SWTOR: Update 2.2.1 with fixes to bolster, companion and APAC transfer

Eric Musco went on the forums today to reveal some details on bug fixes coming with update 2.2.1.


Hey Look At Me- I’m A Sensational PvP Bug, Fix Me | 06.20.2013, 04:42 PM

Hey folks,
Quick update, here are two changes coming to Bolster in Game Update 2.2.1 which is slated for next Tuesday, 6/25:

  • Expertise again caps appropriately at 2018 instead of 2013. This correction to a rounding error will result in a slight reduction in PvP Damage Boost, PvP Damage Reduction, and PvP Healing Boost for expertise values below 2018.
  • Crafted Prototype (blue) and Artifact (purple) quality items are now identified properly and are no longer bolstered more than intended.

I definitely wanted to call attention to the second note as I know it is a bug folks have been looking to have addressed. Thanks!

Companion Bug

Companion Respawn Fix is way Overdue | 06.20.2013, 04:33 PM

Hi everyone,

For those of us that play with one or two others on a regular basis, we know this can lead to frustrating encounters and/or missed companion affection. (I know I’ve had conversations where I forgot to resummon after using Rocket Boost for instance.)
The good news is that Game Update 2.2.1 has a lot of bug fixes, and the issue preventing Companion Characters from summoning on dismount while players are in a group is one of them!

*Edit* There’s also a separate bug fix that ensures that Companions are summoned before a conversation begins if it’s started while mounted, as this can happen to players who are not in a group.

APAC Transfer

Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns | 06.20.2013, 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by OwenP

It also affects other Legacy titles, not just Living Legend. I lost my Prolific (Lvl 30) and Dedicated (lvl 20) titles but not the achievements.
I also combined 2 legacies from Master Dar’Nala and Dalborra to Harbinger with disastrous results! All the achievements which I had started but not completed that required xx/XX have all been bumped up with outrageous numbers like 6600/1000 and now they are all broken and not able to be Completed.

I wanted to give an update on the broken titles and achievements issue. These should be fixed with Game Update 2.2.1 next week. Also, after that point if you transfer a character you should not experience these issues.
If you run into any problems with your titles or achievements after 2.2.1, please contact CS.


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    Yay, my companion bug fix post made it on Dulfy!

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