SWTOR: Correction on the Bounty Contract week event

Bioware corrected some information they put on the Los Angeles Cantina event flash drives regarding the upcoming Bounty Contract week event.

Some Corrections For The Los Angeles Cantina Flash Drives | 06.19.2013, 10:27 PM

Hey folks,

This week I learned about some incorrect information that went out on our flash drives which we gave away during the LA Cantina Tour. I wanted to highlight what was incorrect and to provide the correct information, including some updated screenshots with the correct rewards!

The first thing which led to some confusion is that the new event coming around Game Update 2.3 is called Bounty Contract Week, not the Bounty Hunter event. We didn’t mean to have the added confusion around implying an event was named after a class. Bruce gave a little bit of information on the event, here.


Even though it’s part of Game Update 2.3 we are planning to start the Bounty Contract Week on August 13th. Bounty Contract Week is a monthly event, so if you miss it the first time, don’t worry – it will return next month! The event above was actually teased in our Community Meet & Greet last week and we’ll be sharing more details soon. Here is a snippet for now:

Bounty Contract Week provides new missions with full voice-over that will take you on a hunt for high-value bounty targets across the galaxy. Each bounty contract scales to your level, from 15 to 55, providing experience, credits, Commendations, and Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association.

Now, onto the screenshots! First was some incorrect armor screenshots. There were two new armor sets shown. One of them is not actually present in the game in that color variation which you can see here.


The other, is in the game in 2.3, but it is a part of the new daily hub reputation not the Bounty Contract Week rep. You can see that armor here.


As a note, this armor has changed slightly. The colors are a bit more vibrant and it has some new "attachments," I am going to work on getting an updated screenshot.

What you will want to see are the new armor sets that are rewards for the Bounty Contract Week Rep! Here they are, reward 1 and reward 2.


We sincerely apologize for any confusion.


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