SWTOR: Paid Character transfer details revealed

Paid character transfers will go live in SWTOR as part of Patch 2.2 and will cost 1800 cartel coins per character.

Hey folks,
I know there have been quite a few questions around paid character transfers so I spent some time rounding up the answers to the more heavily asked ones and here they are! If there are any that I missed please feel free to post them in this thread and I will see what I can find out.

How much do transfers cost?
Paid character transfers cost 1800 Cartel Coins per character. The purchase must be made using Cartel Coins.

How do I transfer a character?
Once the service is live in 2.2, you will be able to go to your account page here on and transfer from there.

What happens if there is a name collision?
If your character name is already taken by another player on your new server, you will need to rename your character. Your character will be “flagged” for a rename once you login.

Will my Legacy, Achievements, and Collections all transfer with my character?
Yes! All of your Legacy unlocks, Achievements earned, and triggered Collections will be waiting for you.

What happens if I have a Legacy on both my source and destination servers?
Whichever Legacy is of a higher level will take precedence and become your new Legacy. This has no affect on unlocks, the unlocks from both Legacies will combine. For example: You are transferring a character from the Bastion to the Harbinger. The character you are transferring from the Bastion is in a level 27 Legacy. Currently on Harbinger you have a level 13 Legacy. After the transfer you will now have a level 27 Legacy on Harbinger which combines the unlocks from both servers.

Is there a way to transfer a guild?
There is currently no method in place to transfer an entire guild at one time. Each person must transfer their characters individually and recreate their guild on the new server.

Can you transfer across server type, such as PvP to PvE?
Yes you can!

Can you transfer across region, like EU to NA?
As of the current plan, no. However, I want to state that this is absolutely something we want to do and as you saw with APAC it isn’t a tech limitation. There are some other restrictions we are working through and we hope to have the ability to transfer across region moving forward. I will give you updates on this as I have it.

I hope that clears some things up! Let me know if there are any major questions still pending that I missed.



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YAY FINALLY! Much cheaper than I was expecting too. I did not think they would let us use CC, but yay for that as well.

My important questions would be, if I transfer 1 character from a PvE server to a PvP in order to have any chance completing the planetary PvP achievements, then complete said achivs on this pvp server, then once its done, transfer this character back to the original PvE server. Will the 2 separate achievements merge, so in every category the higher value will apply to the whole PvE server achievements, or would I lose any progress on the PvP server once I transfer back?
Another important question is, following the previous thought, is if there is any COOLDOWN on a character’s transfer?

If anyone knows these, I’d appreciate an answer, thanks.

There is a 72 hour cooldown on a character transfer. Also, there is an “cast time” of 1 hour: you cannot play said character for 1 hour after your start the transfer.

Also, transferring to a PvP server may not get you the PvP achievements. I’m on a PvP server and it is hard to get any of the Planetary PvP Acheivements besides Tatooine unless you resort to ganking. (Ilum would be another good place if it wasn’t currently bugged and not giving any points to PvP kills.)

Awesome!!! Is 2.2 still targeted for mid June?

And a quick question about the Legacy example in the original post. I get that the highest legacy prevails. But if they combine I hope the overall total legacy points combine. So in this example the Legacy should be 28+. I can live without it but if someone had a 40 Legacy and a seperate 25 Legacy..It would be nice to have some exclusive unlocks like permanent 2x XP for higher legacies. I think the highest level legacy perk is 15 currently?

well it depends how much cartel coins you buy. The more you buy, the more bang for you buck you’ll get.. in essence, it’s

450 coins = 5 $ US
1050= 10$ US
2400 coins = 20 $ US
5500 coins = 40 $ US

you can do the math!

I don’t care for other MMO. I play this game.

I’d start caring for other MMO the day, when I’d cancell my SWTOR sub. Not sure if is it something BW wants…

It doesn’t matter what you care for or not. Other MMOs set the industry standard price, Bioware could have easily charged $25 and no one would have blinked an eye because that is the fair market value. They are charging you HALF that and you are calling them greedy.

Perhaps you need to reevaluate who the greedy one is in this situation.

nah it is greedy. if you’re paying for a sub already they should at least give one free character transfer for an already dieing game. its just silly.

but please go a head and defend it all you like. and we’ll continue to feel disapointed that bioware doesn’t care about its subscribers which is keeping it alive.

You continue to feel disappointed then, and I will continue to think you are the greedy one.

If they didn’t care about their customers, wouldn’t they have charged full price instead of half?

It’s been said a thousand times. Now that swtor is FTP subs are no longer their primary source of revenue. Now cm sales are a factor. As long as cm still sells, we could lose all subs and still keep going. Stop acting like an entitled child, your not special because your subbed.
If your really don’t like it unsubscribe, I won’t miss you

A little extra info. This is from the ”character transfer” tab in ”my account”. I’d also like to point out that I’m on the APAC server, so I get a free transfer, but at this time, there are a lot of issues (you can look at the official forum thread). Players reports :

– name being changed to gibberish if it’s taken (without being able to change it)

– characters locked

– failed transfer

– if you have more than 12 characters, some will not transfer.

Hopefully, they will sort everything out by next week when the rest of the world will be able to transfer. I predict it will be even more chaotic. It might be best to wait a couple of weeks.

Character Transfer

Character Transfer service allows you to move a character from one server to another server for a fee (Cartel Coins only), provided your account and character meets certain requirements.

Character Transfers are currently taking about less than one (1) hour .

View your Character Transfer history.

Your account…

…must be in good standing; you cannot be in a suspended or banned status.

The character you want to transfer…

…must not have been transferred within the last 72 hours.

…must be level 10 or higher.

…must not be a guild leader. (Guild members will not have their guild membership transferred.)

…should not have any items listed in the Galactic Trade Network. Active Galactic Trade Network listings will not be transferred.

…should not have any items, credits or mail in their mailbox. In-game mail will not be transferred. (Items and credits in your inventory are unaffected).

…will have its friends and ignore lists reset.

…may need to be renamed if your name is already taken on the destination server (you will be prompted for a new name when you log in if this is the case).

…will have its Legacy name set to your Legacy name on the destination server.

…will have its Legacy level set to the highest Legacy level between the original and the destination server.

The destination server…

…must have been open for at least 90 days.

…cannot transfer from a European origin server to North American destination server or vice versa.

Additional server restrictions may apply. Character transfers may take some time to update on the website. Have questions? See the Character Transfer FAQ for more details.

Unclaimed mail or auctions left on your original server are not eligible for restoration. For more information about transfer restrictions, please visit us HERE

$13.10 per character transfer is ridiculous. I understand why they want a fee associated with transfers (server balance, economy, the minimal operational costs), but that is an absurd & greedy amount for what is almost no burden on staff and resources, I could understand a fee of 500cc’s per transfer (for the reasons listed in the parentheses above), but 1800cc is greedy at best.

For those of us who would have quit due to boredom but have been waiting for this the join friends (and have a decent Legacy) the cost is thievery. The only reason I have continued to sub was to join old friends since the friends I’ve played with on my current server have all quit. I have 8 fully developed toons on my server, with Cartel Market gear and a complete mastery of all crafting. The cost for me simply a) keep what I’ve earned & paid for and b) to play with friends would be $104.74. Considering this is an existing system / mechanic and will create minimal technical and / or personnel burdens the only conclusion I can draw is that this is pure greed.

I have been a subscriber, I love Star Wars, and have invested considerable time and money (CC’s) into the game, but at this point I must reconsider whether putting more time into this game makes sense with the knowledge that Bioware only sees me as a wallet. Luckily my subscription (6 month) expires in a few days. Looks like I’ll be waiting out ESO. I may not be a huge fantasy person, but Morrowind got me into the franchise and I have no desire to be continually screwed for cash when I already pay for a game.

Dulfy, I love the work you do. If this does come to pass I hope to see you take on ESO. So far it’s looking pretty promising (/noJinx)…

Other games charge $25 per transfer. You are freaking out and calling them greedy for charging half market price.

First, I’m not “freaking out”. Having an opinion that something is greedy is not “freaking out”. Take it down a notch.

Second, I don’t play other games, I play this one. Just because they are overpriced doesn’t justify this game being overpriced.

As a subscriber who has paid for this game since day-one it is perfectly reasonable for me to be upset to over paying a premium rate and still be asked to continually fork out cash just to a) play with friends and b) keep what I’ve earned / bought. If anything Bioware should want to ensure I have both of those things to keep paying for a F2P game.

For bioware to make me choose between not playing with my long-term friends, losing everything I’ve earned/paid for, or paying a ridiculous amount of cash only shows my that they don’t care about me as a customer, but only as a wallet. After all I’ve already spent that is asinine.

BTW, Pre-purchased the CE, pre-purchased RotHC, have always subscribed, AND have spent WAY too much on CC’s (I blame boredom, lol). At least I have a cool Darth Malgus statue and a keychain…

I guess your opinion of freaking out and mine are not the same. Also apparently we have a different definition of overpriced as well.

I really can’t understand how you can call these transfers overpriced when you have admitted that you paid for the CE, which is way overpriced, and you buy CCs, which are a waste of money.

also mate wow charge $20 so i will lol and who cares if you pre purchased SO did alot of people and also its FREE to create a new toon and lvl him up and with the double xp days that have come and gone it would of been easy

Even to I really dont care about char transfer, as Im currently happy with The Progenitor, I really cant figure out how people can he happy about this if its close to 15$ PER TOON.
If you want all of them transferred, you will really need to stretch out.
But since Lucas Arts were sold to greedy “rat” I am not at all surprised about this milking the shit out of people…

I agree. In SWG it was $50 as well, for the transfer of a character with items. It was like $35 per character without items.

The fact that they don’t have one free transfer per account after the amount of time they’ve kept us waiting on this is almost hurtful.

Please make a Legacy Transfer option that way i can move all my legacy (8 toons) to Prophecy of Five,because if they don’t do this i would have to spent like $80 or $100

will the transfer be a item you use and then it unlocks a transfer?, I mean that way we can buy it off the gtn if someone i selling

Pretty sure it is done through your account page on the SWTOR website, not an item in game. So no, you probably cannot get one through the GTN.

but we have no way to confirm this tell 2.2 goes live since only ones getting transfers atm are the frees one that are on the APAC servers right now

Reposting my feedback that I put down on the torwars thread with this info:

Come on… This has no legacy integrated transfer process…. SO it leaves something to be desired on both overall costs if you have interest in moving a large legacy, and also the net result of loss of legacy experience you invested time to gain, if you have more than one pretty high leveled legacy on different servers trying to join up or combine. The ONLY thing that respects legacy in the entire thing is the combining of your unlocked perks.

I am not just going to overwrite my alt legacy exp within a new server when I want to consolidate between alt L20 and main nearly Legacy 40 server. 20+ is a significant legacy level experience to just lose in the process. I pay money for this service and will not pay until it respects the game systems that are important to the paying player’s experience.

My suggestion was to allow the transfer at half cost if your character is not Level 50. That could be a starting point to work alongside a system where you have many characters that belong together

Hey guys I don’t know if you are aware , but it is possible to get 1 free character transfer if you use a refer link , also you will get some pretty sweet gifts like 1 inventory extension , unified colors , 3rd crew mission slot , e.s. if you are free to play player or you plan to be after your subscription is over this can be very nice. If you are a subscriber you will also get them and 1 free character transfer.With that said here is my link if any one wants to you it. :

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