GW2 Mini White Kitten and Consortium Harvesting Sickle

Screenshots and video of the Mini White Kitten and the Consortium Harvesting Sickle released with the GW2 Gemstore update on May 28

Mini White Kitten – 400 gems



Consortium Harvesting Sickle – 800 gems



This harvesting sickle is account bound when you buy it but becomes soulbound when you use it. It has an animation where it cracks the rocks and cause the water to spurt out (see video).


By Dulfy

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21 replies on “GW2 Mini White Kitten and Consortium Harvesting Sickle”

Those are actually same animations my cat type pets use. (Ranger)
Then again I do agree that a fancy lady like that doesn’t have fleas! 🙁

This animations aren’t typical cat movements for me. Idk what kind of cat arenanet saw. O.o The animations by cat tonic (specially skill 4~ Kitty play) would be great! *-*

uh…cats DO scratch with their hind legs, and shake, they do pretty much the same movements as dogs. O.o

Ehhhh, not a big fan of how we swing the sickle like a pick. 🙁 I’ll still get it anyway, for the convenience, but I think they could have done much better for the animations.

Same animations as of mining for a sickle?? Come on ANet…at least make the sickle move from right to left… not up to down. *sighs*

Additionally, some vines and little flowers sprout up during the sickle animation as well, very small ones often hidden by the ground surrounding the harvested plant. Thank you for the videos!

Had some friends look at the animation to decide if they wanted one. We figured something out. ON your screen you swing it like a mining pick but the sickle effect with water etc shows up. On there screen they see you do the sickle animation with the molten pick in hand.

So anet didn’t do copy/paste correctly it would seem.

Hi Dulfy. In the newest patch note, anet say they have corrected the sickle’s animation.

You may want to update the video.

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