GW2 Moa Racing guide

A guide to GW2 Moa racing introduced as part of the Dragon Bash Festival.

Getting Started

Moa Racing can be found on the Farshore Ward area of Lion’s Arch.


It costs 50 silver to place a bet on a Moa. You can bet on one of the five Moas that will be racing across the track. There is a 20% chance for each Moa to win the race. Do not wander off once you have placed your bet or you may forfeit your bet.

  • Meep
  • Motti
  • Mortt
  • Monna
  • One of three mystery Moas


Prizes – Your winnings come in the mail so make sure you are not full on mail!

  • First place: 7 Vouchers
  • Second Place: 3 Vouchers
  • Third Place: 1 Voucher

Using these vouchers you can purchase Bags of Race Track Winning that costs 1, 3, and 7 Vouchers to earn back some of your money.


  • Green Bag of Race Winnings – 20 silver (costs 1 voucher)
  • Blue Bag of Race Winnings – 60 silver (costs 3 vouchers)
  • Red Bag of Race Winnings – 1g40silver (costs 7 vouchers)

Alternatively, you can spend 125 Vouchers to purchase a Mini Helmed Moa Racer as a minipet.


  • Since each Moa have a 20% to win, you have an average return of 44s or 2.2 vouchers for every 50s you beat (math done by skyy-high on reddit).
  • The min moa pet will cost you 125 vouchers or on average 28.4 gold or 57 races to gain enough vouchers to purchase.

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24 replies on “GW2 Moa Racing guide”

At the moment, I’ve won a couple of times with the mystery moa and it did *not* count toward the achievement. One win with Meep though did count. So… it’s a little bugged. >.<

I won 3 but one didn’t count. The mystery one I did bet on, didn’t win so I submitted a bug report with the proof of winning the 3. Hopefully they fix this issue.

I think you only have to be near the vendor at the end because that’s when the event ends. I didnt get any event notification when I was a bit too far when they finished. Following them might cause this because they are faster than you

Won 2/3 with mystery and both counted toward achievement (after quick patch earlier this evening).

I’ve heard reports that, for the Moa Racer achievement, your Moa actually only needs to be in the top three for the achievement to progress. Is that true, or is it false info?

Yeah, that would be logical too. Maybe the people who are reporting getting the achievement advanced with 2nd or 3rd placing is due to a bug. (Wouldn’t mind though! Less of my money spent on gambling the better! 😛 )

I People could opload pictures like this one I might have good chance to found out who is winning and then

I did this about 16:00 to 16:22 (if its time bassed)
It would be awesome to have some help doing this so thx if your doing it :DD

Generally speaking, Meep and Monna seem to have been the most successful. Especially Meep, I haave made a lot of money off of Meep. I haven’t been smart enough to keep a chart, but he seems to be bugged.

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