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SWTOR New Ewok companion – Treek

Information on the newest SWTOR Ewok companion Treek  added to SWTOR as part of Patch 2.3

General Information


You can purchase Treek’s mercenary contract  via two methods

  • Cartel Market for 2100 Cartel Coins (no legacy level requirement)
  • Purchase from the Cartel Bazaar for 1 million credits (requires legacy level 40) – See below

Both types of mercenary contract can be traded on the GTN but the one purchased for credits have a legacy level 40 requirement so double check before you buy!

Once the contract is purchase via any of the two methods above, it can be unlocked in your collections for 700 CC for your entire account of characters  or you can spend 300k on each character to unlock it as a character perk (i.e. only unlocked on that character the perk is purchased on).

  • Players with legacy level 40 may find it beneficial to spend 1 mil credits to unlock the mercenary contract and then 700 CC to unlock it in the collections unless you have a lot of credits to burn.

Go to Cartel Bazaar on the south end of the fleet (north end for Republic) once Patch 2.3 arrives on live servers. You will see  a droid that sells you a mercenary contract for 1 mil credits (requires legacy level 40) and using it will bring up a short conversation where you are introduced to Treek.


Empire Cutscene where you are introduced to Treek (spoiler)


Republic  Cutscene where you are introduced to Treek (spoiler)


Cutscene where Treek explains her background (spoiler)


She is a heavy armor user with Aim as her primary stat. She has both heal and tank stance. Treek uses either Blaster Pistol/Blaster Rifle in her mainhand slot and a generator/shield in her offhand slot.


Abilities & Combat Animation



X’ekra Stance Treek enters a protective combat stance, increasing threat generation by 100%, shield chance by 20% and taunting enemies when necessary and possible
Fektur Stance Treek enters a healing stance, increasing all healing done by 5% and lowering threat generation by 25%. Additionally lowers the cooldown of all healing abilities.

Daboolhat functions differently in each stance.

  • X’erka stance: Treek glides to an enemy target within 10-30 meters, immobilizing it for 2 seconds and walloping it for x kinetic damage.
  • Fektur stance: Treek sends a fektur bug at an enemy target. The fektur bug lands on the target and evaluate it for up to 8 seconds. If the target attacks a party member, the fektur bug flies to that party memnber and heals them for x amount.
Klektuhkuh Thleek Treek hurls a spear at an enemy target dealing x weapon damage and causing the target to bleed for x damage over 15 secodns. If Treek is in X’ekra Stance, this attack generates additional threat.
Siz Whistle Treek blows a whistling flame at an enemy target, dealing x elemental damage and increasing Treek’s armoring rating by 20% for 15 seconds. If Treek is in X’erka Stance, this attack generates additional threat.
Boom Thuk Treek hurls a cluster bomb above an enemy target, where it explodes and deals x kinetic damage to all enemy targets within 8 meters. Does not hit sleeping, lifted or incapacitated enemies. If Treek is in X’ekra Stance, this attack also generate additional threat and reduces the damage dealt by enemy targets by 5% for 8 seconds.
Fektur Sleesh Treek tosses a medicinal berry at the ground near a friendly target, healing all group members within 8 meters of the friendly target for x amount. Requires Fektur stance.
Fektur Dart Treek injects a friendly group member with medicine that heals for x amount over 12 seconds and cleanses one negative mental or physical effect with each tick.
Fektur Sling Treek heals a target group member for x amount over the channel duration and an additional x amount at end of the channel. Treek may not heal herself with this ability.
Tana Teeket

Tana Teeket functions differently in each stance and requires Treek to be at or below 70% HP.

  • X’ekra Stance: Treek shatters a beehive near an enemy target, unleashing a bee swarm that stuns all enemies within 8 meters of the target for 4 seconds.
  • Fektur Stance: Treek drops a smoke bomb, which significantly reduces her threat and causes enemies to ignore her for the next 4 seconds.

Crafting Bonus


Companion Customizations

Bounty Hunting Treek Customization – 250k credits, requires Friend standing with Bounty Brokers Association, Bind on Legacy.


Treek Companion Customization Bundle – 300 CC


Gift preferences

Measured against rank 2 green companion gifts on Treek with 0/10000 affection.

  • Trophy: Moderate affection
  • Weapon: Small affection
  • Technology: Large affection
  • Military Gear: Small affection

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

238 replies on “SWTOR New Ewok companion – Treek”

Of course it is, but that doesn’t explain the meta-reason for his existence in this game (which is: Fail story writers pandering to some fans)

Lore? Give me a break. Star Wars lore has never been consistent and barely rises above the level of fanfic. Heaven forbid a Star Wars game adopt elements from the Star Wars movies. If it’s fan service, who cares? The HK companion appeals to one end of a spectrum of Star Wars fans; an Ewok companion appeals to its opposite side. In both cases I heartily approve.

Well Basically can be like the voss. They were discovered before swtor time and forgotten all about completely. Same can be true for ewoks.

Don’t forget that C-3PO already knew the Ewok language. That had to be added into his database from somewhere.

Yes, but how would that even be possible if nobody had ever encountered them? It’s pretty far-fetched to assume that if we someday discover life on other planets, they’ll speak a dialect of English. It’s done in shows like Stargate SG-1 sure, but that’s because you can’t have them having to learn a new language every single episode like they did in the original movie… so it requires a certain suspension of belief. But, it’s not necessary here, so again… If the Ewoks speak a dialect of a language C-3P0 knows, somebody somewhere had to either learn the Ewok language or teach them the language they use in order to program C-3P0 with it.

just because there’s an ewok doesn’t mean endor is discovered. I suspect planets being visited before their offical discovery is pretty common

Actually the republic has a secret research base on the Forest moon of Endor at this time according to lore.
So its not like they are completely unknown.
But i still dont like this.

Dulfy, does this companion really come starting with level 10 mods in his gear? For a million credits I’d expect better.

DO you know yet, or can we assume there will be a cartel coin option? To buy him with either Cartel Coins OR credits?

that is what I want to know. I am kinda hoping it is only credits so people with a high legacy now actually have something that is “exclusive” to them again.

Well, it could be legacy required… I just think having it require 1,000,000 credits as the ONLY option now that they have the Cartel Market is kinda lame… I’d be fine with it having the Legacy Requirement. Cause it would be a LOT easier to buy him for all my alts paying 600 coins or whatever than to have to get up 13,000,000 credits (currently have 13 character, plan to have 16 total… one of each advanced class and light/dark story)… there’s one helluva lot of other stuff I’d rather use actual credits for.

AH JUST READ Dulfy’s update there WILL be a cartel coins option. Hopefully though they still keep the Legacy requirement. I think that’s cool for this to be a special reward for high level legacy people. I think I’m around 35 right now? Don’t remember.

Dulfy, if I may ask, where do you get a “Mercenary contract”? This is a very strange companion to add, but I will doubtingly get it. Hmm, HK-51 and Treek will need to compete for my love…

I don’t mind that he uses aim like all the rest of my companions, since I’m a Trooper! Good stuff.

I the Gungan is female and ANYTHING like that fem!Gungan in The Clone Wars with her pole…HELL YEAH!!

I don’t see why not. All three are legitimate races found in the Star Wars world. I dont think they will add Gungan/Naboo any time soon, but if they did, I think it could be a good thing. Without the stigma of Episode 1/Jar Jar, it could be a great chance to explore their culture and their race! 🙂

Hm, from what I see on testcenter, it looks like it’s only unlocked for one character and costs 1 million credits for each additional character. The only thing the contract unlocks for the legacy is the “privilege” to purchase the character on other characters for 1 million credits. 🙁

New info is that after initial unlock 1mil cost after that each character unlock cost is acutally 300k:

Once one character on a Legacy has completed the quest and received the Treek Legacy Unlock, any other character on that legacy can purchase the Treek Character Perk for the appropriate faction, which will instantly grant that character Treek as a Companion without needing to complete the quest again. The Character Perk is purchased with in-game credits (300,000) and requires Legacy Level 40 and Character Level 10.

hey dulfy, thanks for your website! There’s a rogue “his” in the “She is a heavy armor user with Aim as his primary stat.” sentence which you missed when correcting Treek’s gender.

Would that mean that they would increase amount of companions sent on mission by 1? Or keep it at 5 as default?

Wait a second, can we now finally kill one of the other pushovers? Say yes pretty please! Lol

“Kalyo darling can you please fench me my pack of cigarettes, I think I forgot it inside that airlock overthere.”

No, Kaliyo is a dumb Rattataki.

(No criticism of Rattataki intended; there are less-than-intelligent members of all the races, such as Kaliyo.)

In Beta, you used to be able to kill some Companions, but Bioware decided the shitstorm from players who “accidentally” did so wasn’t worth it.

Any news on whether there are later companion quests on reaching certainly levels of affection with Treek?

Based on dulfys notes the following should work in tankstance:Fektur DartTreek injects a friendly group member with medicine that heals for x amount over 12 seconds and cleanses one negative mental or physical effect with each tick.Fektur SlingTreek heals a target group member for x amount over the channel duration and an additional x amount at end of the channel. Treek may not heal herself with this ability.

Wow so glad I have already walked away from this game. If they are already at this level it is sad.

Possibly the best companion ever, Needs a male version as well…. I wonder how Treek and Blizz will get along…. Hmmm..

Or Treek & Bowdaar, though I guess that was more Chewie living on Endor than anything else. Probably nothing then, unless Treek, Bowdaar, & Broonmark have some sort of… *shudder* furry relation. Wonder if Treek comments on PC with the Cathar race?

Which is the only downside to it. It would be nice to pick up Treek on a brand new character and have him as a companion from the start (Even if ungeared, like I believe HK is) and having to pay 1 mill per character is a pain if you’re an altoholic that loves ewoks (I am and I do :P)

Buying HK on an alt is a disappointing joke. He comes in his level 50 gear and can’t use it so you have to pay and then fully gear him from the ground up while his full level 50 loadout devours your bank space.

You would have to be a subscriber to gather a million credits. The limit for f2p or preferred prohibits that

True, I am building my escrow to several million right now so I can sub for a month, buy a bunch of stuff and drop sub again.

[…] Dulfy szerint a 2.3-as update után szépen elsétálhatunk a flottán a Cartel Bazaarba (birodalmiak a déli, köztársaságiak az északi részen találhatják), az ott álló droidtól potom 1 millió kredit és 40-es legacy birtokában vehetünk egy szerződést, amivel a csapatunkba hívhatjuk Treeket, a heavy armoros, aimes, tank/healer macilányt. Valószínűleg lehetőség lesz cartel coinos vásárlásra is. […]

First, love your site! Was wondering if they have or do they plan to raise the amount of deployable companions on crew skill missions?

I hope they dont class Treek in anyway Canon like other parts of the game, as lore wise Ewoks didnt exist in this time period or close to it, so just another money grab and random thing from BW when they should be concentrating on things they promised in the past like guild ships and seatable chairs in cantinas or even Server Transfers and just general stuff thats collecting dust

PS Dulfy as always a fantastic job 🙂

Actually her backstory explains how she fits in to the lore of the game. There is no braking involved Oh, and Server Transfers are now available 🙂

From Wookieepedia’s Endor entry: “The moon’s history was constantly being shaped by starships crashing on the backwater satellite, introducing new species and technology which had to be integrated into the local politics and ecosystem. ”
I don’t see how one Ewok going the other way and escaping off a moon which according to Lore has always had lots of visitors messes with anything at all.

I grok that there is large segment of Star Wars fandom that hates the kiddie part of the canon, but, like it or not, Ewoks and Jar Jar and all the muppets are part of the story. I know many fans who love Ewoks, but if they’re not your cup of tea, save your credits for something else and keeping hanging out with HK or Skadge or Zenith or whatever badass floats your boat.

Personally, I think BW has done good job with this aspect of Star Wars: Ortolans on Hoth, T7 and the always awesome Blizz, so I will happily take the Treek ride.

Server transfer are only available from same server types only.. ie eu rp to eu rp nothing more and even that is limited

Actually they did “exist” in this time period. They were just confined to their moon/planet and lived in a stoneage level of technology.
That planet was, however, host to a secret republic bio-lab at this time so it certainly wasnt completely unknown.

And Treek is the only one that happened to leave the planet during this time period.

Now, i dont like the thought of an Ewok companion either. But there is no lore reason for it to not exist.

Nothing lore wise has ever come up saying any mention of Ewoks before the Galactic Empire so if no mention then lore wise and in a none technological way of getting off planet then at what point did they exist?

do you know if you put legacy gear on him if it changes his appereance or not because i want to keep the apperance in the screenshot but it’s so much easier to use legacy gear for him for when i swap to a alt lol

problem with covert gear it isn’t legacy bound and idk how Bowdar works i have to play a smuggler i’m assuming no matter what gear you put on him his look doesn’t change like the the feet on the trandosian compaion for the JC

I believe Blizz is the same. Except for the customization kits and weapons, no matter what you equip to Bowdar or Blizz, their appearances do not change. I think anyway. It’s been a while since I played either of those classes.

Here’s a complete list of companions that don’t change appearance no matter what you put on them:

Khem Val, M1-4X, Qyzen’s (Feet only), Blizz, Broonmark, Scorpio, Lokin (Rakghoul form), T7-01, Bowdaar, All Ship droids, HK-51, and….

Treek. Oh, and Skadge….I mean he’ll be ugly no matter what you put on him.

Just like all the other companions that are non-human (or non-near-human) her looks wont change because of her armour.
Her weapon will change, however, if you give her another.

Companions are pointless and frankly stupid for end game content. They are nearly impossible to gain affection with since pretty much nothing you do in the game get’s you affection after you are max lvl. None of my HK’s are even half way maxed affection. Not only that, there is no way in heck I am spending 1 million credits on it. WAY to steep for me. It takes me quite awhile and work to get one toon to have 1 mil. Too much for me. And, is this the “subscriber bonus” they spoke about for July? Because if it is…its CRAP.

Yeah, they are no help at all with dailies at 55 :p. Don’t even get me started on how useless a freaking tank that can heal, hot, and cleanse negative status effects would be if someone were to get them on a leveling alt rather than a 55. What a joke right?

I haven’t played TOR in a little over a year, but did they scrap Treasure Hunting and Archaeology as professions? Because that was the #1 way that I made all of my companions love and/or snog me.

No, they didnt removed it. Grade 5 companion gifts through treasurehunting are still the way to go.
HK however doesnt seem to have a love thing (the tier 3 affection), only up to tier 2.
Sinse the small to large indication isnt helping to see the tiers I dont know about teek. Seems like the cutetest healer ever 🙂

I already posted about it, please find this sentence in the article:
Producer Cory Butler has confirmed that there will be a Cartel Coins option for those who are short on credits and the prices here on the PTS do not reflect the prices on live servers.

Dude Vahs,is it you from tomb of freedon nadd? There was a guy named Vahhs or it was Vahss that made a guild with me on republic side!!!

Will you be able to bypass the Legacy Level requirement with Cartel Credits like you currently can with most (if not all) Legacy “locked” things? Yes, I’m slightly bitter about the Legacy system and the pointlessness of level 50 legacy vs level 1 legacy. 😀

Edit: Reading Eric Muso’s comment, the answer appears to be yes. /sigh

Do you know how many coins will treek be in cartel market? I need the info so I know how much coins I can spend.

Via the Cartel Market for 2100 Cartel Coins initially, and 700 coins through the Collections interfaced once unlocked. You must be level 10 to use this item, and there is no Legacy level requirement

Tried giving Treek some blue rank 5 gifts, and she was really into the technology one as Dulfys info would also indicate. However, what surprised me was, that she was giving way more affection than say HK-51, who seemed a little gated that way.

With all the perks for companion gifts (30%) an Aratech Reconstruction Toolkit gave me 312 affection at appx. 0/10000 affection.

So with the addition of another companion(8 total if you count HK, your Ship Droid and now Treek), will we now be able to send out more companions on crew skill missions?? Cause I’m already capped at 7, but can only send out 5…..which doesn’t really make sense.

is the “quest” you get only lots of dialog or do you need to do stuff as well?
i REALLY hope it’s a short quest as I still don’t have HK even 🙁

Is it possible to unlock other talks with Treek after increasing her affection (like with other companions)? Or is it just 1 talk when she tells her background story?

I’ve run into this issue as well. After the first conversation, I showered her in gifts. She’s asking to speak on the ship, but there is no quest icon.

Where is the 700cc unlock for all characters? Only unlock I have been able to find is the 300k credit unlock per character in the Character Perks area. The Character Perk item doesn’t offer a cartel coin alternative purchase option.

Under Global Unlocks / Other / Companions you have a Treek item but that seems to just indicate that Treek can now be purchased by your other characters via the Character Perks 300k credit item.

Ya also cant find this 700cc unlock for this character under collections or perks or on the Cartel Market?

yes, it seems that using the 1mil credits option to buy the contract doesn’t allow you to unlock through the cartel market…

For the companions gifts, Technology is her Large gain, Trophy is moderate, and weapons and military gear are small

[…] Un nouveau partenaire, un ewok nommé "Treek", nom étonnant en Français vous en conviendrez, qui une fois level 55 ne vous sert à rien hormis pour la frime et pour contempler ses réactions/actions au combat qui dixit Ketupa il y a quelques temps étaient plutôt réussi. Il y a un avantage pour le craft avec un bonus équivalent à HK, je ne sais pas par contre si on peut envoyer un partenaire de plus en mission de confection/récolte. Parce que cela m’intéresse assez peu vous trouverez toutes les informations utiles ici avec en bonus quelques vidéos ou encore l’affection des cadeaux de partenaires : […]

If Treek can be bought at level 10 with CC, can he be used to help level a toon and if so what happens with his gear stats do they scale or is he a lvl 55 character that would be very handy to speed level?

NO, what is painfully annoying is her constant jabbering…I literally didn’t know I had a pimp hand until Treek.

I would PAY CCs to have her stfu! She holds aggro like a woman walking by a dock worker in a bikini though, so I suffer thru it in dailies.

Treek is really great, way better then regular healer companions, don’t know how she performs as tank (not yet reached legacy 40, i had to buy her via Cartel Market by my curiosity for my tank assassin). Is she better then standart inquisitor tanks – Xalek and Khem, which both suck, i will found out soon :), since as healer (sorcerer) i got more agro then them, and always im the one attacked by all mobs 😀

And in my opinion its worthless to buy her until lv 50+ from Cartel Market (2100 cartel coins) or for 1 mill from fleet, maybe for 300k will worth it to have her. 🙂

Dulfy good overview (and all of the walks and information here are really great, keep it up 🙂 ), but it would be better if you had put a comparison video between standart healer comp and Treek vs some really strong mob 🙂
I made such video, but aint gonna post it here, because i don’t want this to be considered as adverstiment or something. 🙂


If I hear “No Kakka Ba NA” again I think I’ll scream.. and that buzz / humm, I guess from the Dalboolhat – Fektur Bug, is really annoying.. just another reason to take the headphones off (Khem, Qyzen, Broonmark) Worst of the Worst is still the Ugnaughts

Its still working but the directions are a bit misleading. I did it today 2/11/2014.

Go the the cartel market and then click on collections. Then instead of going to Toys nav item its under the very first nav which is Cartel Market under the “special” secondary nav. There you will see Treek and you can click on him and unlock him for all accounts for 700CC. Then you have to click on it again to actually claim him and put him in your inventory. Then you click on the item in the inventory and get the quest short chat quest to get him. This was a frustrating 30 min to figure out; hope I saved some people that aggravation.

Thanks Olicc,

The location helped. If, like in my case, you first purchase the Treek contract for 1 mil and get Treek, you then go to another one of your characters to get the option to buy for all characters for 700 CC. I couldn’t do it with the one I made the first purchase from.

That should do it.

Thanks again 🙂

What enhancements are best for the healer version? Would endurance/power/surge be best or something else?

im a sorc heals and wondering if treek is worth gearing / using as a tank. i usually use ashara for questing and xalek doesnt seem to be cutting it. so do i gear her like a BH powertech.
and i would pay for a ball gag for her too she jabbers on too much

She is widely considered the best tank in the game and does a lot of damage. I am not familiar with the Sorcs companions aside from the first one, she’s definitely better than him.

As of now, whatever Treek once was is now a moot point – she can now be anything, like all the other companions.
However, I could not unlock Treek accountwide for 700CC anymore as it is stated above. I think that was changed at some point – now unlocking her for 300K ist the only available option and it’s not accountwide.

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