GW2 Dragon Bash Minis

Screenshots of the GW2 Dragon Bash minis that one can acquire in the GW2 Dragon Bash Festival

Dragon Bash Mini Pack – 500 gems

These are sent in your mail if you have purchased gems between the game’s launch and June 9, 2013. You can also purchase them in the gemstore.


Contain the following three minis. They are all account bound.

Mini Holographic Branded Minotaur


Mini Holographic Axe Wielding Destroyer


Mini Holographic Corrupted Wolf


Mini Holographic Risen Knight

Random drop from rich and normal Dragon Coffers – Tradeable.


Mini Holographic Colossus

Obtained by combining the three minis from the Dragon Bash Mini Pack with the Mini Holographic Risen Knight in the Mystic Forge


  • patrick

    ;.; i want the new minis

  • Andele
  • katreyn

    I think something is super broken and people are able to get the mini packs all of a sudden. Though I still don’t see it in the store.

    …wait I just received the pack int he mail. This is the letter that came with it.

  • Avilyin

    here is the Mini Holographic Colossus you get by combining all mini holograpich pets

  • Avilyin

    sorry abaut that extra picture -.-

  • Mark Robert Lewis Anderton

    Here’s a screen shot of the Mini Holographic Colossus.

  • sinigo

    I thought Mini Holographic Colossus is supposed to be bigger ><

    • Ya me too, from the dev livestream he said because it is so much bigger it is going to need to be forged with minis. Was disappointed.

      • bigvisk

        yea me too, i just traded 4 minis for what i thought was going to be a super mini, but it is still so tiny, oh well

  • Avilyin

    i wanted it to be colossus from fractals ;(

    • Mark Robert Lewis Anderton

      Same here 🙁

  • Panda

    do only ppl that bought gems with real money get the minis? or is it everyone who purchased gems even with in game money

    • I think only those who paid real money. The letter I got said because you purchased gems through our Gem Store or via a GW2 Gem card you got the free pet.

    • Debs

      i bought gems with in-game money and received the mini’s.

      • Ares Zax

        Hmm, that sounds contrary to what the mail you receive suggests, but maybe you lucked out and got sent the mini’s by accident. 🙂

  • theft

    i got like 4 slots and bunch of other stuff payed with my cc a few months ago but no minis in mail :S

    • These come in waves so wait a bit for it to arrive 🙂

  • Guest

    These are the dragon wings that rarely drop , I couldn’t find any pics of them on here

  • Guest

    These are the dragon wing covers that drop

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  • Summer

    3 minis

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