GW2 History Buff Marriner Plaques achievement guide

GW2 History Buff achievement guide with a list locations of the Marriner Plaques required for this Explorer achievement. This achievement is designed to promote the newly released book Sea of Sorrows and can be purchased at Amazon and elsewhere starting June 25.

Find the plaques around Tyria about Cobiah Marriner’s life.


1. East of White Crane Terrace (Map Marking)

You will also find Cassin Hoppal here who will give you some background information on the Marriner plaques.


2. Next to Moran Memorial (POI)


3. East of Sanctum Harbor Waypoint


4. Yomm’s Merchantile (POI)


5. Crow’s Nest Tavern (POI)

This is not the easiest plaque to get to. You will need to take the ladder up to get inside the tavern.


6. SW of Deverol Island (POI)


7. The Gangplank (POI) between Fort Marriner and Grand Piazza


8. Below the wooden plank NE of Claw Island Portage Waypoint


9. North of Claw Island Portage Waypoint


10. Underwater west of Claw Island Portage Waypoint


11. Near Lion’s Gate (POI)


12. Near Harbinger (POI) on the west side of Malchor’s Leap.



  • One time use book that grant you 5 skill points


  • Ares Zax

    I’m guessing nobody knows for certain yet, but is the book once per account?

    • Dulfy

      yup, once per account

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  • Paladini

    It requires to be in order? Or just run hit any you find around?

    • Dulfy

      No order

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  • ipopic

    I’m really disappointed in this – I expected hints to locations just like in Mad King’s scavenger hunt. This is a bit too much random – unless hints are in Sea of Sorrows?

    • Dulfy

      They are suppposedly yes, I havn’t had a chance to read the book yet

      • Michael Clarke

        The book is REALLY well written. Head and shoulders above the previous two Guild Wars novels

        • Melanie

          I definitely agree. The first two were painful to read, although the stories were strong enough to make it still worth it. This one was my least favorite story but by far the easiest and most fun to read.

    • Seraphy

      Many of the locations are frequently mentioned, or alluded to in Sea of Sorrows.

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  • Doghouse

    Seems like you have to do all 12 on one character in order to complete this. I’d definitely done all 12, but was flagged at 10/12 until I realised that might be the problem.

    • PimpDaddyWiteBoy

      nope, you must had missed one at first. i got the first 11 on my lvl 8 then i got the last one in Malcors on a level 80 toon and got the achievement and SP book thing

  • Torin

    11/12 and i visited all of them

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  • Salt-Skalle

    Thanks, I was lucky enough to get the achieve at the 1st location. The veteran asura close to it has hell of a toughness and I thought my pet would mess it up when I finally released skritt, but it went well at first try :)

  • LeOnOfCourse(Gandara)

    Is it possible to do it now, whene Lions Arch is destroyed?( I can’t find any..

    • Crixus

      It is possible, I found all of them.

      • Anon

        Where is the first then ? I couldn’t find the statue.

        • Crixus

          Only a bit more to the west side of the map, hold down CTRL and you will find it.

          • Anon

            Great, thank you! :)

            • Crixus

              My pleasure.

  • Aaron Lee

    Hey Dulfy any idea what the deal is with the plague thats supposed to be exactly where the breachmaker is? For all I know it could be in the undermarket :/

  • D.C

    The plagues are still in roughly same location as off this “rebuilding” LA period (May 2014). Point 10 is now underwater.

  • T.M

    Great guide, but Point 1 is now slightly more west, and the statues has been shattered. Look for feet and a book!

    • TiffyMissWiffy

      Thank you :)

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  • contruz

    it is possible to get now also all 12 statues ? maybe you can update the card ? i got 11 ( also orr ) and only 1 left in lions arch.

    thanks =)



    • Kirby

      There seems to be one missing in LA since they updated the map. #5 is still in Crow’s Nest (although the tavern is in a new location) but I can’t seem to find #4.

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