GW2 Dragon Effigy Burn Down the Dragons achievement guide

GW2 achievement guide for Burn Down the Dragons achievement with a list of Dragon Effigy locations. There are 30 Dragon Effigy located in the various lowbie zones for each race.


  • The effigies are character bound and are server specific so you can either guest to another server or use an alt to lit all 50 effigies you need for the achievement. These effigies also seem to respawn after ~30 minutes
  • You can move immediately after igniting the effigy without having to wait for it to finish. 
  • Look for these icons on the map to locate the Dragon Effigy.


Kryta – 9 Dragon Effigies

  • 3 in Queensdale
  • 3 in Kessex Hills
  • 3 in Gendarran Fields



Kessex Hills


Gendarran Fields


Shiverpeaks – 6 Dragon Effigies

  • 3 Wayfayer Foothills
  • 3 Snowden Drifts

Wayfayer Foothills


Snowden Drifts


Ascalon – 6 Dragon Effigies

  • 3 Plains of Ashford
  • 3 Diessa Plateau

Plains of Ashford


Diessa Plateau


Maguuma Jungle – 9 Dragon Effigies

  • 3 Caledon Forest
  • 3 Metrica Province
  • 3 Brisban Wildlands

Caledon Forest


Metrica Province


Brisban Wildlands


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49 replies on “GW2 Dragon Effigy Burn Down the Dragons achievement guide”

Or at least don’t show us where they are, or change their locations. Make it more challenging so it’s nto an Alt Tab event ifya know what i mean.

Agreed about making it more challenging. But if that was the case, the required number would have to be a lot lower. Can you see trying to kill 300 holos and having no idea where to look for them, or coming to the right spot but having the target not spawned yet, over and over?

actually it woudnt, because people would do the same they do everytime, just shut off their brain and go read a guide here 🙂 (you cant do it as random as if you coudnt write a guide for it)

By random, i meant different locations every time per server. Sure your server could still toss up a guide somewhere, but it would still be more server based and social than this global dullness.

Although, players would probably just guest on the server with the quickest guide up. It’s a shame really.

Someone never did the Drunkard/Party/Sweet Points in GW1… These clicking events are nothing in comparison, and way too easy..

Yep that’s why you need to use an alt or guest as Dulfy says in her first tip –

“The effigies are character bound and are server specific so you can either guest to another server or use an alt to lit all 50 effigies you need for the achievement.”
Couldn’t be clearer 😛

You don`t need to change server. Remember from whee you started and once your are done, repeat. Did this and it worked for me.

Thanks for a great guide, got them all done 😀 The respawn timer is indeed faster then one hour, I would guess 30 minutes as well.

[…] Guild Wars 2: Part II of Dragon Bash has started, so go burn some effigies, and play the first part of a new multi-part single-player story instance. The story instance is short, about 10 minutes. Burning all 50 effigies for the achievement track (needed for the event meta-achievement) will take a bit longer (and unless you guest or character-hop, two days). Maps of the effigies locations (they don’t move) are over at […]

This whole “festival” is a gold-sink… EVERYTHING you do requires fuq-tones of money.

this whole game is a gold sink its how they keep you playing because if they let you actually have fun and get things you wouldnt end up playing as long over time and therefore game would die faster and so forth

OK now i understand why they have date stamps on these missions, because they don’t want you traveling and doing all the missions in one swoop, they want you to have to dish out more $$$ so you have to double back and do something almost exactly where the hologram missions were.

If waypoints are a lot of money to you then use a lower level alt where the waypoint costs are lessened.

IMHO, Anet is making it right when put the effigies at level 1-30 zones. They are moving all players to low level zones and revitalizing them while the event happens. My guess is next events too will have players going to all low level zones.

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