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SWTOR Archon’s Contraband Pack

List of items contained within SWTOR Archon’s Contraband Pack provided on This pack is scheduled to be released with patch 2.2 on June 12.

Archon’s Contraband Pack

The Archon’s Contraband Pack contains a diverse mix of all your favorite types of Cartel Market loot. Mount lovers will rejoice at the six possible mounts contained in the pack, including the Aratech Lux and Blur holo-augmented speeders. Our line of “Relaxed” gear continues with the Relaxed Vestments Armor Set, which looks great on both male and female characters, while the Calo Nord Armor Set expands our lore gear collection. This will also be the first pack that includes Dye Modules, in the form of six new color combinations exclusive to the Archon’s Contraband Pack. For those wishing to delve into Star Wars lore, the Archon’s pack introduces an all-new type of Cartel Market item: Encrypted Datacubes. Collect all 8 Datacubes in the shipment (there will be 4 more in the upcoming Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack) for a special reward. Finally, we’ve made some general changes to the pack based on your feedback, which include the addition of Grade 9 crafting materials, increased drop rates for Cartel Market Certificates, and re-useable (rather than consumable) Jawagrams!

Color Crystals

Advanced White-Black Crystal

  • Advanced White-Black Eviscerating Crystal
  • Advanced White-Black Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced White-Black Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced White-Black War Hero’s Crystal

Advanced Mint Green Crystal

  • Advanced Mint Green Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced Mint Green Eviscerating Crystal
  • Advanced Mint Green Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced Mint Green Hawkeye Crystal


Calo Nord Armor Set

  • Calo Nord’s Jacket
  • Calo Nord’s Boots
  • Calo Nord’s Gloves
  • Calo Nord’s Headgear
  • Calo Nord’s Pants
  • Calo Nord’s Belt

Mantellian Separatist Armor Set

  • Mantellian Separatist Body Armor
  • Mantellian Separatist Boots
  • Mantellian Separatist Gauntlets
  • Mantellian Separatist Helmet
  • Mantellian Separatist Leg Plates
  • Mantellian Separatist Belt
  • Mantellian Separatist Bracers

Covert Waist Energy Armor and Covert Wrist Energy Armor

Relaxed Vestments Armor Set

  • Relaxed Vestments Chestwraps
  • Relaxed Vestments Boots
  • Relaxed Vestments Handwraps
  • Relaxed Vestments Leggings
  • Relaxed Vestments Belt
  • Relaxed Vestments Wristwraps

Rotworm Home Armor Set

  • Rotworm Home Gloves
  • Rotworm Home Cleats
  • Rotworm Home Belt
  • Rotworm Home Pants
  • Rotworm Home Shoulder Pads
  • Rotworm Home Helmet

Rotworm Away Armor Set

  • Rotworm Away Gloves
  • Rotworm Away Cleats
  • Rotworm Away Belt
  • Rotworm Away Pants
  • Rotworm Away Shoulder Pads
  • Rotworm Away Helmet

Frogdog Home Armor Set

  • Frogdog Home Gloves
  • Frogdog Home Cleats
  • Frogdog Home Belt
  • Frogdog Home Pants
  • Frogdog Home Shoulder Pads
  • Frogdog Home Helmet

Frogdog Away Armor Set

  • Frogdog Away Shoulder Pads
  • Frogdog Away Cleats
  • Frogdog Away Gloves
  • Frogdog Away Helmets
  • Frogdog Away Pants
  • Frogdog Away Belts

Ulgo Statesman Armor Set

  • Ulgo Statesman’s Coat
  • Ulgo Statesman’s Boots
  • Ulgo Statesman’s Gloves
  • Ulgo Statesman’s Trousers
  • Ulgo Statesman’s Sash
  • Ulgo Statesman’s Cuffs

Ulgo Loyalist Armor Set

  • Ulgo Loyalist Chestguard
  • Ulgo Loyalist Boots
  • Ulgo Loyalist Gauntlets
  • Ulgo Loyalist Helmet
  • Ulgo Loyalist Greaves
  • Ulgo Loyalist Utility Belt
  • Ulgo Loyalist Bracers

Regal Apparel Armor Set

  • Regal Apparel Tiara
  • Regal Apparel Blouse
  • Regal Apparel Boots
  • Regal Apparel Miniskirt
  • Regal Apparel Sash
  • Regal Apparel Cuffs

Rascal’s Toothpick

Green Efficiency Scanner


Ebon-wing Flutterplume

Striated Wriggler

Nefarious Blurrg

CH-R1 Power Droid

Slateshard Lylek

Model B28 Extinction-Class Bomber


  • Contraband Collector
  • Archon

Portable Relaxation Unit


Aratech Lux

Aratech Blur

Aratech Basic

Praxon Echo

Adno Mantis

Rendili Solar


Primordial Assault Cannon

Derelict Saberstaff

Primordial Blaster

Primordial Blaster Rifle

Derelict Lightsaber

Primordial Sniper Rifle


Emote: Boo-Hoo

Mood: Very Creepy

Emotes: Woohoo and Jig


Emote: Woohoo

Emote: Jig

Credit Boom

Consumable: Credit Boom!

Dye Modules

  • Medium Orange and Medium Blue Dye Module
  • Pale Red and Pale Brown Dye Module

  • Dark Yellow and Medium Yellow Dye Module
  • Dark Purple and Light Purple Dye Module

  • Medium Brown and Medium Green Dye Module
  • Pale Blue and Pale Gray Dye Module


These Encrypted Datacubes will give you a mission to activate a security terminal in Nar Shaddaa with a 1 minute cutscenes of The Shroud talking about his plans.  At the end of the Cutscene you receive a choice of a Major Experience Boost, Major Valor Boost or Credit Boom.


Encrypted Datacubes

  • Encrypted Datacube 74-C


  • Encrypted Datacube 93-E


  • Encrypted Datacube 58-P


  • Encrypted Datacube 68-B



  • Major Class and Minor Mission Experience Boosts
  • Major and Minor Experience Boosts
  • Major and Minor Exploration Boosts
  • Major and Minor Flashpoint Experience Boosts
  • Major and Minor Social Boosts
  • Major and Minor Warzone Boosts

Companion Gifts

  • Account of the Discovery of Korriban
  • Drayen Hyper-Space Smuggling Routes
  • Gree Temporary Mind-Link Device
  • Holorecord of the Republic’s Founding
  • Intricate Corellian Speeder Model
  • Memoir of the Unification Wars
  • Omni-Vision Battle Relay
  • Splinter of a Rakata Stronghold
  • Unique Rakata Grenade
  • Vial of Gree Nanite Paste
  • Energy Blade Bayonet
  • Assassin Droid Target History
  • Gourmet Ration Pack
  • Zeltron Personal Aroma Gift Set
  • First Edition Galactic Encyclopedia
  • Aratech Reconstruction Toolkit
  • Republic Senatorial Oath
  • Banned Imperial History Document
  • Signet Ring of Ancient Tion
  • Galactic Crime Lord’s ID Card

Crafting Materials

  • Hypercloth
  • Reinforced Transparisteel
  • Rainbow Gem
  • Medical Grade Injector
  • Frasium
  • Nanite Threaded Cloth
  • Permacrete
  • Mytag Crystal
  • Sterilization Kit
  • Beryllius
  • Bio-Mechanical Interface Chip
  • Thermal Regulator


  • “Awesome!” Permanent Jawagram
  • “May the Force be with you!” Permanent Jawagram
  • “Party On!” Permanent Jawagram

Reputation Items

  • Confiscated Artwork
  • Prohibited Medical Supplies
  • Banned Holovid
  • Cartel Market Certificate


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44 replies on “SWTOR Archon’s Contraband Pack”

Do you know what the male Twi’lek in the pictures for Emote: Woohoo and the dye modules is wearing?

At least there -are- new dye colors. Too bad Artifice still gets the shaft because cartel dyes are non-RE-able.

purple/purple and orange/blue look pretty good to me. Sure, it’s not the best dye system, and options are limited, but at least it helps pubs get away from 50 Shades of Beige.

I’d like to see that praxon with red instead of teal. And I’d be excited about the Calo armor, but it will likely have the same dye restrictions as all the other “lore” armor. Lame.

I love that gatling gun… mood: very creepy is great for “slasher giggles” characters (Ops and Scoudrels…)

It would seem they lead to a quick cutscene in which you can choose the reward; Major xp boost, major valor boost or credit boom.

Jig? Is this a dance emote? Hrrr… my twi’leks have to spend credits again – because the have to own them all.

This is the BEST PACK EVER! 😀 Weapons, pets, and speeders look amazing and the relaxed vestment boots/gloves are based on my favorite models in game. And I LOVE the new dye colors. Plus “very creepy”, I don’t have a character who doesn’t need that.


Portable Relaxation Unit
come with an in-built back massage feature?

I could really use that 😉

The day before this page was put up, I was looking through my old KOTOR game guide, and I saw the old pictures of Calo Nord. I thought to myself, “I really want that outfit for my Smuggler or BH… Best timing ever! Can we please get the KOTOR Republic Soldier armor next?

In some she’s wearing the tan tube top from the relaxed vestments, and the blue top she’s occasionally wearing is the regal apparel, I don’t know about the legs and boots. Further down it looks like she’s wearing the republic containment set/columi trooper set.

She’s wearing Republic Weaponmaster Rakata boots. (The coloration is different than mine, but the design is exactly the same).

Whats the point in providing blue grade crafting mats in the packs, why not all purples? The blues and greens are so cheap compared to the respecitve purples that its hardly worth incuding. Not that i want to sound negative but i would rather there was a general purple random spawn catagory that included crafting mats and the other purple stuff rather than a specific crafting part of the pack.

Agreed. The addition of crafting mats in these packs floods the market, making the materials virtually worthless. Rather frustrating.

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