GW2 Zhaitaffy Dragon Bash guide

A guide to acquiring and using Zhaitaffy, Jorbreaker, and the Holographic Dragon Wing Cover during the GW2 Dragon Bash festival


There are a variety of ways to obtain Zhaitaffy

  • Breaking Dragon Pinatas in various cities to receive Zhaitaffy. These Dragon Pinatas are character bound and you can use multiple characters to run the same areas or use guesting/overflow on the same character (white dots on the map below).


  • Interacting with the Dragon Holograms found in the open world zones except for Orr.  They are marked on your map. Interacting with them will spawn holographic dragon minions. Killing these minions will drop Zhaitaffy and Dragon Coffer which contains Zhaitaffy.


  • Killing normal enemies will also drop Dragon Coffer.
  • Dragon Coffer can also be acquired from winning the Dragon Ball minigame.
  • You can also purchase Rich Dragon Coffer off the gemstore. These have an increased chance to yield Dragon’s Jade weapon ticket.


  • 10 Zhaitaffy can be traded for 1 Firework (Soulbound on Acquire).
  • 1000 Zhaitaffy can be traded in for 1 Jorbreaker (tradeable).
  • 100 Jorbreaker (or 100k Zhaitaffy) will allow you to trade in for the Holographic Dragon Wing Cover (tradeable). The Holographic Dragon Wing Cover will also rarely drop from a Dragon Coffer that drops off the Holographic Minions and normal enemies you can find scattered in the open world.


  • Zhaitaffy can also be used to purchased the following food items for 5 Zhaitaffy a piece (require L80 consume, see a list below). All of them are tradeable.
Kralkachocolate Bar
  • Gain healing power equal to 6% of your vitality
  • Gain healing power equal to 4% of your toughness
  • +5% Karma
  • Lasts 20m
Dragonfly Cupcake
  • 30% Magic Find
  • +70 Power
  • +10 Experience from kills
  • Lasts 20m
Dragon’s Breath Bun
  • +200 power for 30s after killing an enemy
  • +10% critical strike damage
  • +10 Experience from kills
  • Lasts 20m
Koi Cake
  • +40% condition duration
  • +70 condition damage
  • +10 Experience from kills
  • Lasts 20m
Slice of Candied Dragon Roll
  • 66% chance to steal life on critical
  • +70 precision
  • +10 Experience from kills
  • Lasts 20m
Dragonfish Candy
  • Gain vitality equal to 5% of your toughness
  • +200 power when health below 50%
  • +10 Experience from kills
  • Lasts 20m
  • Anni

    Dulfy, you put +5 Karka for “Kralkachocolate Bar”… i think you meant +5 Karma 😛 unless we get 5 karkas when we eat it ^^

    • ZionCypher

      But it would be so much fun to spawn five karka whenever you eat it 🙁

      • corsair82

        I think your definition of “fun” is broken.

        • Ares Zax

          If the Karka were allied, HELL YEAH it would be fun! 😀

          • Lord

            Great fun : young karkas as allies, and a karka veteran to lead them

  • Snap

    100k Zhaitaffy for holographic wings. Crazy.

    • catalyst

      the shatterer ones look better anyways

      • Kozirog

        Shatterer wings?

    • hi

      its 17 golds at trading post now

  • corsair82

    Dragon Coffers are occasionally dropping off of other mobs than the holographic ones, albeit at what feels like a 10-15% drop chance. Is this intended? If so, the guide is missing this information, as near as I can tell.

  • Ase

    Sooo Can You Use MF To Increase Your Chances Of Getting The Wings From Dragon Coffers?

  • Natalis Blackfire

    It’s far easier to farm coffers and sell then in order to buy the wings (around 25g) than actually stack the candy

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  • Grogger

    You can also get the wings from Dragon Ball reward

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