SWTOR Solus Secant mount and Turncoat Armor

Screenshots and videos of the new Solus Secant mount and Turncoat armor introduced to the Cartel Market with Patch 2.1.1.

Solus Secant Mount – 1500 CC


Praxon Trackmaster – 250 k credits, Legend reputation with Voss (Modeled by Pri’ya)


Turncoat Armor – 900 CC

  • This Outfit was recovered by Cartel Associate N4-T3 on its final day of service. Set includes: Chestguard, Leggings, Gloves, Boots, Bracers, Belt



  • Jon

    Yay, Very happy and I hope it is clear that they learned their lesson. I was worried when I first saw the name (I don’t think I was alone) that it was a re-skin of the gree one. Very happy that (in my opinion) the cooler looking one is “free” from NiM TfB and the Meh one is Cartel 😀
    Btw Dulfy, So jealous you are in the game right now. I am at work 🙁

  • Sozic

    Time to work on my voss rep

  • lazer

    I don’t recognize the turncoat armor, what is it supposed to be exactly? Anyone know?

    • Sarigar

      I’m guessing it’s a developer in-joke; the droid name N4-T3 suggests the human name of ‘Nate’, maybe it’s a reference to a departing Customer Service rep. Even the patch on the chest looks like a “HELLO, MY NAME IS” sticker.

      • Subtle the Alchemist

        If they’re naming a set called “Turncoat” after this Nate guy, he was probably head-hunted by some other Games company…. 😉

    • lazer

      So I’ve actually seen this in game now, it’s worn by a random bad guy npc during the Agent quest line on Hutta.

  • Danny

    Well… I hope somebody out there is excited for the turncoat armor. Personally, I think it is a waste of development time. Surely there is other armors they could reskin and charge us for.

    • Galathir Darkstone

      No doubt. Of course, I begin to think that the Armor Artists are all on crack anyway. WAY too many pieces in the game make you scratch your head and think, “What the frang is this junk?!”

      • Glzmo

        I’d just like to see a Cowboy hat like Scoundrels have so Bounty Hunters and others can wear it.

        • Galathir Darkstone

          +1 and hell yes to that. I completely agree!

  • Sarigar

    I like the look of the Solus Secant, but how does it sound?

    • I put up a video, it has no special sound.

      • Sarigar

        That’s good, I didn’t want to spend CC on it and it sounds like a Jetsons flying car.

    • Charrlene Small

      Doesn’t matter what kind of sound it makes if they discontinue it shortly after introducing it. I will be a VERY unhappy player if they bring it back later for MORE bucks

  • tg

    Yeah, now we have the ugly Praxon in every possible ugly color! Great work, BioWare. I hope some likes ugly mounts in every color.

    So, Voss reputation still is only needed for the ugliest items in game?

    • Vladimír Odznak Gregor

      Wat? No man, Praxons are rather nice mounts. What sucks is every goddamn Hoverbike ever, I don’t know why they are called hoverbikes when they look like hoversegways.

      • I always thought it was because they generate a repulsor field directly under you buttocks & thighs, so it feels like you are sort of sitting…

    • lazer

      I like the praxon, but have to agree with you about the color choice on this one. Not seeing the incentive, xeno’s still cooler.

    • AshlaBoga

      Don’t insult my Bloodline *_*

      I luvs my Bloodline. XD

  • Stellar

    Does the mount offer “exceptional” protection?

    • Just excellent protection, not exceptional.

  • Backup

    The “Praxon Collector” Achievement can now be completed. Yet I can’t seem to find the Praxon Aether. Checked all the speeder and rep vendors…. another oversight or a hidden drop? Anyone else have any luck?

    • Not really sure here either, seen some posts on the forums about it

      • Backup

        Yeah I have a thread going but unfortunately a troll took up residence 🙁

      • Daniele

        Can’t it be the drop from S&V NiM?

        • No that mount is called Titan Containment Vehicle or something.

  • swser

    Hm… first i disliked the turncoat, but… with the white black dye it looks awesome!

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