under the duplicate Reusable Jawagram: Awesome tab with the description: “Take a load off with your own personal holographic chair. You regenerate health and your class’ energy pool while frozen”. It can’t be previewed of course, but it seems to be a new BoU toy. Additionally, the placeholder icon for the item is identical to that of the “Datacubes”, leading me to believe that those are also armours – weapons – crystals that aren’t supposed to be viewed in advance =)

Im sure you’ve all seen this by now; but calo nord’s armor in the bottom left, a new chaingun with purple (presumably) Rotworm armor and white (presumably) frogdog armor in the bottom right.

I understand the “reasoning” behind not making the lore-type gear (Bastilla/Jolee/Carth/etc.) not being able to be dyed beacause of who had it in KOTOR. But I have seen a few toons running around with pieces (Thana Vesh’s for example) that have been dyed. Are they ever going to allow the rest of the gear to be dyed or did they just screw up when they did those few pices? I am sitting on a few lore item that I would love to change the color on but can’t. Any info on this would be great.

The encrypted data cubes need to be taken to Nar Shadda, click on them and you will be given a mission to a panel. Reward at the end is either a major xp or valor boost or a credit boom. I got 39k credits for easy work.

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