GW2 Sky Pirates of Tyria patch preview

A preview of the GW2 Sky Pirates of Tyria patch scheduled to land on June 25, 2013.

Sky Pirates of Tyria, a new patch scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, June 25, continue the story left off by Dragon Bash festival. This patch will add a new set of achievements, a new temporary dungeon of significant difficulty, a new Aetherblade armor set (gemstore), an in-game  scavenger hunt to promote a new book, and a difficult jumping puzzle (released in the second week on July 2).

New set of achievements

What would be a patch would a new set of achievements to acquire? Players will be relieve to know that there are no smash an item x amount of times kind of achievements in this update. However, there are achievements to kill x mobs in a certain maps of Tyria and achievements to revisit some old jumping puzzles (Goemm’s Lab, Obsidian Sanctum, Fewcett’s Bounty to name a few)  to acquire some newly added cache. In addition, there are some harder to get achievements involving the newly added dungeon that requires some skills to achieve.


If you manage to get 12 out of the 19 eligible achievements, you will be rewarded with your very own Mini First Mate Horrik, a rare account bound pet that is modeled after one of the two end bosses in the new dungeon.


Except for some of the harder dungeon achievements, most of the other achievements are very easy to get. For the kill x achievements, you can revisit the same hologram projectors as they now have a 50/50 chance to spawn Aetherblade mobs in addition to the holographic minions (You can still complete the So Lifelike achievement from Dragon Bash until July 9). After a day of doing jumping puzzles and killing Aetherblade pirates in Tyria, you should have the mini in your hands.

New Dungeon – Aetherblade Retreat

Molten Facility was quite popular among players due to its challenge and interesting boss mechanics. Players will be happy to know that the new dungeon Aetherblade Retreat will be on par if not more difficult. This is a five player dungeon designed for L80s. Players will be upscaled here but they might have a rough time due to the difficulty. Keep in mind that like Molten Facility, this is a temporary dungeon that will be removed once Sky Pirates content is over but you may see it returning in some form later on.

Bosses are not just tank and spank encounters one can find in vanilla dungeons. Instead, these bosses have raid boss like mechanics that requires players to pay their fullest attention and coordinate. Raiders from other MMOs will be at home here as they may have seen some of the mechanics here from previous raid encounters.


To further incentivize skilled play, there are achievements for successfully avoiding certain boss mechanics or killing the boss encounter in a set amount of time.

The final boss chest will drop a guaranteed rare and 1 gold as reward for every completion. The dungeon is hard enough that it rewards you 1g every time you complete it. If you are lucky, you will also find a recipe for a infinite tonic that make you look like one of the bosses and a monocle with exotic berserker stats.


Aetherblade Armor

Previous game updates have focused mostly on weapon skins. Players will be happy to know that there will be a set of gemstore armor skins for purchase. Appearances are different for each of the armor types and between the sexes (except for Charr and Asura, they use the male model).







History Buff Scavenger Hunt

To promote the newly release Sea of Sorrows book written by Arenanet’s Ree Soesbee, there will be an in-game scavenger hunt to find Marriner Plaques. You will need to locate 12 Marriner Plaques to earn an achievement and an one –time consumable that grant you 5 skill points.

Finding some of the plaques can be a bit difficult but if you read the book there should be hints directing you to them if you don’t want spoilers from guides.

Jumping Puzzle

The new jumping puzzle is scheduled to be released on July 2. I can’t talk about it yet until that day but I will say it is not something you can blow through quickly.


As usual, you can expect to find guides here once the patch lands tomorrow. There are some dungeon achievements that I am not too certain about but any mistakes should be corrected once the patch lands and I get to experience on live.

  • Harnace

    5 skill points from the scavenger hunt? Now that’s a pointless reward!

    • Hinyaldee

      Actually, you’ll have the reward of the fun you’ll get when doing it 🙂

      Anyway, Dulfy, I think you’ve mistaken the release date for the JP, you wrote June 2

  • Przemysław W

    Yes of course…instead of adding new armors/skins to the game itself, they are adding them to gemstore…gz..TBH GW2 is the MMO with least customization options

    • I was told specifically the embargo date (the day you can release your information) is on July 2, which is a tuesday. It doesn’t make sense to release the JP 1 day before the embargo date which would defeat the purpose of an embargo. I am trying to contact them to confirm it at the moment.

    • Trueflight_EQ2

      try Defiance sometime. Fun game, next to no customization though. Even the outfits they do have in their cash shop are just color swapped versions of other sets in that game. They dont have the nice armor dyes like GW2 has so you can at least try to customize a bit.

  • davidyell

    I’ve found 4 of the Mariner plaques around Lions Arch already!

  • Dulfy, I have a question about Mini First Mate Horrik. You said above that he is the “pet”. Does this mean that Mini Horrik can act like ranger’s pets (i.e. be active in combat)? Or he’s just rare mini companion for fun?

    And thanks for the preview and guides. You are goddess )

    • Just a non-combat mini. I sometimes use the words mini and pet interchangeably, sorry about that!

  • Zack

    “The new jumping puzzle is scheduled to be released on June 2.”
    Don’t you mean July 2nd?

    • Yes should be corrected now if you refresh it 🙂

      • Zack

        Yeah, noticed it shortly after commenting. D:

  • Zatk

    Have some info on Aetherblade weapons? like the rapier or the revolver ):

    • Did not see any of those skins. Did saw the Aetherblade NPCs using them though so could be a NPC only weapon. Not sure yet 🙂

      • Herpert Derp

        But the itemcodes exist at least …
        Maybe they ‘re being holding them back for another event (next year?).

        Hammer: [&AgGqqQAA]
        Shield: [&AgGuqQAA]
        Mace: [&AgGtqQAA]
        Scepter: [&AgGrqQAA]
        Rifle (Cannon): [&AgEuqgAA]
        Pistol: [&AgGvqQAA]
        Sword: [&AgGzqQAA]

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  • Olivia Lightborn

    Dulfy,once again i do indeed love u and the work u put into this. thank u once again

  • insanelyapple

    I am only who thinks that heavy looks so… hideous? Especially the helmet. Ligth and medium are much better.

    • Nelson Martins

      I kinda like it! It gives a cool Steampunk look, although I prefer the light armour set, It would look nice on my mesmer =)

      • insanelyapple

        Steampunk idea i think, still feels a little bit strange as compared to the whole style of GW2 – i still consider game as classic rpg in theme, visuals but on the other hand, there’s quite steampunkish engineer, guns, asura with their machines and sylvari instead of elves…

        These googles, tail on helmet and its shape… Doesn’t feel like it’s a part of whole set – IMO.

    • davidyell

      You are not alone, all the skins are terrible.

  • Paladini

    omg the female medium set its awesome 😀

  • RedKnight

    Female Heavy leggings look too sexy.. ^^ Better level-up fast my norn female guardian.

  • Guest

    Oh well add the Label “living content” and everything could go. Make temporary trash-content, that can be reused in fractals later on and everyone would be happy they said.

    I remember how they said “changing the world” is what it does. The only things it adds is new skins that will help goldsellers make more money hoarding those skins like sh*t and selling it for 5000% profit later.

    • hilarity ensues

      I also enjoy being a miserable asshole.

  • pipes

    Sad looking armor ..

  • devler

    Dulfy? Where do you get all of the informations? Are you a GM, do you get invited to future updates servers or something?

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  • thomas

    do you have to be high level to do this?

    • Herpert Derp


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