GW2 Dragon’s Jade Weapon gallery

A gallery showing off all the GW2 Dragon’s Jade weapons available as part of Dragon Bash festival.

All of the following skins are account bound and can be acquired from Dragon’s Jade Claim Ticket. These claim tickets are acquired rarely from normal Dragon Coffers you can find from killing holographic minions in the open world or from Rich Dragon Coffers you can purchase from the gemstore.

Claim ticket can be traded in with the Black Lion Weapon Specialist just behind and above the Black Lion Trading Post in Lion’s Arch.


Dragon’s Jade Reaver Skin – Axe – [&AgFlqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Kris Skin – Dagger –(Modeled by Muku) – [&AgFoqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Aspect Skin – Focus – (Modeled by Xiezhi the Immortal) -  [&AgFrqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Avenger Skin – Greatsword (Modeled by Espmeir) – [&AgFuqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Warhammer Skin – Hammer (Modeled by Massive Sane) – [&AgFxqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Hornbow Skin – Longbow (Modeled by Morwen of Valar)- [&AgF0qQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Cudgel Skin – Mace (Modeled by Felix Bloodfang) – [&AgF3qQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Flintlock Skin – Pistol (Modeled by Muku) [&AgF6qQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Blunderbuss Skin – Rifle (Modeled by Fluffy Cotton Candy) – [&AgF9qQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Truncheon Skin – Scepter (Modeled by Willow) – [&AgGAqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Wall Skin – Shield (Modeled by Massive Sane) – [&AgGDqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Needler Skin – Shortbow (Modeled by Crustydog) – [&AgGGqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Quarterstaff Skin – Staff (Modeled by Willow) – [&AgGJqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Lacerator Skin – Sword (Modeled by Yuki No Hime) – [&AgGMqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Flame Skin – Torch – [&AgGPqQAA]


Dragon’s Jade Harbinger Skin – Warhorn – (Modeled by Xiu)- [&AgGSqQAA]


  • Sina

    I’m a little bit disappointed, these skins really miss some special effects, they are kind of dull..

    • Chaosgyro

      The flintlocks on the rifle and pistol are both little flames. Adds a nice touch to weapons that usually miss out on effects.

      • digi_owl

        Also leave a slight smoke trail when drawn.

    • OneVox

      They are perfect. They dont need to be flashy. the Axe is amazing so is the longbow.

  • Alle Give Me Pizza

    They look so beautiful, save for the dagger and sword. Again, the dagger gets the crap end of the stick.

    • Voonith

      I love the dagger.

    • digi_owl

      Dunno, they look suitably vicious.

  • Rumstein

    Great skins. Except for the part where its a… what… 1% drop rate from Rich Coffers? Get real. (I opened 40, and got absolute trash – 250 zhaitaffy was about it)

    • Will

      I dont like RNG either but i dont think you understand what 1% is. It means that, on average, you get 1 in every 100.

      • Rumstein

        Thanks captain obvious.

      • Dawn

        Actually it’s a 1% chance every time you click on a chest. You could open a thousand and get None.

  • Murth

    I want the shield but RNG hates me :/

  • Sudrabains

    The greatsword really reminds me of good old days of playing Mh like maniac.. ehh~~
    Once again, great skins but whats the point if the only way getting them is ridicilous gambling that inwolves burning tons of real cash with no guarantee of succes whatsoever..

    • Guest

      Not really you can farm them easily from holo enemies / from chests. I already got 2 tickets

      • Conncept

        You must have gotten really lucky, or farmed a lot. There are already people that have farmed thousands and not received a ticket, and then of course there are those who have farmed a few dozen and received one as well. The average does seem to be in the 6-800 ticket range though, that’s a lot for a casual player.

        • czar

          1000 opened, and got 2 tickets, the wings, 10 minipets, and loads of crap

          • wrg

            bullshit, wings don’t drop from chests.

    • erg

      What’s the point of voicing your opinion on something you have no idea about?

  • Xie

    These are all so lovely. I’m having a hell of a time deciding between the scepter, focus, or staff for my Canthan elementalist.

  • Ares Zax

    Wow, that Jade Hornbow is MASSIVE. O.o Overall I’m really pleased with the aesthetics of these weapons, but I’m very disappointed that the Rich Coffers don’t have a guaranteed ticket though. I might wait a bit longer to see what the odds are for one before deciding whether or not to buy some.

    • Odds are not any better. I brought 15 Rich and 0 tickets. Friends farmed like 10 regular coffers and got 2 tickets..

      • Ares Zax

        … Well that’s a kick in the teeth. >.< Guess I'll save my gems and just hope to get lucky from playing Dragon Ball and from farming holograms.

        • paku

          well i got it in 5 tries sooo

          • czar

            dude you can get 100 regular coffers for a lil more than 1 gold, defenatly cheeper than rare coffers

      • Anon

        Using normal ones is a cheaper way to get those tickets. Bought 3 stacks of regular coffers and got no tickets but had alot of minis/consumables to get your gold back.

        Bought another stack of regular coffers after I woke up this morning and opened it with full MF(no idea if MF influenced it lol) and got 3 tickets.

        Then Anet patched, only got a single mini back on the next stack(way worse than the last 1k regular coffers), Anet probably nerfed it lol.

        It cost me less than 50g to get 3 tickets, definitely cheaper than buying rich coffers because there are less chances to get minis/consumables to sell back and rich coffer coffer probably has only .000000001% more chance of getting tickets lol.

        • Mandar

          I am kinda tempted to believe that the MF effects it, even if it is against how I believed MF worked. I opened close to 100 chests without it, from farming, and got shit. 95% candy and a consumable here and there, Decided to be a bit superstitious, put on 180% MF and got 5-6 Holographic Risen minis, and 2 Jade Skin Tickets, and several tonics, and more candies on average. Profit vs Cost and I probably spent around 30g, but I was really after the skins and 15g per skin is not bad for an item you can’t even trade.

          • kuya kurma

            u might be right i have 105mf and im at a rate of 1 ticket for every 25 rich chest

            • Philmosk

              Nope, sent my lil’ 178% MF thief out, and got a lot of candy for the trouble…

  • Anony

    Yeah ANet nerfed drop rate of the green coffers a lot from earlier today. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the chance of getting weapon tickets got lowered too, but we will never know.

  • AbnerDoon

    So far 50 rich chests with nothing but food items and 100ish fireworks. About 450 regular coffers which netted me 7 of the mini and about 1200 candy + random food. The mini is already selling for under a gold lol. Throw me a bone, Anet

    • AbnerDoon

      Now just over 1,000 coffers which netted me some more candy and altogether 11 minis which are now down to 20 silver. I should have sold the seven I had last night. /hindsight

      • AbnerDoon

        1500 last night and nada. For the next stack I bought a magic find potion and about 180 into it got a ticket along with two or three of each potion.

        So around 17-1800 normal with one ticket and about 13 minis and 6 to 8 potions versus 65 rich with bupkis. I will stick to the normal drop chests next time they were cheaper and had 100% better loot which is just bs on ANet’s part.

  • Denny

    Why oh why don’t they sell these skins on the TP?. No way am i going to pay for chests with a zero chance drop rate. A fool and his money are easy parted!

  • LilDUDE

    dont be stupid, I found one ticket within my first 100 coffers…

    • RNG is terribad

      Don’t be stupid, not everyone has that kind of luck, I’ve opened about 500 so far and got nothing but taffy, fireworks, and Knights

    • Sajoke

      It took me 985 before getting a ticket.

  • Natalis Blackfire

    Got the weapon skin ticket after around 200 coffers while killing holograms… no wings so far. The moment I stopped thinking about great drops I finally got the ticket. Also finished the achievement for 300 holos… really liked the skins and so far the whole event. Let’s hope for more surprises tomorrow

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  • Northtempest

    I farmed about 500+ coffers all day long… didn’t get a ticket. So I decided to try rich coffer for 10 of them. I got 2 tickets 😀

  • Moe

    Opened 1250, got nothing but candy and mini’s….. Is this even possible? ._.

  • Bloody Pumpkin

    Got my 1st ticket after opening 200+ regular coffers, got my 2nd and 3rd after opening 200 coffers from TP(1 ticket/hundred). And now i dunno which skin should i get. Lol

  • B

    can you still get these? or are they not available any more?

    • You can still get them with black lion weapon tickets I think but they cost alot more than before.

    • There is a black lion weapon specialist in lion’s arch, go to the steps above the trading post in LA. He is up there.

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