GW2 Dragon Bash achievement guide

A guide to the GW2 Dragon Bash achievements as part of the Dragon Bash festival update.

NOTE: Dragon Bash will remain here until July 9 for you to finish your achievements. Some achievements like The Big Boom in the Big City can no longer be completed.

Achievement Timeline

These achievements tend to open up around noon EDT/9 am PDT (GMT-4)

The Dragon Bash Experience

You will need to complete 8 out of 14 of the following sub-achievements to complete this achievement and earn your Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover (account bound).

  • The sub-achievement Case Closed does not count towards this.
  • Dragon ball achievements no longer count towards toward this achievement.
  • Arenanet has said you only need 8 of the achievements to get this but forgot to modify the ingame achievement count to reflect this. Currently, you still need 10 achievements to get those Wings until they patch and fix it.

1) Zhaitasty – 250 Zhaitaffy consumed

  • Consume Zhaitaffy (5 Tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 25
    • Tier 3: 50
    • Tier 4: 150
    • Tier 5: 250
  • How to get Zhaitaffy
    • Break Dragon Pinatas in various cities (character bound so you can guest/overflow or switch to another character)
    • Interact with Dragon Holograms found in open world zones, they exist in all locations except Orr. The holographic minions they spawn drop Zhaitaffy directly.
    • Get Dragon Coffers from killing random mobs, Holographic minions from these Dragon Holograms, Dragon Ball minigame or Rich Dragon Coffer off the gemstore.

2) The Big Boom in the Big City

  • Watch the Lion’s Arch fireworks show near the fountain
  • Only available from 9 AM PST on Friday, June 14 to 9 AM PST on June 17.

The firework event cycle (them happening every two hours) was started at 9:00 AM PDT. The event itself is tied to the ingame time and will happen at dawn (ingame). So your fireworks might not have happened yet, as it is not dawn ingame.

Apologies for us not communicating this more clearly. But the fireworks will happen every two hours over the course of the weekend, so plenty of time to marvel at them and get the achievement.

  • Rewards Horns of the Dragon helm, which comes in all three versions (Light, Medium, Heavy) to be shared across your account (all same appearance). It is a combat helm, account bound, and can be dyed.


  • Note: This achievement is bugged and some players can get it randomly by zoning into overflows or while playing Dragon Ball.

3) Color in the Sky – Fire 100 fireworks

  • Fireworks can be purchased from the Zhaitaffy merchant for 10 Zhaitaffy each (5 tiers) or obtained as drops from Dragon Coffers. These fireworks have 9 charges, all counting towards the achievement.
  • You can also find Firework Launchers around Lion’s Arch (red dots on the map). These only have 1 charge.


  • Launch Fireworks (5 tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 25
    • Tier 3: 50
    • Tier 4: 75
    • Tier 5: 100

4) Paper Dragon – Smash 150 Pinatas.


  • Pinatas can be found all over Lion’s Arch and other racial capital cities (i.e. Divinity’s Reach, Hoelbrak). Remember that you can use different characters or guesting/overflow to get more Pinatas after you have exhausted one city.
  • Pinatas Pummeled (5 Tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 25
    • Tier 3: 50
    • Tier 4: 100
    • Tier 5: 150

5) Burn Down the Dragons


  • Effgies Lit (4 tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 10
    • Tier 3: 25
    • Tier 4: 50

6) So Lifelike – Kill 300 Holographic Minions


  • Holographic Minions Killed – These holographic minions can be found in various outdoor zones except for Orr. They are marked on your map. When you interact with the hologram, these minions will spawn out of them.  (5 Tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 10
    • Tier 3: 50
    • Tier 4: 150
    • Tier 5: 300
  • They take around 8 minutes to respawn once activated.

7) Winner’s Circle – Win 3 Races

  • Guessing the winning Moa in the Moa Race (2 Tiers). The Moa you picked have to come in first place for this to count.
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 3

8 ) Case Closed

  • Can be completed starting at June 20 Noon EDT/9 am PDT
  • Does not count towards the Dragon Bash Experience achievement.
  • Basically an achievement for finishing up all the story achievements (Ceremony and Acrimony, Hard Boiled, Every Piece Matters, No More Secrets).

9) Ceremony and Acrimony

  • Can be completed as of June 18.
  • Talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel in Lion’s Court in Lion’s Arch. She will grant you entry to a story instance with a bit of story and some combat.
  • You will get a Keg of Liquid Karma and 1 gold for completion of this story instance (can be completed only once per account)


10) Hard Boiled

  • Cannot be completed until June 19 noon EDT/9 am PDT, you must have completed Ceremony and Acrimony first.
  • Go to The Dead End in Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach to talk to Marjory Delaqua.


The Film Noir style cutscene for those who missed it or want to watch it again.

11) Every Piece Matters

  • You can start this achievement on June 19 but you cannot complete it until June 20. You must have completed Hard Boiled first.
  • To start this achievement, you must first complete Hard Boiled by talking to Marjory Delaqua in The End Dead. Once you have completed that achievement, you can go back to Investigator Kiel in the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch who will let you inside another single player instance. Talk to Marjory to obtain an investigation kit to start this achievement.
  • Please see this guide for the achievements.

12) No More Secrets

  • Can be completed starting June 20 Noon EDT/9am PDT
  • Must have completed 11) Every Piece Matters first.
  • Once you have completed Every Piece Matters, you can return to Kiel in Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch and talk to her again to re-enter the instance Scene of the Crime.
  • You will need to talk to Marjory first to get another Tassi box and then use it on the five suspects + Mai Trin. Remember, if you have fast cast ground targeting turned on, you will need to stand on top of each NPC to target them and then press #1 ability.


  • After you have figured out who the killer is and endure a short combat sequence, talk to Kiel again to receive the reward and achievements. The journal is an item that will play the film noir cutscene from Hard Boiled and is not consumed on use so you can keep using it to watch the cutscene on demand.


13) Dragon Ball Devotee – Play 20 Dragon Ball Games

  • Dragon Ball Arena Games Played (2 tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 20
  • No longer counts towards the Dragon Bash Experience achievement.

14) Dragon Ball Boss – Win 20 Dragon Ball Games

  • Dragon Ball Arena Games Won (2 tiers)
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 20
  • No longer counts towards the Dragon Bash Experience achievement.

15) Meet the Hosts – Meet 8 Lion’s Arch Ship Council members

  • Go to just west of Grand Piazza and you will find 8 captains there that you can talk to in order to finish up this sub-achievement.


  • Aiden


  • lol’d at the 8) sunglass smiley on “case closed”. Horatio inbound? Just kidding, awesome work again Dulfy 🙂

  • Vekerur

    Meet the Hosts is in game.

  • codemite

    You can track the achievements to see their last tier (just mouse over them while selected).

    Paper Dragon: 150
    Color the Sky: 100
    Zhaitasty: 250
    Winner’s Circle: 3
    So Lifelike: 300
    Dragon Ball Boss: 20

    Dragon Ball Devotee: 20
    Meet the Hosts: 8

  • Nike

    Holographic projectors are on an insanely long refresh time. They need to make it easier to tag them.

    • Jam

      Trick is to watch your map, there are loads on each map and they show up on your big map, so just watch them then WP around, assuming you have some silver to spare, don’t just wait for them, I’m on 135/300 after a few hours of play including doing other stuff.

  • Olvendred

    There are also fireworks launchers on the shore near Moran Memorial. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were elsewhere in la too. EDIT: 3 at Smuggler’s WP, too.

  • Rajani Isa

    Also I noticed three launchers by Eastern Ward Waypoint.

  • GRRRizly

    PTD no PST!!!! Unlike one hour

  • Lavender

    Strange, but I got the three kind of horn skin – I was so surprised…

    • Ya it is a bug from the Dragon Ball that give you this completion

      • Dist

        It def ain’t related to Dragon Ball. I got the helmets the first time I logged in to the game when Dragon Bash came out, it was the FIRST achievement I got.

  • Yvilthi

    Meeting the host can be completed by talkin to them on the fontain square

  • SilentAndY

    Recharge of Holographic Minions is cca 8 minutes.

    • cool thanks

      • Jam

        Not sure this is correct, definitely saw some wait longer, I was assuming that only a few could be active on each map so when one is used it respawns elsewhere.

        • SilentAndY

          Yeah, yesterday I was watching some of them and it’s 6-9 minutes.

          • SilentAndY

            Ok, I take back. In another map is recharge more longer…

            • Jam

              Which is why I’m sure they recharge instantly but at a random locations, so it depends entirely on how many people are in the map at the time and are killing them. So it needs to be opened elsewhere for it to re-spawn at the same point.

              I stayed in the same map and there was a significant difference as it got late and people started logging off.

        • Floreum

          I think some zones recharge faster. Gandarren was taking forever, so I went East and they were spawning faster than 8 minutes.

  • Alanye

    is dragon ball devotee supposed to count towards the dragon ball experience achievement?

    • Alanye

      Because for it didn’t count towards mine and I played 20 rounds

      • SleepGee


        • DjinnoftheSea

          I have heard this is a bug atm, because both of the Dragon Ball Arena achievements aren’t being counted yet. I think they are supposed to count, but because they are technically PvP based arena’s, the counter is off or something. Hopefully, it will be patched soon. So, as of right now, only 6 achievements “count.”

          • Pixelles

            Anyone know if it was confirmed as a bug? Really don’t want to wait for the 18th 😛

    • Not sure, might be bugged. The only achievement that the patch notes mentioned not part of dragon ball experience is the Case Closed achievement.

      • digi_owl

        Starting to run out of achievements then for getting the wings meta.

  • waterstuff

    i just got the “The Big Boom in the Big City” achievement – dont ask me how. i fast traveled from the moa race to the middle of lions arc and then i got it :p there was no firework thow

    • shin

      bug, happened to me too

  • Steve

    right now you can get the “Polla” doll/earring from the gem store for free. Does this have any use for the event?

    • Jam

      Its just a boost for new characters

      • Robert Jenkins

        It has some pretty disturbing story flavor in the text. Maybe something to come with next weeks update to Dragon Bash

  • Jay

    sparksfly fen also has holo nodes

  • kuya kuruma

    Moa race was turned off cuz of enginer oil slick glitch

  • jezusisback

    Did both dragonball achievements but they didn’t count as 1 of the 10 ya need for the wing + moa’s are currently diabled

  • Thrash

    The list of maps with dragon holograms is incomplete. There are lots in Mount Maelstrom. Haven’t checked elsewhere yet, but the list suggests they are all in low-mid level zones only, which may be one reason those zones are currently full of people camping the hologram spawn points.

    • That is what they said in the patch notes. If there are high level zones with them I will check them out and add it in

      • Cookiez

        Dragon Hologram can be found in every map except the 3 orr maps.

      • kuya kurma

        what i found was the holos are on every map not just the ones near la havent checked orr or any of the 60+ area except frostgorge sound

  • Morganna

    No secret reward for me when I completed the Winners Circle

    • Hmm odd, maybe it was a bug on my part and the game randomly rewarded it to me?

  • Dimaz Lorenzo

    Didnt have to win 3 First place at the Mao Racing. Just do a few around 6 – 7 times and got the achievement.

    • No pretty sure you have to come 1st place. My achievement only moved when I got 1st place and asked several other people with same thing.

      • Dimaz Lorenzo

        What I did was, 1st place once, and 2 – 3x 2nds and other 3 fails. And I got the achievement. Maybe bugged?

        • Possible yes but I know for a fact that my didn’t move until I was first place and several other players confirmed this as well.

          • Robert Jenkins

            Mine didn’t move until I won first place at all. Spent a little over 15 gold on this. -.-

      • DDS

        I came in 3rd Place and my achievement ticked up.

  • Joshua V.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but you can set the fireworks to auto-attack to make your life a bit easier for “Color in the Sky.”


  • mercyoff

    Dragon ball achivements don’t count as the dragon bash experience? i played 20 games didn’t get any progession

  • Lock

    For some reason the game did not credit for me finishing the Dragon Ball Devotee achievement. I got the points but it was not counted towards the achievements i need for shat wings

  • Patrick Justus

    i am not getting points past 1/20 for winning in dragon ball

  • Zebz

    Have 6/10 completed, all ones available currently except for the minions fought and the pinatas one. Apparently the achievements are glitched for some of them. My achievement for Dragon Bash Experience is at 4/10. Dragon Ball Boss for sure didn’t count. I got it post-patch.

  • kim

    thxxxx for the guide!!

  • Rail

    Tips for the pinatas: Overflow and Main are two different maps, can repeat the pinatas in those locations, can also guest to other servers to do the same map again. Using alts is another option and recommended as well.

  • Finnian

    Four missed pinatas: 1) Just outside Fort on Right side, in training area, can be seen from where you have the other one marked right outside the fort.

    2-4) Fort side Warf: Near Asura gate to South Sun. 1 near Waypoint, both others right on doc on way to asura gate on warf.

    • thanks, added them in 😀

  • Lord


    tips for fireworks : they have a low reload time. So you can run around the wall surrounding the WvW portal in Lion’s Arch to activate the firework launchers until you get the title.

  • Thomas Martin

    FYI – Neither of the Dragon Ball achievements count towards the meta. So only 6 can be completed, and apparently there was a buggy overflow that allowed me to get Big Boom in the City, so I’m now at 7/10 for the meta.

  • Liquid Aurum

    Could you put up the map of all the fireworks/pinatas in the other cities please

  • Panduhh

    Great job on keeping up with the GW2 events.

    Minor detail: on the pinata/firework map, the sandy area above the Claw Island Portage waypoint (slightly to the south) has 4 fireworks launchers spread along the rim of the cliff.

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  • Sing

    I made a map of Diessa for the holographic minions –

  • Nylía

    Just wanted to point out that the Dragon ball achievements wont count for the dragon bash experience achievement.

    • Pixelles

      Thanks, how unfortunate. No title either for it. 🙁

  • Dany Gilbert

    You are awesome Dulfy 😉

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  • Your Friend

    Like others have mentioned, the fireworks/piñata map is missing a few points:

    Launchers: There are 5 launchers on the cliff above the Claw Island Portage Waypoint (west of Fort Marriner).

    Piñatas: There is one piñata missing located at the “s” in “Lion’S Arch” seen on the map, ie it is next to the staircase south of the Grand Piazza, on the left side of the second arch.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Firework Launchers have a respawn time of roughly 1 minute. The current wording makes them seem like a one-time use when in reality they can quickly be re-used for another point on the achievement. There’s one launcher on the western beach that can be used twice, while Fort Marriner’s walls along with the ledge west of the Fort is the best place to circle for quick achievement points, thanks to proximity and respawn times.

    33 piñatas, 25 firework launchers. 5 full runs for piñatas, 4 for fireworks. 🙂

  • Evil Jenny

    Will the firework show happen in Overflow?

  • Murth

    So how I understand this, after 9 am PDT every dawn ingame will have a fireworks display. Every overflow, server has a different timing…

  • Murth

    On Piken Square server its 25 mins after an odd hour (server time), so 1.25-3.25-5.25-…
    It lasts <10 mins.

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  • Uchida Me-Maniac

    Does anyone know how long the event will last?

  • ethan

    Just to clarify, fireworks don’t end at 9 PST, they end at 12 PST on June 17

  • Mike

    I love to see that the ones that require you to spend money have not been knocked off the list. Moa racing at 50s a pop is a nice purse for areanet

    • ShodaN

      Maybe I just got lucky, but I only had to do it 5 times, 3 were 1st place (won 1gp), 1 was a 5th place (didn’t win anything), and 1 was 2nd place (won 60sp), so I ended up getting the achievement, and winning some money!

  • PJ

    So Big Boom is impossible to get now? 🙁

    • Correct, it was only for the weekend.

    • Sangria

      It could still be bugged, not sure if they fixed that.

  • Captain Lachdanan

    dragons effigy can now be lit dulfy 🙂 there are 3 outside of Queensdale 😀 heard on other maps also

    • Grin Guardian

      There are 3 per (1-15) zone and 3 per (15-25) zone. You can get over half of them on one character with some travel involved.

  • Ellony Ella
  • Nicola
  • Sya

    Minor tip – You can weapon swap [`] to skip the dancing animation on the Effgies and still get the credit

    • Yup, or just run away once the channel starts.

  • Syd

    Wait why doesn’t case closed count towards the meta?

    • Case closed doesn’t because the patch notes from June 11 said so. Also, it is an achievement you get for completing all the story achievement so having it count seems redundant.

      • Syd

        Ahh ok I totally missed that in the notes the first time.

  • Whitemoon

    I cant get the shatter wings even I have completed 9 dragon bash achievements lol

    • That is true. Anet is aware of it. They put in the patch notes last night that you only need 8/14 but they forgot to adjust the achievement to reflect that.

      • Whitemoon

        Hope they will adjust it a.s.a.p, I really want that wings

  • Willow

    2 of the hosts are no longer standing in the places the picture shows.

    • ShodaN

      If you talk to the guards who have taken their place, you can still get the achievement.

  • eqák

    ceremony and acrimony is avaiable jus fot today?

    • No it starts today and will run until whenever the event ends.

  • You can still get the wings without doing the moa racing, right? The stories will all count, just not case closed if I’m understanding correctly, so hopefully I can skip the gambling…

  • woelfi

    btw: it takes 10 achievements to complete the meta-achievement, 8 are not enough, otherwise I’d now have a pair of wings 😉

    • It is 8, read the patch notes or other comments. Anet forgot to change it ingame.

      • woelfi

        *facepalm* forget to change it ingame – now thats hilarious. Thx for the clarification and a laugh ^^

  • zkyba

    i need “The Big Boom in the Big City” D=

  • zkyba

    will have another?

  • hshshs

    hard boiled?

    • starts today (in 10 minutes)

  • Avalyah

    Hey, can someone tell me how to finish the Meet the Hosts achievement? It appears that after June 18th they are no longer on the stage and I am stuck at 7/8. I found one of them near the Dragon Ball entrance, and the other one I think in Commodore’s Manor. I also talked to all of those who stayed on the stage.

  • Goghgirl

    What can I attatch the wings to in order to wear them?

    • Any backpiece item you have. Try searching for spineguard on the TP

      • Goghgirl

        Thankyou! Your guide was incredibly useful for finishing the quests!

        I ended up buying a lvl 80 rare spineguard. Just 20 more levels until I can wear my wings lol

  • Mcrane

    My friend was trying to finish the “Meet the Hosts” achievement and three of the captains are missing. They are now replaced by Lionguard. Does anyone know if the missing captains are elsewhere in LA? or is this achieve no longer possible to complete?

    • Avalyah

      As I wrote a few comments below, I am in the same situation. However, I have found 2 of them – one is in Commodore’s Manor (POI near fountain), and the other one is just next to the Dragon Ball NPC. I can’t find the last one tho.. :/

    • Does talking to those Lionguards work? Read somewhere where someone said talking to the nameless Lionguards worked for them.

      • Antonio Carisi

        yes , talking with the guards works …

      • Steele

        I can confirm that talking to those Lionguard worked for me; just got 8/8 there after a wild goose chase looking for the “missing” captains.

  • Murth

    Are these achievements obtainable untill 9th of July or untill 25th of June?
    nvm top of the page says 9th :p

    • July 9

    • Ben

      Remember that the dragonball events don’t count… I didn’t see that =(. Also there is another achievement that doesn’t count (but not sure which). I am at 9 completed achievements but only 7 registered toward the wings (have not done Dragon Ball Boss).

  • Tetramina

    So is So Lifelike unattainable anymore (just my luck I saved it for last) because the pirates spawn now, or are there still some out there that are “real” holograms that I just haven’t run into?

    • Tetramina

      Nevermind, I finally got around to reading your Sky Pirate Guide and I do see you said that the holograms have a chance to spawn. Thanks.

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