GW2 Aetherblade Armor

GW2 Aetherblade Armor gallery with screenshots of the light, medium and heavy aetherblade amor in various race and dye combinations. Aetherblade Armor can be purchased in the gemstore starting with the Sky Pirates update.

  • Note: Asura and Charr of both sexes use the male version of the armor
  • It costs 800 gems for each set of armor (each set has 6 pieces)

Light Aetherblade Armor






Medium Aetherblade Armor







Heavy Aetherblade Armor




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I believe I have seen chat codes for them somewhere so the skins might be NPC only but I kinda doubt it

Here is some chat codes about weapons but don’t know if it’s NPC or not.
Shield: [&AgGuqQAA]
Mace: [&AgGtqQAA]
Scepter: [&AgGrqQAA]
Pistol: [&AgGvqQAA]
Sword: [&AgGzqQAA]
Scythe (hammer) : [&AgGqqQAA]
cannon(rifle?): [&AgGyqQAA]

I was really disappointed with this armour design when I previewed it ingame but with those colour schemes they don’t look that bad, not my cup of coffee but not bad

yeah I know that but as I am wearing TA armour I tend to contrast quite a lot which doesn’t suit this armour

Yep, unfortunately. I didn’t fall in love with the look, so I didn’t want to spend the $10. If you don’t want the screenshots I’ll delete the post, no offense taken.

just a note.most of the not so new flame and frost dyes along with the new green dyes, if applied to the skirt have a peculiar effect: the main part of the skirt becomes blackish (very dark, similar to velvet) whle the stripes and rim become white-ish, or yellowish depending which dye you’re using, but in general much lighter in color than the rest of the skirt, creating a big contrast (they look much better with those rare dyes than they do with ordinary rares)

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