SWTOR Helix Hyperpod nightmare TFB mount

Screenshots and video of the SWTOR Helix Hyperpod mount that drops from Nightmare Terror from Beyond in the upcoming patch 2.2

This mount drops in Nightmare Terror from Beyond off the last boss.


  • Steez

    Dafuq is this? I though this was star wars not gree wars. The mount drops in the hardest endgame content yet looks like this? Oh well i expected as much.

    • Well TFB is Gree themed so it is sort of appropriate

      • Leol

        Also this^ is very true.

    • Leol

      Just have hopes, not expectations…. On a completely related note though, your first sentence seemed to sum up my initial reaction.

  • Sens


  • GameEntity


  • lineinfantry

    pretty ugly ^^


    If it’s animated, it’ll defintely look awesome

  • Magnus

    So you did have pictures of it after all. I bet you know more than you let us on to believe. :>

    • Different mount, there is another one that is coming out in a few hours with the cartel market

  • Darth Stewie

    That right there is pretty damn unique. Call it ugly if you want but I think it looks sick!

  • Guest

    Hey Dulfy, the 2.2 datadump said something about a clickable switch on that thing. Is that a small white button I see on the console in front of the character? (right click?)

    • That is the on the other mount from S&V nightmare, not this one.

  • Vladimír Odznak Gregor

    Not a landspeeder = not interested.

    Anyways, what is it with BW hating landspeeders? They removed the Korrealis and now they won’t give us any new ones, and most importatly Manta is still taxi only.

  • tg

    Only the meditation chairs and the skiffs are as ugly as this thing!

  • Lucas

    Not into the Gree mounts myself, but this is okay. Still don’t get why they can’t just release Manta Landspeeders? It’s not like they have to much work, as they are already in game.

  • Ascarith, Republic, Harbinger

    The Fact you have that already is simply astonishing. I love you. Just saying.

    • AshlaBoga

      Welcome to the club Ascarith.

  • Sozic

    WIll all bosses have a chance to drop this mount or only a specific boss?

    • Not sure, we got it off the last boss.

      • AshlaBoga

        Looks like it’s only from last boss (only 3 on PTS thus far were all from last boss).

  • VicVader

    I was expecting something more than a different skinned hover chair but meh. It’s kinda cool, but not my style. Gratz on getting it. Too bad it’s on the pts.

  • Einzel

    It’s looks like a flying toillet 😀

  • Hunterlex

    Hey Dulfy can u reveal us the look of SV HM last boss mount i heard it has something to do with Titan 6 can u confirm this rumor or its crap ?

    • Yes it is apparently what Titan 6 transforms to in the last phase of the fight. I don’t have pics of the mount as we havn’t cleared S&V nightmare yet (stuck on 3rd boss and the PTS is closing).

    • Jaden Gatekeeper

      Here’s an image I pulled from the SWTOR website.

  • Will

    If you look REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL close, you can see a reskinned Meditators Cartel Gambling Pack Chair model with a bunch of hovering bits and pieces tacked on. Oh Biowallet, when will you ever learn about reskinning items. *rolls eyes*

  • Death_Wing

    God I hate the haters
    The problem with SWTOR is it has to many whiners and crybabies

  • Jeffry Zicoberta

    good, now i want Darth Vader Meditation chamber as Mount.

  • Chuck

    Best mount in the game right now

    • Len Hobbel

      Best mount is one that goes faster then the rest

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