GW2 Sky Pirates Achievement guide

GW2 Sky Pirates achievements guide with instructions and videos on completing every achievement as part of Sky Pirates of Tyria update.

Achievements overview & navigation

Sky Pirates achievements can be divided into roughly three categories: Kill achievements, cache achievements, and dungeon achievements.

Meta achievement: Against the Aetherblades

Kill achievements

1. Aetherblade Assassin

2. Ascalon Aetherblades

3. Kryta Aetherblades

4. Maguuma Aetherblades

5. Shiverpeak Aetherblades

Cache achievements

6. Vexing Cache

7. Weeping Cache

8. Troll Cache

9. Mad Cache

10. Cantle Cache

11. Shipshape Cache

12. Blackout Cache

Dungeon achievements

13. Equipment Failure

14. Faster than Light

15. Personal Space

16. Don’t be rude to the brute

17. Unfriendly Skies

18. Cornered, Caught, Collared

19. Questions for Mai.

Meta Achievement Against the Aetherblades

  • Complete 12 of the 19 achievements below to finish up this meta achievement (Caching Out does not count towards this)
  • Completing this meta achievement will grant you Mini First Mate Horrik (Rare, account bound)



Kill achievements

All of the kill achievements can be completed in one of two ways.

You can re-visit the hologram projectors you encountered all over the maps to spawn holographic mobs for the Dragon Bash achievement (So Lifelike). These hologram projectors now have a 50/50 chance to spawn four Aetherblade pirates when you run near them (if the hologram projector does not spawn any Aetherblades when you run near it, do not activate it as it will spawn holographic minions instead). This allow players to complete both the kill achievements for the Sky Pirates and also the So Lifelike achievement for those who are still catching up the Dragon Bash achievements.


If you don’t feel like running all over the maps to find these hologram projectors, you can farm the Aetherblades guarding the individual caches for the Cache achievements. These guys have a respawn timer of 1 minute and there are usually 2-3 Aetherblades guarding each so you can complete most of these achievements in ~15 minutes of camping their respawn with the added bonus of completing the Cache achievements at the same time.

1) Aetherblade Assassin – kill 250 Aetherblades

  • Four tiers: 1)  1 2) 50  3) 150 4) 250
  • Hunted down and killed members of Tyria’s newest pirate faction.
  • You should not need to aim to complete this achievement as completing all the individual location specific Aetherblade achievements or running the dungeon will complete this one fairly quickly. Consider this a freebie.

2) Ascalon Aetherblades – kill 50 Aetherblades in Ascalon

  • Three tiers: 1) 1 2) 25 3) 50
  • Kill Aetherblades that spawn from hologram projectors in Ascalon at Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge Steppes, Iron Marches, and Fireheart Rise.
  • Alternatively, you can farm the Aetherblades guarding the Vexxing Cache in Fireheart Rise.

3) Kryta Aetherblades – kill 50 Aetherblades in Kryta

  • Three tiers: 1) 1 2) 25 3) 50
  • Kill Aetherblades that spawn from hologram projectors in Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast, and Southsun Cove.
  • Alternatively, you can farm the Aetherblades guarding the Shipshape Cache in Harathi Hinterlands.

4) Maguuma Aetherblades – kill 50 Aetherblade in Maguuma

  • Three tiers: 1) 1 2) 25 3) 50
  • Kill Aetherblades that spawn from hologram projectors in Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen, and Mount Maelstrom.
  • Alternatively, you can farm the Aetherblades guarding the Mad Cache in Metrica Province or Cantle Cache in Mount Maelstrom (Cantle Cache is much easier to reach if you don’t like jumping puzzles).

5) Shiverpeaks Aetherblades – kill 50 Aetherblades in Shiverpeaks

  • Three tiers: 1) 1 2) 25 3) 50
  • Kill Aetherblades that spawn from hologram projectors in Wayfayer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar’s Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Timberline Falls, and Frostforge Sound.
  • Alternatively, you can farm the Aetherblades guarding the Troll Cache in Timberline Falls.

Cache Achievements

Cache achievements seeks to reuse existing jumping puzzles by adding in caches within the them that requires players to complete a portion or majority of the jumping puzzle/mini dungeon to reach them.

If you don’t like doing jumping puzzles, here is a list of cantles rearranged by their difficulty

Easy (very little jumping required)

7) Weeping Cache in Caledon Forest

8 ) Troll Cache in Timberline Falls

10) Cantle Cache in Mount Maelstrom

Medium (you are expected to do a bit but not all of the jumping puzzle)

6) Vexing Cache in Fireheart Rise

11) Shipshape Cache in Harathi Hinterlands

Hard (you will need to complete majority of the jumping puzzle)

9) Mad Cache in Metrica Province

12) Blackout Cache in Obsidian Sanctum

6) Vexing Cache – Find the cache in Vexa’s Lab in Fireheart Rise (Medium)



Near the end of the instance before you fight the final boss you will find a couple of Aetherblades guarding the Aetherblade Cache that you will need for this achievement.

  • The three Aetherblade pirates guarding this cache will also count towards 2) Ascalon Aetherblades achievement. These guys do respawn so you can farm them if you feel like it (1 minute respawn)


7) Weeping Cache – Find the cache in the Tears of Itlaocol in Caledon Forest (Easy)



  • To access Tears of Itlaocol mini dungeon, you will need to dispatch the nearby Hyleks and then use the Boulders on the ground to hit the gong to open the door.
  • You can skip through everything along the way since the cache is all the way at the end of the dungeon after you have opened the door by placing rocks in the correct pattern.
  • Three Aetherblade pirates guard the cache will count towards the Maguuma Aetherblades achievement with a respawn timer of 1 minute.


8 ) Troll Cache – Find the cache in Sector Zuhl in Timberline Falls (Easy)



  • This one is rather easy to get as it is located near the start of the Zuhl jumping puzzle and doesn’t require any jumping except running through some angry mobs.
  • You will find two Aetherblade pirates guarding the cache. Killing them will count towards the Shiverpeak Aetherblades achievement and they have a respawn timer of 1 minute.


9) Mad Cache – Find the Cache in Goemm’s Lab in Metrica Province (Hard)



  • This cache can be a pain to get as you have to pretty much complete all of Goemm’s Lab which isn’t an easy jumping puzzle by any means. The cache is located in the last station near the end of the puzzle so you will need to atttune and pass through Windy Station, Stormy Station, and Chilly Station.
  • Some tips on the actual jumping puzzle
    • You will need to attune yourself before you can pass the gate that lead to the next station. You only need to attune once per station, as long you don’t die/log out etc.
    • Once you get past the gate leading to the next station, you won’t need to have to repeat that station again as long you don’t die/log out.
    • If you miss a jump and fall, you will be ported to the start of the jumping puzzle in most cases. You can talk to the Golem assistant near the portal to get ported to whatever station you were just in. There is no need to get attuned again to that station if you have already done so.
    • If you need video above and the tips don’t help you,. try this written guide here.
  • Cache is guarded by two Aetherblade pirates with a respawn timer of 1minute. Killing them counts towards the Maguuma Aetherblades achievement

10) Cantle Cache – Find the cache in the Hidden Garden in Mount Maelstrom (Easy)


  • This cache can be accessed in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in Mount Maelstrom. Luckily you don’t have to do any jumping as the cache is actually on the ground floor and very easy to access.
  • Remember that there are four entrances to the Hidden Garden. You will need to defeat one of the four keepers (not all of them are up) to open up a portal to Hidden Garden.
  • Once you are inside Hidden Garden, go the SE corner and you should find the cache guarded by three Aetherblade pirates with ~1 minute respawn.


11) Shipshape Cache – Find the cache in Fawcett’s Bounty in Harathi Hinterlands (Medium)



  • The cache is inside Fawcett’s Bounty jumping puzzle but luckily you can skip about half of the jumping puzzle as the cache is not actually on the ship but on a slope nearby where you can simply swim to it.
  • Once you reach the large body of water, swim through it towards the opposite end past the pirate ship. You will see a hill on the otherside with a  slope you can run up to grab the cache.


12) Blackout Cache – Find the cache in Obsidian Sanctum (WvW) (Medium)



  • The cache is right below the treasure chest at end of the jumping puzzle and will require you to pretty much complete the entire jumping puzzle to obtain it. You can of course have a mesmer porting people to the cache to get it.
  • Recall that there are 3 entrances to the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle.

Dungeon Achievements

These achievements are all related to the Aetherblade Retreat dungeon. Some are for simply completing the dungeon while others are rewarded for avoiding certain things within the dungeon or killing the final boss within a certain time limit.

13) Equipment Failure – Leave Frizz crushed in his lab

  • This achievement is obtained for killing Frizz, the midboss in the dungeon. This is a guaranteed achievement that everyone will receive on their first run through the dungeon as long as they can make it to the mid-boss.

14) Faster than Light – Complete Kleptotronic Advanced Designs without being hit by lasers

  • This is a skill based achievement, meaning that not everyone will be able to get it on their first run.
  • This achievement is either for not getting hit by any of the laser beams/walls during the Frizz fight.
  • For Frizz fight you can avoid the laser beams by standing on the very top of stacked crates (you still need to run away from the Laser walls).

15) Personal Space – Avoid area attacks while fighting Horrik.

  • What you need to do is avoid being hit by Horrik’s cannon fire during the barrage phase of the final boss battle.
  • So, getting hit by Horrik’s attacks while fighting Mai and Horrik on the ground don’t count against this achievement.

    Also, during the barrage phases, other cannons besides Horrik’s are shooting AoE cannon fire. Those other cannon blasts also don’t count against this achievement.

    Mark Ketzbach

16) Don’t be Rude to the Brute – Show respect by saluting Horrik

  • While fighting Horrik and Mai Trin or Horrik alone, do a /salute on Horrik while having him targeted. If you don’t think you can type out /salute while during combat. Just type out /salute before hand in the chatbox and then just press enter and up arrow to salute him quickly during the fight.
  • You can also /salute his corpse or salute him while he and Mai are in a conversation at the very start of the fight.

17) Unfriendly Skies – Use Aetherblade weaponry to bring down the pirate airship.


  • You must defeat both Mai Trin and Horrik within 15 minutes. If you have achieved this, you can grab the Aetherblade cannon that drops off Horrik and put it on the Aetherblade Airship docked nearby. You have to do this on your first attempt. If you wipe and start over, you cannot get it even if you see a timer on your screen (cannon cannot be placed on the airship)
  • If you finished the fight within 15 minutes, you should see another Aetherblade Airship leaving (should be a timer on top right of your screen) and you can use the cannon you just attached to the docked airship to shoot that one down to get the achievement.
  • Again, this is a skill based achievement, something you may not get within the first run.

18) Cornered, Caught, Collared – Capture the criminal behind the Dragon Bash crime.

  • You will get this achievement when you defeat Mai Trin and Horrik. This is an automatic achievement that you will get when you complete the dungeon for the first time.

19) Question for Mai – Talk to Mai Trin

  • Mai Trin is located in the Fort Marriner cell in Lion’s Arch. You do not need to complete the dungeon or defeat Mai to get this achievement.


By Dulfy

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80 replies on “GW2 Sky Pirates Achievement guide”

dulfy, do you happen to know if the JP Aetherblade achievements will remain permanently? I imagine some players won’t have access yet to the higher level maps where the JP’s are located, so they won’t be able to reach the locations. I’m guessing they won’t, but I could be wrong, seeing as how some achievements like the Southsun Omelette could still be completed even after the event was over.

thos kinde of events are geting boring
thy should add sometimes double gold drop or black lion keys drops or Double karma weekend or somthing not always same shit With Achivemnts Gw 2 ddo this to Freack pppl pocked with dam pluches and stuf i hope thy ad somthign diferent this is moving players away of the game. ty

Seriously? Double karma event?
It’s always different thing. And it’s fun. What you are suggesting would be the “grind weekend”. No thank you. I’ll rather have these. They are doing just the opposite of what you are saying. They are drawing me more into the game.
No mindless grinding events please.

It states that the achievement is currently unavailable. Obviously, you clicked through the entire storyline since it’s clear that Mai Trin hasn’t been caught yet.

Didnt get Faster than Light achievement for getting through the laser walls on the bridge. Could it be that the achievement requires to avoid BOTH the laser walls on the bridge AND the laser walls during the boss fight?

I think it is just for avoiding lasers during the Frizz fight and not before now that I think about it. I havn’t managed to get it yet so can’t confirm.

I got the achievement. Without getting hit from the laser doors on the bridge and also didn’t get hit by the lasers during the fight.

Dulfy: You can also get the “Don’t be Rude to the Brute” achievement if you salute Mai’s downed body after defeating Horrik. This is probably a bug, but it works for now 🙂

“You can re-visit the hologram projectors you encountered all over the maps to spawn holographic mobs for the Dragon Bash achievement (So Lifelike). These hologram projectors now have a 50/50 chance to spawn four Aetherblade pirates when you run near them (if the hologram projector does not spawn any Aetherblades when you run near it, do not activate it as it will spawn holographic minions instead). This allow players to complete both the kill achievements for the Sky Pirates and also the So Lifelike achievement for those who are still catching up the Dragon Bash achievements.”

I don’t quite agree with you on this part. From what I gathered, a projector can either have a gear or a mouse cursor when you mouse over it, (interactable or not) interactable will always spawn minions, and just a mouse or not interactable the pirates. I don’t think that gear interactable projectors can spawn Aetherblades for anyone else ( or be interactable to one person and not interactable to another). By this logic, the 50/50 split of pirates/holograms is determined when it is spawned, so shouldnt we always kill all projectors regardless of hologram/pirate we come across so that more pirate projectors will spawn?

You can yes but the holograms do have a respawn time so it may not worth it to kill the ones that spawn hologram minions when you can just port to another part of the map.

dont think the “personal space” achiev is working that way.

just finished the dungeon twice avoiding all damage after mai’s death and nothing happened.

Proof on print (Combat chat, the exp of her death, all my damage on Horrik and the end of the fight exp)

do we know how long this content will last? or when is the last day to get the achivements for sky pirates?

we got the cannon, and the timer (1 min left) but when i get the cannon to the dock of the ship, it can do nothing. How do you blow the leaving airship?

oooooooooooooooo a mini pet ! i can barely contain my excitment! Seriously Areanet cant you come up something more interesting that that??

looks like the aetherblades in the dungeon count for kryta kills so it’s probably faster to get the kills there instead of farming projectors.

I got the “Don’t be Rude to the Brute” achievement by saluting Mai Trin instead of Horrik (misclicked) during the fight. Possibly a bug. XD

we have killed mai trin and horrik in less than 14 wipe…and there was no timer on the screen ? can you say what i have to do with the cannon? i can´t plug it into the ship. only one skill “do nothing” when i have the cannon.

ok, i think it was a bug on first day, we have killed them both, and there was 2 minutes to drop the gun in the middle of the ship. now it works

Hey guys!
If you stuck in WEEPING CACHE with drop-like (9 dot pattern) face, here’s an advice for you =)

Where dots are rocks needed to be on leafs.
Hope it will come handy =)

Hey, here’s a small tip for you guys who are having trouble in the dark room of the Obsidian Sanctum: You can use AoE targeting to see your surroundings. Not the skill itself, just the targeting.

Black out cache. Jumping through 2nd portal I die every time! x25 plus attempts. I am warrior lvl 80 with knights, hp of 19,795.
Anybody got any ideas?

the portals you show in the video no longer appear to be correct, at least not on NSP as of today. I did it following your video and those portals were almost always wrong.

went in the 2nd possible option and they got me to where the “right” portal you took got you.Possibly the patch changed it, or not all servers have the same path.

Hi dulfy thanks for replying I guess I will try tomorrow. Ripping my hair out now argh~ Stay Happy!

Any idea when we’ll be able to speak to Mai Trin for the achievement? I thought it might be today. But now it seems like it might not be till after the event ends and she is there permanently or something. Just curious to talk to her.

Edit: Nevermind, I found the answer to it (updated patch notes). Supposedly its from July 5th and then on.

Does the trick with logging still work on the Horrik barrage part? Personal Space is the only achievement I still need and I can’t manage to acquire it. Also, can someone explain the perma stealth method. Not that I have a thief but maybe someone could help. Really wanna finish this up before new update.

Can you still get the Kill X Pirates in Blank Region achievements? ran near 5 or 6 holograms in Diessa last night and not a single Aetherblade popped

You can but it is very rare. The recent patches reduced the chance to spawn these Aetherblades next to null. It is best to camp the caches and kill the aetherblades guarding those.

Hey thanks ran around for hours and not found a single pirate, stupid. People incorrectly told me it’s 50/50 to spawn a pirate it sure isn’t now! Before the update I recall there were plenty of them… Just a pity I didn’t check here like several hours ago!

“19) Question for Mai – Talk to Mai Trin
You can complete this achievement once you have defeated Mai Trin and Horrik in the Aetherblade retreat dungeon. Mai Trin is located in the Fort Marriner cell.”

You don’t need to finish dungeon to finish this achivment. Just go to Fort Mariner and talk to Mai.

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