GW2: Dragon Ball achievements does not count towards Dragon Bash Experience

Dragon Ball achievements will not count towards the Dragon Bash Experience achievement. The required number of achievements for the Dragon Bash Experience will also be lowered to 8 from 10 as a result.

During my live stream on Friday I confirmed that the Dragon Ball achievements would not count towards the overall. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

William Fairfield

In the June 17 patch notes, the Dragon Bash Experience achievement was also changed.

Living World

  • Kills in Dragon Ball no longer progress daily PvP achievements.
  • Reducing “The Dragon Bash Experience” meta-achievement required total number from 10 down to 8. The Dragon Ball Achievements do not count towards its completion.
  • Takeshi

    thanks for always keeping us updated

  • Myrna Tenshi

    I have 8 and it still says I need 10?

    • They forgot to adjust the achievement ingame when applying this patch. Wait for a patch or tomorrow 😀

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