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SWTOR Kell Dragon armor and weapon stats

A list of the armor and weapon stats for the new SWTOR Kell Dragon armor available on the PTS.


Force Master/Force Mystic

Ear Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Device Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Force-Master’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Force-Master’s MK-X Package 
Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Sash Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Sash
Bracers Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Bracers Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Cuffs
Helmet Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Headgear Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Headgear
Chest Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Vestments Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Robe
Gloves Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Gloves Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Gloves
Legs Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Lower Robe Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe
Boots Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Boots Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Focus Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Focus
Mainhand Kell Dragon Force-Master’s Lightsaber Kell Dragon Force-Mystic’s Lightsaber


Ear Kell Dragon Stalker’s Device Kell Dragon Survivor’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Stalker’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Stalker’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon Survivor’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Survivor’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Stalker’s Waistwrap Kell Dragon Survivor’s Waistwrap
Bracers Kell Dragon Stalker’s Bracers Kell Dragon Survivor’s Bracers
Helmet Kell Dragon Stalker’s Headgear Kell Dragon Survivor’s Headgear
Chest Kell Dragon Stalker’s Robe Kell Dragon Survivor’s Robe
Gloves Kell Dragon Stalker’s Handwraps Kell Dragon Survivor’s Handwraps
Legs Kell Dragon Stalker’s Legwraps Kell Dragon Survivor’s Legwraps
Boots Kell Dragon Stalker’s Boots Kell Dragon Survivor’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Stalker’s Generator Kell Dragon Survivor’s Shield
Mainhand Kell Dragon Stalker’s Saberstaff Kell Dragon Survivor’s Saberstaff


Vindicator/War Leader

Ear Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Device Kell Dragon War Leader’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Vindicator’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Vindicator’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon War Leader’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon War Leader’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Belt Kell Dragon War leader’s Belt
Bracers Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Armguards Kell Dragon War leader’s Armguards
Helmet Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Headgear Kell Dragon War leader’s Headgear
Chest Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Chestguard Kell Dragon War leader’s Body Armor
Gloves Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Handgear Kell Dragon War leader’s Gloves
Legs Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Greaves Kell Dragon War leader’s Greaves
Boots Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Boots Kell Dragon War leader’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Generator Kell Dragon War leader’s Shield
Mainhand Kell Dragon Vindicator’s Lightsaber Kell Dragon War leader’s Lightsaber


Ear Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Device Kell Dragon Challenger’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon Challenger’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Challenger’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Waistcord Kell Dragon Challenger’s Waistcord
Bracers Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Bracers Kell Dragon Challenger’s Bracers
Helmet Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Headgear Kell Dragon Challenger’s Headgear
Chest Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Vest Kell Dragon Challenger’s Vest
Gloves Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Gloves Kell Dragon Challenger’s Gloves
Legs Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Leggings Kell Dragon Challenger’s Leggings
Boots Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Boots Kell Dragon Challenger’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Offhand Saber Kell Dragon Challenger’s Offhand Saber
Mainhand Kell Dragon Weaponmaster’s Lightsaber Kell Dragon Challenger’s Lightsaber

Bounty Hunter/Trooper

Combat Medic/Eliminator

Ear Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Device Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon Eliminator’s MK-V Package 
Kell Dragon Eliminator’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Belt Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Belt
Bracers Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Bracers Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Vambraces
Helmet Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Helmet Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Helmet
Chest Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Body Armor Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Chestguard
Gloves Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Gauntlets Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Gauntlets
Legs Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Legplates Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Greaves
Boots Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Boots Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Generator
Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Offhand Blaster
Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Generator
Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Offhand Blaster
Mainhand Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Assault Cannon
Kell Dragon Combat Medic’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Assault Cannon
Kell Dragon Eliminator’s Blaster Pistol

Combat Tech/Supercommando

Ear Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Device Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon Supercommando’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Supercommando’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Belt Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Belt
Bracers Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Bracers Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Bracers
Helmet Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Helmet Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Helmet
Chest Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Body Armor Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Body Armor
Gloves Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Gauntlets Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Gauntlets
Legs Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Leggings Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Legplates
Boots Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Boots Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Generator Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Shield
Mainhand Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Blaster Rifle
Kell Dragon Combat Tech’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon Supercommando’s Blaster Rifle


Field Medic/Enforcer

Ear Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Device Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Field Medic’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Field Medic’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon Enforcer’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Enforcer’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Belt Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Belt
Bracers Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Bracers Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Armguards
Helmet Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Headgear Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Headgear
Chest Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Suit Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Jacket
Gloves Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Gloves Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Gloves
Legs Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Leggings Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Leggings
Boots Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Boots Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Shotgun Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Shotgun
Kell Dragon Enforcer’s  Vibroknife
Mainhand Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon Field Medic’s Blaster Rifle
Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon Enforcer’s Blaster Rifle

Field Tech/Professional

Ear Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Device Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Device
Implant Kell Dragon Field Tech’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon Field Tech’s MK-X Package
Kell Dragon’s Professional’s MK-V Package
Kell Dragon’s Professional’s MK-X Package
Belt Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Belt Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Belt
Bracers Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Bracers Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Armguards
Helmet Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Headgear Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Headgear
Chest Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Jacket Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Jacket
Gloves Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Gloves Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Gloves
Legs Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Leggings Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Leggings
Boots Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Boots Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Boots
Offhand Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Offhand Blaster
Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Vibroknife
Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Offhand Blaster
Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Vibroknife
Mainhand Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon Field Tech’s Sniper Rifle
Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Blaster Pistol
Kell Dragon’s Professional’s Sniper Rifle


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29 replies on “SWTOR Kell Dragon armor and weapon stats”

Love new tiers but i think it’s too fast… but nvm. Dulfy you plan beating tfb on nim mod? 🙂 Looking forward for some post/footage 🙂

Vertical progression once again… Bioware’s conception of game progression is gonna get old very fast if they can’t introduce a bit of horizontality in their future updates…

How do you enable the view of what name of mod is in the slot? I have been wanting such a view forever! I have details turned on, but all I get is:

Armoring (69)
## stat 1
## stat 2

Yet, if the info you are showing is from in game screenshots yours displays as:

(75) Advanced Mod Here 33

Or do you just collect the info and display it the way you do?

This really should be viewable this way in game if it’s not already possible!

You can only see the mod name if 1) you buy it and open the mod interface like if you are doing to remove or replace mods or 2) you use an online database site like Askmrrobot 🙂

All of it is ugly. The little effect doesn’t change how ugly the actual armor is. So utterly disappointed in the armor designers from Bioware. They need to go back to design school.

You’re missing the point – the default armor (and even the crafted armor) sets are ugly because they want people to buy armor sets from the Cartel Market for real money. Mind you, the ones on the Cartel aren’t much better 😉

What is wrong with vertical progression? How is it going to get old if you never complete the content? I for one know on my server, very few guilds had downed EC Nightmare and TFB HM before the 2.0 release. Now, they’ve managed to maybe squeeze in EC NiM, but since TFB HM is scaled, they are having some issues with it (I’m guessing just not knowing the mechanics).

But the release of TFB NiM and S&V NiM I think is an excellent add-on, as well as rewarding top guilds who can complete the content a set of superior armor/weapons. Reason being is that it is SO incredibly easy to get gear since 2.0. They were handing it out. And yeah, maybe not everyone had Underworld gear, but they can easily get 72 equivalent, it’s a joke.

I’m glad they have noted their mistake and hopefully the Kell Dragon gear and non-set bonus set as well will be more like Dread Guard / Hazmat when it debuted with TFB release.

I’m close to full 72 and modded optimal gear, being in a not too bad guild myself :p
What’s wrong in vertical progression? Nothing when it’s not the only progression that you are proposed with. But it seems it strikes the limit of dev’s imagination.

I saw that as well… that has to be a mistake (hopefully?).

Underworld MH/OF each have a bit over 1k Tech Power [1044 iirc].


Does lvl 72 gear craftable now, it seems now 75s are top tier and 72 must be craftable or?

To those saying it is too soon, for most of us we have been in TFB for just over 9 months and are dead sick of the place. Also, this tier of content has been ridiculously easy even for our non-bleeding edge guild.

If you are doing 16 man you need only like 1500 to 1600 dps minimum to clear that content (thats REALLY low btw, our average is 2k with top dps getting on average of 2400) and on 8 man its only 1800… you could hit those numbers in 63s. So then its just not being stupid… on pretty damn easy mechanics. Kill the adds + dont stand in fire + burn the boss = win.

Again, coming from a middle tier skilled guild… If we have cleared it, I would wager half of POT5 has cleared it (of the semi-serious raiders)…

is it confirmed that its just the same token drops from the same bosses like the 69s in SM and 72s in HM?

First off, thank you very much Dulfy for all the work you do on this site, it is very much appreciated! Second, once you get past the lack of imagination by the designers in the “look” dept, wth are they thinking with the mods and enhancements? Speaking from a dps standpoint, they have pretty well killed crit with the new soft cap and what’s with all the alacrity? Stop the madness plz and give me some mods and enhancements I can use, instead of basically making me get some pieces 2 or even 3 times to swap out for stuff I can use to balance my numbers…

The only classes that benefit from these relics 100% are Tanks classes, cause for some reason Bioware seem to love to stack Endurance on these relics. The %percentage every 20 seconds ratio will never beat a 1st or 2nd stat that is available full time. I purposely purchased PVP relic’s before 2.0 for my main and all my alts cause they have main stat benefits that you can’t find anymore.

Force Power on main/off hands seems to be lower than the 1006 figure of underworld stuff… is that correct ? Mystic/force master stuff

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