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SWTOR: Aratech Rose and Cathar Warstaff

Screenshots and video of the SWTOR Aratech Rose and Cathar Warstaff introduced to the cartel market with Patch 2.2.1

Aratech Rose – 1500 CC



Cathar Warstaff (Electrostaff) – 400 CC

The blade pops out when you use it in combat (see video)



Character Rename and Transfer

  • Only subscribers get a free rename, once per account.
  • Transfers costs 1800 CC and you can transfer to NA or Euro servers.
  • Everything is done via My Account on






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21 replies on “SWTOR: Aratech Rose and Cathar Warstaff”

Seems like they are phoning it in with the staff. Just attach two of the swords together and bam a staff.

Actually… looking at the 2 images it seems there is more to it than that. When stowed on the back the blades seem “retracted” and when in use they are “out”. There seems to some animation going on there. Interesting.

It still looks like a copy paste sell for money item. If your going to make a saber staff version of the sword I would think they could be more creative then slapping two of the normal swords on the end of a stick and having the blades retract as the only thing more than the simple copy paste modeling.

Did you want sparklers to come off it as well? Maybe add some unnecessary attachments? As broll stated above, that is what a double-ended sword is. That’s how they were in KOTOR 1 and 2. I’m glad the only flair they added was the retractable blades.

But… a saberstaff is exactly that… two swords stuck together on opposite ends of a short stick…

Are you saying that the Cathar Warblade that is a saberstaff version of the Cathar honour blade, should look completely different from its original version?
Are you going to complain to japanese swordsmiths about how a dai-katana just looks like an oversized katana?

Isn’t that what most saberstaffs are? When you read the name did you expect anything different. I know several people that have been waiting for them to finally make a staff version of this sword.

So… what’s the deal with transfers? All the FAQs on the official site link to non-existent articles. Do all of your legacy unlocks/ achievements transfer? or just the ones earned by the character transferring? (e.g. the Loremaster tag) // and do we have any word on if this is a temporary service? or can we wait a bit to let the dust settle before picking a server? – I just don’t want to be stuck if the stop transfers. :/

Those glowy speeders are absolutely atrocious. If it’s the “Old” Republic, why add things to the game that look even more modern, than the Star Wars technology, that comes afterwards?

Because the romans also had more advanced technology than people in in medieval times.
The idea is just wrong, that who comes after is more modern.

Just take a look at Epesides 1-3 compared with 4-6. The tech quality goes down considerably after Palpatine takes control. Tech can come in waves, depending on what happens in a society.

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