SWTOR: Stunbreaker reset after death not happening with 2.2

Rob Hinkle, Senior Designer for SWTOR, went on the forums to announce that the planned stunbreaker reset change will not be happening with the upcoming patch 2.2.

Stunbreakers reseting after death | 06.03.2013, 03:31 PM

Hey Gang,

After hearing your feedback from this thread (and others like it), we’ve decided to hold off on any changes to the control system (and in this case, the stunbreak) for now. We feel like the amount of control still isn’t where we really want it to be, and while we think this would have taken a small step towards improving that situation, your feedback has convinced us that it comes with bigger consequences than we are willing to accept. So while we are going to revert all of the stunbreak changes, we will continue to work on improving the control system for the future. However, at this point we won’t be making any changes for the upcoming 2.2 patch.

Thanks for your feedback and assistance

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