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GW2 Crazed Karka Queen event guide

A guide to the GW2 Crazed Karka Queen events and the Contractually Obligated achievement for the June 4 patch. .

How to spawn the Karka Queen


  • If four settlements (Point Pride, Kiel’s Outpost, Steampipe Steading, and Camp Karka) are under player control, a special merchant will appear on Steampipe Steading/Pearl islet and other settlements to exchange armor for karka shells
  • Holding the four settlements will also cause the Crazed Karka Queen to appear outside Steampipe Steading and players will have 10 minutes to defeat her.
  • If the Crazed Karka Queen is not defeated in time, she will respawn with full health at one of the remaining player controlled camps and you have another 10 minutes to defeat her.
  • The Karka Queen have a cooldown timer so she won’t always spawn when all four settlements are under control. (Cooldown timer seems to be about 1 hr).
  • Once defeat, she will drop a daily chest that is account bound.

Legendary Karka Queen

Defeating her will grant you a daily chest (account bound) containing two rares. There is also another chest you can loot that grant you 2 items, and some karka shells (character bound, daily)

Karka Queen can be found just outside Steampipe Steading. You need to throw Karka eggs on the ground at her to break down her defenses (she has 50 stacks of Heavy armored buff that can be removed by throwing Karka eggs on the ground to her)




  • This merchant only appears once all four settlements are under player control and the Karka queen is defeat. They are called Southsun Economist Merchant and can be found in Steampipe Steading, Pearl islet and other settlements.
  • The merchant only sell these items if all four settlements are under player control. Otherwise, it will sell white items.




  • Settler’s weapons –  (Toughness, Healing Power, Condition Damage) with Major sigils (random sigils).
    • Note that Settler’s stats are heavy on the Toughness while Apothecary, which have the same 3 stat combos, are heavy on Healing Power. (Image provided by Talkgibberish on reddit)


  • Skins are basic starter weapon skins and requires L80 to use. They cannot be mystic forged or salvaged.
Weapon Prices    
Exotic 2 Gold 70 Karka Shells
Rare 20 silver 5 Karka Shells
Masterwork 2 silver 1 Karka Shell
Fine 1 Silver 1 Karka Shell



  • Armor skins: Exotic/Rare – Conjurer skins for light, Banded for heavy, and Rogue/Pirate for medium. Masterwork/Blues – Reinforced Scale for heavy, Cabalist for light, and Pirate for medium.
  • All require L80 to use. They cannot be mystic forged or salvaged.
Armor  Prices    
Exotic 2 Gold 70 Karka Shells
Rare 20 silver 5 Karka Shells
Masterwork 2 silver 1 Karka Shell
Fine 1 Silver 1 Karka Shell


  • Potion of Karka Slaying (5 karka shell + 1 Passion Flower)
  • Potion of Karka Toughness (5 karka shell + 1 Passion Flower), Give +150 Toughness
  • The Potion of Karka Toughness does not stack with sharpening stone etc but does stack with food.

Contractually Obligated achievement

To get this achievement, just talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel in Pearl Islet and she will have an option to enter a story instance.


The instance itself is nothing too exciting, you will have to escort a dolyak through a 5 minutes path with a lot of local wildlife (a lot of skelks too). At the end of the escort, there will be a cutscene with a plot twist. Stay until you get the Contractually Obligated achievement and then you can exist the instance.

  • You can repeat the instance to farm the skelks if you like but the magic find buff wears off inside the instance.


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30 replies on “GW2 Crazed Karka Queen event guide”

Like Topher said, its old skins with a bit different stats. A bit of a letdown, but hey.. dragon bash is coming up pretty soon with some fancy stuff!

Just like to add that the skins on the weapons/armours from the new merchants are all standard skins 🙁

Nothing new to look at.

Has anyone said if this daily chest from defeating the Karka Queen is character bound / account bound??

Play the game more than once, it’s easy to get it.
Otherwise get a party of 5 and cheat the achievement?

Anyone got info about respawn rate of Crazy Karka Queen? Missed the first wave of events and I don`t know if it can be triggered now.

First one spawned at 12;10, second at 1:50 (eastern/my time). Not sure if it’s a window or not.

So I should have sold my 750 karka shells at 3-4 silver, but I was holding out hope that the skins would be amazing. These skins are not amazing. Why do you do this to me Anet.

But the stat options aren’t that good. What classes need Tough/Heal/Condition. The only class I can really see this working on is condition/life steal necro. Even then necro Vampiric traits don’t use healing powers as a multiplier. If they changed necros traits to work with healing power, I would be all over this. Until then healing power is worthless. I guess I’ve heard of condition/healing thiefs, but I doubt that’s a build many are after.

How to get Crazed Karka Queen Killer achievement? I killed karka queen, got chest and reward but no achievement.

The queen event was crazy but fun. I am going to miss the instigator though for farming that event got me to 80 and paid for all my exotic gear/weapon upgrades.

Heh. Me too. The farming of running between the two instigators was good cash, karma and experience for a character that you wanted to level up.

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