GW2 Developer Livestream: Dragon Bash preview notes

Some notes on the GW2 developer livestream featuring the upcoming Dragon Bash festival.

Part I:

Part II:


  • You will get a mail when you log on after the patch telling you of the Dragon Bash Festival
  • Talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel – Effigy ceremony – kicks off in the second week of Dragon Bash.

Dragon Pinata

  • Dragon Pinata – one of the first activities you can participate in – get Zhaitaiffy, a currency/candy like item.
  • Pinata in every major city

Moa Racing

  • Bets are 50 silver each.
  • Winning race 7 vochers, second place 3, third place 1
  • 125 Vouchers fro Mini helm moa racer.
  • Mystery Moa you can bet on
  • 20% chance to win per Moa.
  • All Moa have a special ability called Dash that they can use to speed ahead (they use on their own will)

Black Lion Weapon Specialist

  • Dragon’s Jade weapons – at any Black Lion Trading Post to trade in your vouchers for Dragon’s Jade weapons.

Dragon Hologram

  • Marked on the map, found in every zone except for Orr.
  • Not too hard and not too easy.
  • The holographic mobs they release are also available as minis in the gemstore or from Dragon Coffers.
  • Icebrood Colossus mini available by combining four other holographic minis in the Mystic Forge.
  • Rich Dragon Coffer can be purchased from the gemstore, normal ones can be dropped in the open world.


  • Jorbreaker – 1000 Zhaitaiffy
  • Fireworks – 10 Zhaitaiffy
  • Holographic Dragon wing – costs 100 Jorbreaker


  • Only from Friday till Monday of the first weekend of the Dragon Bash
  • Dragon helm – combat helm, dyeable, PvP or PvE wearable.
  • All different fireworks can be purchased from the gemstore.
  • Firework show runs for 5 minutes, if you stay for the entire 5 minutes during the weekend you get a box.

Holographic Shatter Wings

  • Available from the meta achievement.

Dragon Ball

  • Defeat your opponents to gain points – 500 points win the match.
  • 4th skill – Dragon kick – stun your opponent
  • 3rd skill – Traps – slow your opponents down
  • 2nd skill – AoE skill
  • Winning team gets Dragon Coffer, losing team get Zhaitaiffy
  • If you are AFK at the base for 15 seconds, you get teleported to a random place in the map.
  • Pads are directional – direction you go in is the direction you get bounced to.
  • Dodge roll into the jump pads will make you go higher.
  • You can body-block projectiles – you can save your teammates.
  • No fall damage
  • 15 points for defeating opponents of other team
  • Game can last anywhere from 7 to 15 minutes
  • Power ups are always at the same spots.

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12 replies on “GW2 Developer Livestream: Dragon Bash preview notes”

Well, well, well… Rich Dragon Coffers can be purchased from the gem store, you say? Does that means Dragon Jade weapons will be exempt from the RNG process if you buy direct from the gem store? If so, I like. This is a direction ANet should be taking in the future. 🙂

Nope, its like thew south shore event. You can buy the chests from gem store, but the ticket for has the same chance like in a dropped box.

Eh no, they specifically said that Gemstore have Rich Dragon Coffer which have a higher chance for the weapon tickets than the regular ones apparently.

“You can find weapon tickets inside Rich Dragon Coffers and (rarely) in Dragon Coffers, and exchange them for weapon skins from Black Lion Weapon Specialists in every major city!”

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