GW2 Gemstore Fuzzy Animal Hats

Screenshots of the GW2 Animal Hats introduced with the Gemstore update on June 4, 2013. All of the animal hats are town clothing and account bound.

Unfortunately, since they are town clothing, they cannot be worn at the same time as the Quaggan backpack.

Video of the animal hats showing all dyeable areas

Fuzzy Bear Hat – 200 gems




Fuzzy Panda Hat – 200 gems – [&AgEaUQAA]




Fuzzy Quaggan Hat – 200 gems – [&AgFZkQAA]




Fuzzy Quaggan Hat with Bow – 200 gems – [&AgGjjgAA]




  • Aiden Frost

    I want to wear my quaggan backpack with my quaggan hat =(

  • Sora S

    How is it gear on charr?

    • I am making a Charr right now to take some pics

  • Dan Jennings

    My male guardian charr is now rocking the sexiest teddy bear hat in all of lions arch.

  • Guest

    That Charr! HAHA. :c They are super cute though!

  • OnyX


  • ZionCypher

    I see them with lots of colors, but only one item. Are they dye-able?

    • Yes, all the colors are what I dyed them as.. and go watch the video as I show all the dyeable parts.

      • ZionCypher

        Oh derp…I had the video open but didn’t watch it >.<

  • Vryann

    seriously what the hell is that supposed to be? 😛 so lame….

  • The Spirit Molecule

    they’re so cute on asuras <3 and on a norn the bear one is so funny 😀

  • Anni

    Wait, so you can’t fuse these to armour and wear them to battle?

    Why? Why? Why?

  • Talavyr

    Disappointing that they still haven’t fixed the issue of hats completely removing hair.

  • AbnerDoon

    I still cannot understand why they have not gotten rid of city clothes. Just set them as appearance items and bam! all this stuff will be seen more.

  • Summer

    = )

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