GW2 Dragon Ball Arena guide

A guide to the GW2 Dragon Ball mini game introduced with the Lunar New Year in 2015. This is identical to the Dragon Ball from Dragon Bash back in 2013. Updated for 2018.

Getting Started

To play Dragon Ball, talk to Finolla in Crown Pavilion of Divinity’s Reach to get this game started.


How to play

  • All players receive a speed buff and there are no falling damage. When you take damage, you do not regen health over time and must collect health orbs (blue) to heal up.
  • You start off with just one skill and must collect power ups (orange orbs) to gain additional abilities. These orbs are specific and only grant you with certain skills (see table below).


  • The team that scores 500 points win. You only gain points by defeating enemy opponents (20 points per kill)
  • Each match can be expected to last for 5 minutes usually.
  • Use the bouncy pads to move around. These pads are directional (i.e. it will bounce in the direction you are moving) and if you dodge roll onto these pads they will bounce you up further.
Slot Skill Description
1 Dragon Sphere/Super Dragon Sphere Default attack/Attack with increased range and speed
2 Dragon Bomb Targeted AoE skill
3 Icy Dragon Blast Send out anIcy Dragon Blast that chill nearby foes
4 Dragon Kick Perform a flying kick at your target, dazing them and dealing damage
5 Dragon Stomp Whirlwind shield that reflect incoming Dragon spheres

Power Ups

Power Ups are located in specific locations on the map.


Since there are roughly three vertical levels to this map, it is divided into top, middle and bottom. If you take a cross section of the map, this becomes more clear. Any power ups located on top of the tunnel or on the planks above are classified as top. Any power ups located inside the tunnel are classified as middle and any power ups on near the water level are classified as bottom.


#: On the very bottom level of the map smack in the middle is the Dragon Damage power up (marked as #). Consuming this power up will grant you 60 damage per attack instead of 15 damage for a few seconds. In the same location but on the top level is the power up that will grant you invisibility.


1: These are Super Dragon Spheres with increased ranged and faster hits compared to the normal Dragon Spheres. You can find them in four corners of the map inside the tunnels usually next to the jump pad.


2: Dragon Bombs are located on the top level above the tunnels. Much like the Super Dragon Spheres, they are also located on the four sections of the room.


3: These power ups for the Icy Dragon Trap are located between the two tunnel entrances on either side of the map.


4&5: These orbs are located in roughly the same location but #4 is located on top of the tunnels while #5 (Dragon Stomp) is inside the tunnels.


Rewards & Achievements

There are no rewards for playing the match, but there are achievements that rewards envelopes.

Dragon Ball Champion

Win 10 games of Dragonball. This can be repeatedly infinitely and each time you get Coffers that grant you tokens to buy more lucky envelopes than the daily max.

Dragon’s Shadow (Annual)

Gain 5 Invisibility Power-ups (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Gaze (Annual)

Interrupt 8 skills (using #4 skill Dragon Kick) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Heart (Annual)

Gain 8888 HP (running through blue orbs) while in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Breath (Annual)

Gain 4 Dragon Damage power-up (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

  • youkai

    I don’t get it. I tried it but my damage is extremely low compared to others, they kill me in 3 o 4 hits… Is this normal?

    • HazeOfMisery

      You need to pick up power-ups(those glowing balls).They boost damg.

    • Amazing Angela

      you can gather a big power up in the pit below ( big orange ). It can double damage ( or 60 can’t remember ) instead of 15
      It is not a skill but like a temporary aura

  • Amazing Angela

    Exploit : people use “health regen”-food in this pvp match
    I had mine accidentely on and noticed when you are hit you are immediately healed up again..

  • vork

    the exploit is funny… you get heal 88hp every second, and you have 100 hp so you can’t die at all.
    still, without this the game was fun

    • Möh

      you can.
      The solution is the big red ball in the middle. This and skill 2 causes a 1-hit

  • Amazing Angela

    Orange Super Dragon Sphere ( middle of the map ) = 60 hp damage

  • Abornia

    Apparently they have temporarily disabled the consumption of Heath regen foods until they can fix the expliot problem

  • Robert Jenkins

    I’ll never understand why this game refuses you to enter team based competition with your team. Wintersday Capture the Flag Esque game would have been a blast with a group of guildies. This looks like it would be just as much fun, but yet it’s random 5v5 teams ( ._.) C’mon Man!

  • Mr_Finesse

    Heyo! Was chatting with some people and noticed that the points per kill is actually 20pts rather than the 15pts you have listed.

    “You only gain points by defeating enemy opponents (15 points per kill)”

  • LordElfa

    How did they manage to name it this without a lawsuit from Funamation?

    • Justin Huffman

      Because it very clearly falls under the ‘parody’ section of the ‘fair use’ clause.

  • Wildcopper

    They also risked a lawsuit from Bioware for Huttball in SW:TOR… =P

    • Justin Huffman

      The only thing similar between this and Huttball from SWOTR is the use of the word ‘ball’ in a PvP match type. If that was copy-writable, I’m pretty sure Grifball from Halo would have first dibs.

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  • Imber

    Is there is a way to get in the same dragonball team as your party member/friend?

    • Nope 🙁

      • Imber

        That is SO sad! I was so looking forward to playing with my friend, kicking ass and taking names together. D:

        • Josef Tauser

          You mean Dragon Ball Champion token farming ?

          • Imber

            Actually, no, we would probably not be that GREAT, but we could chat about our and opposite team over skype and just generally have more fun, although in the end we still managed to have quite a laugh together while playing in different games. Besides, I just think it’s similar to pvp, and if it’s not bad thing to team up there, why can’t you do it in mini-games?

          • Imber

            On top of that, it’s not like we’d have total of 5 people coordinated team, just us 2, lol. So, that hardly means we’d sway the favor towards us. (And we’re pretty lousy at dragonball anyway, considering our loss-win rate.)

    • Billy Pumphrey

      If it is similar to the other mini games, you can try joining at the exact same time. That worked for me in other mini games.

  • Keecv

    So Dragon’s Breath spawns at 27.20 timer mark. Whats Dragon’s Shadow spawn timer? And which spells i can interrupt with kick?

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  • Calixtus

    Dragon Gaze only 20 this year. Thank goodness. And does not look like AP is given for wins.

    • Calixtus

      Ah patch fixed it get 10 AP to max 50

      • Ares Zax

        Yay about Dragon’s Gaze being only 20 this year! I swear, I spent so much time last year maxing that achieve. >.< With 10 days of Lunar Festival, if you do the Dragon Ball Boss daily every day you'll get all 50 matches for the max AP too. Nicely designed.

      • Slacker ATC

        Mine only shows 10 total AP available.

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  • Invisibility Power-ups (Dark Ball) spawn at: 18:20 and 16:20
    Damage power-up (Red Ball) spawn at: 17:20 and 14:20

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