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SWTOR Bounty Broker Association reputation rewards

A list of rewards from the SWTOR Bounty Broker Associaton reputation vendors for the Bounty Hunting event scheduled to arrive in patch 2.3.

Rewards sorted by reputation level

Reputation Rewards Category Credits
Outsider Lobelot Pet 55k
Newcomer Bounty Tracker’s Armor (sans hat) Armor 262.5k
Newcomer Assassin’s/Tracker’s Bowcaster Weapon 250k
Friend Bounty Tracker’s Hat Armor 62.5k
Friend Bounty Hunting Treek Customization Customization 250k
Friend Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine Weapon 250k
Hero Contract Hunter’s Armor Armor 390k
Hero Elite Assassins/Tracker’s Bowcaster Weapon 750k
Hero Swamp Kell Drake Pet 500k
Champion Master Hunter’s Headgear Armor 100k
Champion BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount 500k
Champion Praxon Aether Mount 50 Contracts
Champion Frosted Raptor Pet 25 Contracts
Legend BH-7X HK Customization Customization 1 mil
Legend Drink Server Probe Pet 750k

Armor vendor

The armor have no level requirements and is adaptive.


Bounty Tracker’s Armor – Newcomer reputation – Bind to Legacy

  • Helm requires Friend reputation
  • All pieces are dyeable.



Dyed with Dark Purple/Light Blue (left) and White/Deep Red (right)


Contract Hunter’s Armor – Hero reputation –Bind to Legacy

  • Note there are two versions of the chest (vest- left and chestguard –right in the closeup pics below)
  • Can be dyed




Dyed with Red/White (left) and Purple/Deep Yellow (right)


Master Hunter’s Headgear– Champion reputation –Bind to Legacy

  • Can be dyed, shown with Deep Red/White (left) and Dark Purple/Deep Yellow below




BH-7X Custom Hunter – 500k credits, Champion standing



Praxon Aether – 50 Completed Bounty Contacts, Champion standing



Lobelot – 55k credits, Outsider Standing – Bind to Legacy (Not a new pet)

Drink Server Probe – 750k credits, Legend standing – Bind to Legacy


Frosted Raptor – 25 Completed Bounty Contracts – Tradeable


Swamp Kell Drake – 500k credits, Hero standing – Tradeable


Companion Customizations

BH-7X HK Customization – 1 mil credits, Legend standing – Bind to Legacy (Customization for HK-51)


Bounty Hunting Treek Customization – 250k credits, Friend standing – Bind to Legacy



BOL means Bind to Legacy

Assassin’s/Tracker’s Bowcaster 

  • 250k credits
  • Newcomer Standing
  • Sniper Rifle/Blaster Rifle
  • BOL, Level 10 to use.



Elite Assassin’s Bowcaster/Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster

  • 750k credits
  • Hero Standing
  • Sniper Rifle/Blaster Rifle
  • BOL, Level 10 to use.


Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine

  • 250k credits
  • Friend standing
  • Blaster Pistol
  • BOL, No level Requirement
  • Mainhand/Offhand, can be dual wield.



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

138 replies on “SWTOR Bounty Broker Association reputation rewards”

Would it be possible to get some vids of the weapons? to hear what they sound like. And that HK customization is sick

Not possible because the event is not running on PTS and you need reputation to buy it. I will be able to get some videos once 2.3 goes live in august.

Hey Dulfy correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Eric Musco say the event will come a week after 2.3 hits the live servers?

So the BH-7X customization is a skin for HK-51? That is excellent! Has a very “lived in” kind of look to it. I like the bike a lot too. Looks like my main BH will have some style upgrades coming soon. I just hope the new blaster pistol has a ka-boom! sound to it, not the usual “veep veep” they throw on their pistols.

They’ve had bowcasters in the game for a long time. This is just the first time they’ve become available since the original event they came from ended.

it’s a lie 🙂 I can see BH-7X on a pic =))) so you did see it

not sure if HK-51 counts as hangar decoration thou )

I’m going to guess BH-7X in the picture does not equal HK customization. BH is likely one of the NPCs from the BBA, and you can then buy the customization to make HK look like BH.

Is it possible to get legend rank within this one week while the event is active? or will it return very soon after the first time?

Well, I was gonna farm a gree mainhand pistol for helix coms but I like the look of the Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine so much more! I guess I have a reason to do the Bounty Hunter event quests now. Thank goodness it’s only friend level.

Neat, the better looking Bowcaster is the easier one to get, and cheaper to boot. I have been saying how much I wish I hadn’t started playing during the Chevin event because it’s one of the blaster looks I really want for my Agent.

Things I’m excited for:

Legacy Smuggler Hat
Kell Drake Pet (I keep losing the roll in HM S+V 🙁 )
HK-51 Customization

This is great, all the stuff I’m interested in snagging is going to be easy to obtain! Mwahahaha.

well they did say they were going to update with things that would be mainly for SUBs but even a sub doesnt want to have spend lots of money, its not really a benefit besides f2p can use cash escrow

Yeah. I mean I am subbed myself so I’m not super upset, but it seems like a bit of a kick to the poor people who want stuff. (also a massive credit sink for a time)

Events were not designed for F2P people from the begining. They gain half reputation so it’s nothing new they don’t care about it.

Even if they were, us preferred/f2p players can’t even really use the gear from these events. Once you star gear progression you can tear any of the mods/enhancements/armoring out from ops, so you can only really use the speeders and companions.

Its all about getting us to buy more stuff from the cartel markets to keep up with you subs. But I know a secret. I just buy all their shit off the gtn. Bwahaha! (I have spent over $100 dollars on the game, so please don’t grief me with the not paying for content :P)

Somebody is paying for the content and that’s fine. I’m a sub, but I buy unlocked for stuff I need all the time off the GTN, simply because I sleep on a bed of credits and I’d rather spend those than CC. But someone bought it, and BW still gets money, and I do infact want that.

I think they need to price things with a realistic understanding of where the in-game economy is. Not counting the high end stuff that sells for millions, selling even moderately in demand gear and unlocks can make anyone with enough seed credits or cartel coins to burn rich. I only dabble in the GTN, most of my credits come from ops trash and weekly quests, and even I’ll be able to afford Treek and any of the other rewards I fancy without feeling a bite to my bottom line.

great post as always dulfy, quick question are the armor’s able to be dyed? might be a silly question but im just curious.

also any chance of posting the items available from the other reputation vendor aswell?

While you can’t buy them yet they are all dye-able since they have a dye slot.

I took a bunch of shots with the dyes I had on hand, this is from the preview window but should be accurate since they list the dye slot. The smuggler looking stuff requires newcomer and BH looking stuff requires Hero, and the helm requires champ.

That said both chest pieces are sweet looking, and look good in the red & white security key dye. Also the new skin for HK requires legend rep with the new faction.

Last there is legacy vendor with some sort of contract item that requires legacy 40! I’m kinda curious as to why time was spent on content for the handful of people. Just dropping that down to legacy 20 or 30 would increase that number from a handful of people to thousands.

and a lotta people these days do have a legacy 40+ the odd thing to make those high legacy’s worthwhile isn’t a abd move. I’ve been legacy 50 for a long time now

Recycled armor. Recycled mount. Recycled weapons. Ok, everyone now can have a bowcaster and they are not in kindergarden colors.

A different robot style is ok. Is the Treek customization different from her default look?

Funny, the blaster pistol is based on a blaster rifle model. This will look funny. I will get two for my slinger.

Yeah, i suspect this is their answer to all the requests to let bounty hunters use rifles/carbines.
Not the best solution if you ask me tho.

are you sure he IS holding it wrong though? There’s been a LOT of powertech players saying from launch that they wish they could have a carbine. so it might be a blaster pistol that’s essentially a rifle apperance wise. there’s a precident for it with Corso’s Blaster Torchy. a rifle that looks like a pistol

I wouldn’t be surprised. In game, if you are previewing different kinds of weapons (sabers followed by rifles followed by pistols followed by vibroswords followed by… you get the idea ;)) sometimes you’ll end up with your character holding them “funny”.

In this case I wouldn’t be surprised if he was previewing the various bowcasters and then previewed the pistol and ended up with the screenshot we see there.

I love the 2nd helmet – looks like Shae Vizla’s. But the helmet doesn’t match the armor at all. The armor set goes with the first helmet. Then, they just stuck in a second helmet that didn’t match. Why not do the full Shae Vizla armor set instead of sticking the helmet with a completely different armor set?

Looks like the female helmet is bugged and doesn’t color match in previews, I added some male screens from the NPC wearing it and it does color match

Is it just me, or does the helmet come out a much brighter color than the chest and other pieces which you colormatch? For example, look at Black/Red dye and color match. The helmet is a bright red, but the other armor pieces are a dark red. It matches, but not really.

The BH legacy “Hunter’s Exalted” set is patterned after Shae Vizla’s armor so they’ve already done that set.

Mmm. Not quite. I have the Hunter’s Exalted set and it’s quite a bit different than Shae’s armor. The Hunter’s Exalted is a reskin of other armor like TT-17A Hydra. Shae’s armor is unique and I haven’t seen anything like it in-game yet.

Also the Legacy BH set is not adaptable,its something Bioware`s missing for a long time: adabtable Shae Vizla Armor

really love the look of that blaster carbine…any idea if Mercs can use 2? or is it mainhand only?

Ah! Thanks so much, the icon is different from the helmet though. Also i was just was on the PTS and the 1 mil. credits to start the BH rep line seems kind of dumb since when your transfer you don’t have any credits……

That Heavy armor is awesome! I like the armor that the NPC in the picture has, but I hope I can change the color to white or gray for my Commando. I don’t understand it, but most of the Trooper armor doesn’t look as good on Troopers because I hate having a giant backpack. These are perfect!

why cant they add a simple hat, without the face thing….like in the trailer 🙁 so sad ….

I, sadly, believe the sides of the hat are there to hide the fact that they either can’t or won’t put in the work required to properly show the hair underneeth.

They think every player has millions upon millions of credits. Some people barely have enough for Ops repairs, or the 3 hours it takes to do all the dailies. Come on Bioware.

If you have barely enough, you’re doing something wrong. Gettin creds in this game is really easy. And dailys doesn’t take that long if you know how to do them properly.

I thought it was only 1 mil to start the mission chain for the new companion. I don’t think its 1 mil to do quests there to gain rep.

Nope, to contact the BBA (Bounty Broker’s Association) Its 1 mil credits. That includes the chain 🙁

That can’t be right, supposedly this event is for everyone from level 15 up. I can’t imagine they would exclude a lot of people who only have lowbie toons like that.

i cant think of many guildies at with multiple 55 alts who would pay 1mil to start it even – highly doubt itll cost anywhere near that if anything.

Is the blaster pistol main- and offhand? I hope so. Only mainhand would be very bad for my gunslinger.

I love the “Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine”. Perfect for Powertech. And BH armor and Helmets adaptative? I was looking for this to my Engineer! Great.

PS: Dulfy, how do change the camera to make these shots. On my toons the camare its aways on back

One can hope right? I mean, its about time they add mando-style Adaptable armor,they should add more to theCartel

can someone please tell me how to gain a friend standing with the BH broker assoc? I don’t even know how to start gaining points.

Hi dulfy,
The 2.7.1 patch changed the rewards system. Now all rewards are obtainable only through completed bounty contracts. Assuming each contract is worth 20K (Harbinger’s minimum price), there are increases in expensive items and decreases in cheaper items now. Please update you guide to reflect this. Thanks for the hard work.

What Akheria said. Armor pieces tend to be 1-3 contracts, weapons and pets are more like 20 contracts.

Well on The Shadowlands contracts run from 40k to 100k on any given night. The price will greatly vary by server.
The Friend armor is 3 contracts for the head/chest/legs. 2 Contracts for hands, feet.
The Hero armor is 4 per chest/legs, and 2 for the other armoring’s off the top of my head.
Most weapons are 12 contracts each or so.

I can’t seem to beat any of the bounties solo. What’s the key to nailing these bastards?

It all depends on what class you are. If you’re a healer, I’d recommend using a tank comp, and keep healing him. For a dps, I’d use a tank comp, and I, as a tank, have very little trouble soloing them. Another idea would just be to ask people on the fleet. After a few times, someone will eventually help. Sorry if this isn’t as helpful as you would’ve liked

The BH-7X Custom Hunter has a secret requirement. My level 10 Gunslinger cannot use it. He’s got legacy piloting and the rep needed to make the purchase yet when I right click the item in my inventory I “lack the skill to use that item.”

Please update it, Dulfy. It is nice BoL gear, and people may be disappointed when they learn it isn’t available for credits.

I don’t think any of these are available for just credits. The HK customization for example costs 50 completed contracts, not credits. Maybe this was at the start of the event, but it hasn’t been available for credits in at least the last 6 months.

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