GW2 Patch notes

GW2 June 18 patch notes

GW2 June 18 patch notes for the second installments of Dragon Bash

June 18th Addendum

Starting Tuesday, June 18th

  • The Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony single-player instance, Memorials on the Pyre, can be accessed by talking to Inspector Kiel.
  • Festival planners have added effigies to the explorable areas leading to Lion’s Arch. Players who dance before the effigies will be granted a health bonus of up to 10%.
  • What better way of celebrating Dragon Bash than with an epic fireworks display? This bundle provides 10 charges of red, blue, green, and yellow display fireworks, as well as a one-time dragon fireworks finale which grants 50% magic find boost to all nearby allies watching the show.
    • Note: We understand how exciting fireworks can be, but if you drop the bundle you will lose all remaining charges of the display fireworks. If you had not used the finale fireworks, a bundle will be created at your feet that, if recovered, will allow you to still use the one-time dragon finale.

Starting Wednesday, June 19th

  • A new story character, Marjory Delaqua, can be found in the Dead End Bar, a single-player instance in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach.
  • A new cinematic will introduce Marjory Delaqua in talks with Logan Thackeray.
  • The Scene of the Crime, a single-player story instance, opens June 19th. Investigator Kiel will allow access when the story is progressed.
    • Players with Fast-Cast Ground Targeting enabled will need to stand nearly on top of the target to use the Investigation Kit.
  • Three of the missing suspects can be found in Lion’s Arch, the Gendarran Fields, and the Bloodtide Coast.

Starting Thursday, June 20th

  • The last two missing suspects can be found in the Snowden Drifts and the Caledon Forest.
  • After finding all the suspects, Inspector Kiel will grant the player access again to The Scene of the Crime to finish the story.
  • Returning to the Dead End Bar reveals extra follow-up conversations with Marjory and Kasmeer.

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