patch 2.2 SWTOR

SWTOR Kell Dragon armor and weapon models

Videos and screenshots of the new SWTOR Kell Dragon armor and weapons introduced in patch 2.2 with Nightmare operations.


Empire armor/weapons


Republic armor/weapons



All of the armor models are mostly similar underworld but parts of the armor are animated. A video will demonstrate this better but here are some screenshots.

Bounty Hunter/Trooper











Blaster Pistol


Assault Cannon


Blaster Rifle


Sniper Rifle


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66 replies on “SWTOR Kell Dragon armor and weapon models”

Man I am digging the Knight gear. It’s both got a hood down AND a nice call back to the old gold Champion gear!

Not really diggin the blue halo on all the weapons. Seems kind of un-creative compaired to some CC and Gree weapons.

Apparently you missed the whole armor effect thing they’ve introduced. Yes, they’re the same models, but they’ve introduced an entirely new gear design mechanic to the game.

Doesn’t matter dude, every piece of gear looks ugly and shit. Retextured crap is what we hate – thought we got away from that last year.

I love this stuff, looks awesome. I just wonder if all this added animation will take a hit on the game which already runs pretty so-so for many people. I imagine it won’t as it’s pretty small but there’s definitely a lot there.

I want the rakata and war hero sets back. At least the shells. Please Bioware Please 🙂

They probably didn’t want to try to squeeze the vendors in on the fleet, as the supplies area is already a little crowded.

They answered that in the livestream. Basically, they want to, they know we want it, however they didn’t build the game to include that, so it would require an extensive amount of programming and testing, and as such, time.

That’s the biggest load of horseshit. The function is already in the game with how hoods interact with pretty much every helmet already in existence, and twileks. The only reason they haven’t done it yet is because they are trying to figure out how to monetize it like everything else. They will probably take the lazy way out and add it to the cartel market as a “covert energy headpiece” or some such crap, with the same flag as a regular helmet to put the hood down.

This toggle already exists you just need to be a sub. There’s a hide headgear option. Simply toss on a helmet or head band that makes the hood vanish and then hide it.

really? by far the knight and consular has the worst looking, i can atleast stand the warrior and the inquisitors…

I think the knight, warrior, agent, and trooper got the best deal out of this set. Their gear (aside from head pieces) is pretty clean and reminiscent of past sets. Consular, Bounty Hunter and Smuggler look like shit.

Regardless, it’s unfortunate design, as this gear reflects a level of achievement (NiM) yet no one wants to wear it because it’s hideous. Top tier should have gear that people WANT to earn; that looks bad ass, attractive yet intimidating while refraining from making the character look like a fat/pregnant/wide-hipped/sexual gimp/something you’d find in a restroom/satellite/etc. And the color schemes… god, the colors…

It kind of looks like Bounty Hunter gear… to me anyways. I’m not really sure what to make of all this stuff at the moment.

ALL of it is ugly. Every last piece. The little effect doesn’t change how ugly the armor itself is. Just like 90% of all the armor in this game. I’d fire people for creating such horrid looking clothes. Bioware really needs some fashion designers who understand aesthetic value. What lines and flow are.

Agreed. It’s all pretty hideous. They just keep making the gear more and more gaudy and tacky. Apparently, they’ve never heard the saying “less is more”.

Agreed. They don’t understand how to design gear that’s versatile between genders and maintains a badass/attractive look. I mean, the Consular Arkanian set makes female characters look like they have a beer belly, or in their second trimester of pregnancy. Gross.

I quite like the animations on some of it. on other pieces it looks like they ran out of ideas. Armour style itself is not to my tastes some individual pieces are okay though

what fucking idiots are in charge of armor and weapon design now? This shit just get stupider and uglier every fucking update…………what the fuck……

Can Bioware pleaase fire these fucking idiots and hire someone who has a sense of Star Wars in their design?

Tbh nobody uses this crap anyway. people socket better looking stuff. In the long run does it matter?

It does matter because this is the development we are paying for. They are giving us crap on purpose so people are forced, yes forced, to pay more money to get things from the cartel market.

I just think Blake is using the armor as an excuse to use the new curse word he learned in grade school today.

I agree. The armour is damn awful. Even the non-ranked inquisitor pvp gear is better. Less shiny glowy stuff please….this isn’t Twilight.

Ok, animated skins are nice and all, but they shouldnt have made this a “thing” for two reasons.
1: They made it a “thing” by using old models with new skins on them, something that is sure to make players annoyed.
2: They just went overboard with the effects. Its nice with animated parts on the skin of an armour set, but dont clutter the whole thing with it.

IMHO it would have been better if they had just introduced this without as much hooplah in the next set of armours.

Considering this is an additional tier within the same gear/content family, it’s expected to look similar with just a few different tweaks to identify superior achievement within the same set of operations. Arkanian SM, Verpine HM, Kell Dragon NiM. We won’t see a new style of gear until the next major content update drops (much like the similarity between columi and rakata, black hole/campaign and hazmat/dread guard). They simply won’t create an entirely new look of gear for the same family of content, regardless of an increased difficulty level. Much like when NiM EC/TFB was introduced, they produced the Hazmat/Dread Guard tier. This gear is simply a means of providing players with better gear to help them more easily complete the new difficulty level. Which is an improvement over when KP/EV NiM were out, as they provided the same rewards as Hard Mode, originally.

Additionally, I agree that the gear is ugly, they need new designers, however I didn’t expect a redesigned gear set for this.

I’m assuming that dye kits don’t change the color of the animated portions of the gear either, which actually detracts from customization options.

the worst looking armor LOL, i gotta love how they recolor the same armor from Each update lol.

well i unsubed like a week before 2.1 and untill now everytime i think of playing the game(leveling an Allt) just as Prefered, i go to the forum and read some forums and my rage flame up again lol, freaking dumb stupid BW, people should really leave that freaking game because it failed and the sooner people leave it the sooner we get another company or what ever to make a new “maybe” better MMO for Starwars, we want our old AWESOME SWG back where it is a real sandbox.

The weapons seem “simply ridiculous” what’s with the holographic “ornaments”? Have the designers actually seen Star Wars? O.o Weapons just look like weapons.

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