patch 2.2 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 2.2 coverage guide

A guide to consolidated all the SWTOR patch 2.2 related information in one handy spot.

Cartel Market & CE vendor

  • Items inside the Archon’s Contraband Pack
  • Curious about those Encrypted Datacubes inside the Contraband Pack? They give you a mission to Nar Shadda to interact with a security terminal that give you ~ 1 minute cutscene of The Shroud. At the end of the cutscene you get to pick between a Major XP boost, Major Valor Boost or Credit Boom. Here is one of them (Encrypted Datacube 93-E).


  • Two new dyes added to the CE vendor: Black and Medium Yellow, Deep Purple and Medium Green


  • Video showing off the Jig and Woohoo emote from the Contraband Pack


Nightmare Terror from Beyond


Patch Notes

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16 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.2 coverage guide”

so from patch notes its saying re able items are only armouring, mods enhancements hope this isnt true when goes live what about implants, ear peices, hilts and barrels makes me sad 🙁

Since they have announced that they will extend update for two more hours, I think they will break lots of things in process… If it wasnt Star Wars franchise, I would be out of it a long time ago

Boo hoo waa waa waa. It’s like this in every mmo you big crybaby. I’m sure you can find something else to occupy the time with. I personally think they’re fixing shit and making sure everything is running smoothly. But that might be because I’m not a whiny little brat.

Cool they added a type of dye, that would be one of the more expensive/desireable dyes from the packs, to the CE vendor. Pleasently surprised.

OMG you did it first, youre so uber awesome, the world is saved. Call the Red Cross, we don’t need them anymore. Being proud of being first is one thing, beating your chest like a stupid gorilla to show it off is just pathetic.

First? The only real competition you would of had didn’t give up on progression as you did. Instead of being persistent you called it quits for the week. They didnt.

Drop it like it’s Hoth downed NiM Dread Guards about 3 hours back. O_O

And they did it with no Maras and a Jugg dps – who said you had to stack Snipers and Maras? 😛

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