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SWTOR Patch 2.2 developer livestream notes

SWTOR developer livestream notes for patch 2.2.


Eric Musco, Jeff Hickman (Executive Producer) , and Bruce (Senior Producer)

Bruce: Focus of Game update 2.2 is guilds – exciting new endgame content, endgame crafting, and guild bonuses. The centerpiece of 2.2 is nightmare contents. Nightmare TFB will be with 2.2 and four weeks later we are releasing Nightmare S&V with 2.2.2. Patch 2.2 is not going live tomorrow (June 11).

  • Patch 2.2 will be this week.

Jeff: We hate to make a promise we can’t keep. The development process is very fluid but we are trying to be transparent as we can.

  • Double XP weekends coming up – June 22 – July 7.  We want to support you staying inside during the heat wave.
  • Patch 2.3 – August 6 but we will not launch until it is quality. New flashpoints, new recurring event (Level 15+ to participate, brand new event you havn’t seen before), new daily area, new graphical upgrades.
  • Gree event increased to 55, hoping to add Nightmare mode. Bolster for L50 characters.
  • Cantina tours: Giving exclusive materials to players to come to these – SWTOR thumb drive with new assets and information not available to anyone else about Patch 2.3 and beyond.
    • Facebook tab –> Events to see all the Cantina Tours.

Q: At end of S&V, when you defeat the dread master, can we expect these remaining 5?

A: We are definitely not done with the Dread Masters. That is all that we can say before I get shot by people behind camera with crossbows.

Q: When is cross server PvP coming?

A: Cross server queueing is very challenging so it is something we can currently working on. The root problem is queue times and we are using an aggressive move to resolve them in patch 2.4. Patch 2.4 will be the most significant PvP update since launch. If you are a ranked warzone players you will love it.

Q: Did Cathar sell well? New Species?

A: Cathar was pretty popular amongst the players. I think the answer is yes we will see a new species but I can’t give you a time on it. We have a list of 3 species that we are looking at. It is not going to be soon as it takes a looooong time to make a new speciies.

Q: What are you plans to make subscribers feel like valued customers?

A: We have heard this a lot, especially with patch 2.1. Subscribers are super important to us – a lot of you didn’t think so with patch 2.1. We are making efforts to make subscribers feel valued. In July, around weekend of July 4th, you will see subscriber only benefits. Near the end of July, we are going to do a similar thing.

Q: When we will see Grand Acqusition or Rakghoul event coming back?

A: New event in patch 2.3, that event is entirely new. Rakghoul plague is eliminated from the galaxy, there is no chance of another Rakghoul plague. The new event will be start the week after patch 2.3.

Rakghoul DNA, will we see a use for them should the event coming back? You might want to hold on to it, just in case.

Rakghoul Event is NOT Returning | 06.10.2013, 10:45 PM

Ahh sarcasm, you double edged blade. We suggested that it couldn’t possibly return because the plague has been contained. What are the odds, right? Truth is, we were all dripping with sarcasm, and just trying to have a bit of fun! Sorry for any resulting confusion.

So let me clarify: A resurgence of the Rakghoul plague is something we would like to do and is actually currently in the cards. But not within the near term set of updates.

Q: SSSP – Super Secret Space Project?

A: We never should have talked about it. Now it just sounds we are mean to you guys by not talking about it. Let me think about it before the meet and greet in 3 days. Let me see if I can give you something about it. Yes it exists and it is something we are doing specifically based on your feedback.

Q: /stuck in warzones?

A: In Patch 2.2.1, we have a change coming in for /stuck. If you are in combat and during a warzone, it forces a 20 second cooldown on you so you can’t rez right away.

That is for warzones only, not for all combat.

Q: When is the next time when Bruce will be featured in a SWTOR video? I enjoyed his appearance

A: Right now, here it is. We will be filming the next video tomorrow and I will be in it.

Q: Hood toogle

A: It is not off the table, it is one of the thing it would be great if we had build the game like that from the beginning. Doing that now is a lot of work. It doesn’t mean it is off the table, it is just in the list behind other issues. I am an old DAOC fan and I love my hood toogle.

More info on Patch 2.3 if you are going to the Los Angel meet and greet cantina tour. If you are old enough to drink, Jeff will buy you a drink.


SWTOR Live Stream Event – Your Thoughts | 06.10.2013, 10:16 PM

Amber threw me some help on this one. Here are two Bolster bug fixes going live in Game Update 2.2:

  • Crit rating, accuracy rating, absorb rating, defense rating, and surge rating now respect diminishing returns for low level Bolstered characters.
  • The base damage and armor value granted by Bolster have been slightly increased to account to the most recent item power available to players.

Also we currently have two other bug fixes slated for 2.2.1, they aren’t locked in 100% as they are still in testing. But just to give you some idea around "when will Bolster be fixed?"
Hope that adds some clarity!

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27 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.2 developer livestream notes”

Quick Dulfy, however we dident get much info except what we already knew. PvP is lacking…. with the info on 2.4, it seems like it isent going to be that big as ppl thought.

Great post thanks Dulfy.. just one thing. In your Q: SSSP Project.. you have a typo

You put Prokect instead of Project 😛

Thanks for this though.

Wow, that was fast! Thx for posting! Anyone knows what will happen with the Tionese/Columi/Rakata sets?

Yes, that’s why I’m asking! I wonder why they remove such cool sets and not give us the option to obtain them in other ways (schematics, etc..)

Because pretty much no one liked them. Everyone was pretty much excited to be able to ditch the given looks while keeping the set bonuses when we got Campaign Armor sets. Honestly if the 1% of people that complain that they miss them really want them back, they should be asking for them to be sold as Schems for a short period of time for Armormech/Synthweaving, we get too many things from the Cartel Market and not enough from Crafting.

personally i quite liked the rakata eliminators chest model. still using it on my merc along with the boots and a white-deep red dye…
although many of the other sets were ugly, certain pieces from various were fine.

keep checking the Cartel Market. I’m sure they’ll find a way to charge cartel coins for it sometime soon

I am sad. This game is about personalization and customization for our own character. yet the one thing we should get to pick, but dont is our ship. When on my Jedi. I feel like I am flying a Admiral ITS A TRWAP.

I would settle for clarification on the SSSP.. is it actually in physical development, or is it merely story boards and white boards and ideas being tossed around in conference rooms.

Why is BioWare recording the sound with the cheap built in mic of a cheap netbook? It is possible to use a good mic when streaming!

Erm. Why did this ‘event’ happen? Why did they do it? They had absolutely no information! This is ridiculous!

I think they were hinting at it coming back.. it will just manifest in a new way.. the joke just went over the heads of some of the viewers.

I think it is weird that almost every QA i see, there is a question about hood toggle. Which means it is one of the most wanted features for the game. I am done with these developers, they just don’t listen anymore, instead they are making such great new content like the Turncoat armor….

They did listen. They said here that it would take ALOT of time to create a hood toggle. In another interview, they said that they would have to redo all armors in the game that have a hood to have 2 copies: a “hood up” and “hood down” copy that would switch back and forth. Instead, they spend their time on things that take less time, like making new armors like the Kell Dragon armor.

Imo, the pvp changes are under the too little, too late category, and bolster needs removed at 55. And solo PVP needs a lot or love.

Something interesting in the Dev stream I can’t find
anything about is, they stated around July 4th and end of July they are starting
or will do something for subscribers. They are calling it subscriber only benefits
and I am super curious about this. Dulfy can you comment on this by chance?

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