GW2 Dragon Bash Festival guide

A guide to the GW2 Dragon Bash Festival introduced with the game update on June 11. 



Activities & items


Patch notes

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Being chinese I’ve always seen dragons as good so I can’t condone this dragon hate festival, they are the most sacred of all mythological creatures! {^^} Anyhow I’ll check it out, will be a change from being killed all the time by karkas and reef drakes I hope! Are the event only rewards ever more than just cosmetic items?

Which meeeaaans what…? Korean != China. Nevermind NCsoft don’t push a huge asian mantra/spin onto Anet…

Doesn’t need to be a chinese company, many western stories feature dragons as good rather than evil, doesn’t make the game any less good just rather cliche with some of it’s story. NCSoft’s logo is rather similar to the Gamecube’s one!

In case you missed it; this is a game. A game where dragons are not good and and seek to destroy all life.

I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Not like anyone forces you to play during this festival.

Arena logo is Colosseum from Rome, where was gladiator´s fight, so its pure violence from begining 😀

in Tyria world, dragons are like from wow, creators and destroyers of the world, in GW1 was only (i think, not sure now) one good dragon, rest of them from all elements are bad and 3 of them we can fight in game, i missed only sea/underwater dragon (i expect it in datadisk) and maybe air dragon

They talk about that in-game. The Dragon Festival in GW1 was a Canthan festival that was much more about the more traditional Asian view of dragons. However, the Dragon Bash is a take on the festival from a group of non-Canthans who have been living in a world where the Elder Dragons have arisen and basically screwed everything up and killed loads of people (not to mention attempting to invade Lion’s Arch).

It would be a bit weird to celebrate how awesome dragons were in a world where the dragon Jormag has forced the Norn from their homes, Zhaitan has sent armies of undead and its lieutenants Blightghast and Tequatl against the people of Tyria and Kralkatorrik sends the Shatterer to patrol the field of corruption it laid in Blazeridge.

Wow guys, no need to be so rude. 😛 There actually was a good dragon in the GW lore. Her name was “Glint.”

As a whole though you have to understand that lives are being ruined by the current elder dragons. People are being driven from their homes, families are destroyed and corrupted, you get the idea. EVERYONE hates the dragons for this, and so the celebration of a dragon festival would be quite offensive! Instead celebrating the destruction of the (elder) dragons will be celebrated.

Today: guild wars 2 new awesome patch live, new pokemon type and battlefront 3 on development. This is too much haha

You upload helpful guides so fast for every patch! Great job dulfy.

PS: will never use adblock on your site!

Last night someone in map chat linked this armor. He also posted medium and light armor version but only got a screenshot of the heavy armor. They look kinda steampunk-ish. Not sure where he got it from but maybe its the new armor skin we’re getting with dragon bash?

Looks like it won’t be coming with Dragon Bash but the next Living Story patch called “Aetherblade”. More info will be released on the GW2 site on June 20th.

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