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GW2 Not So Secret Aetherblade Jumping puzzle guide

A guide to the GW2 Not So Secret Aetherblade jumping puzzle that opens on the second week of Sky Pirates of Tyria patch.

How to Start

This jumping puzzle is located just south of the Broadhollow Waypoint in Gendarran Fields. There is also a new Point of Interest you can discover near the start of the puzzle. Start the puzzle by jumping on those steam pads.


Video guide

Note that the end of the puzzle is around 5:36. Rest of the video explains how to get to the diving goggles up at the very top.


This video here show you how to get down from the diving goggle platform. You need to jump from the right side of the platform and aim for the water below.


Written guide

Once you get past the steam jump pads at the beginning of the puzzle, you will encounter a fake wall that you can pass through.


Past the fake wall, you can jump down and there will be another set of two steam jump pads with another fake wall at the end.


There is a 3rd and final fake wall at the end of this jump sequence.


When you emerge from that, follow this path.


There is an Aetherblade cache you can grab and then it is off to the iron bars on the side.


This should bring you to the docked airship.Go inside the airship and then take a left. Jump on the chain of pillars outside.


At the end of the pillars, you will see a rusty pipe you can jump on top of. Then you will need to make this jump.


There is a jump pad on top that allow you to jump up and continue like this.


After a couple of jump pads, you should be able to continue across a bunch of steam vents to another jump pad at the end. When you are using that jump pad, aim a bit right to get on top.


Now you need to jump across the spiral ramps.


There is a jump pad at the end, you need to aim for this intersection between the pipes so you don’t overshoot and fall off.


Once you make the jump, jump down to this narrow beam below and walk to the top of the ship.


The jumping puzzle chest is a bit below and to the right of the ship on a platform.



  • There are three Aetherblade caches inside the jumping puzzle (I pointed out their location but they may not worth your time as they are just normal jumping puzzle chests and don’t reward anything good).
  • Not so Secret Jumping puzzle achievement – 10 achievement points
  • Dive Master achievement – 38th location
  • Exotic Aetherized Shoulderpads as a reward from JP chests – [&AgEnqgAA] [&AgEoqgAA][&AgEpqgAA] (cannot be salvaged)


 Unfortunately these shoulderpads uses existing skins

  • Light; Stately skin from karma merchants (Talabaroop Waves in Frostgorge Sound)
  • Medium: Prowler skin from crafting
  • Heavy: Heavy Plate skin from karma merchants (Talabaroop Waves in Frostgorge Sound)







By Dulfy

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60 replies on “GW2 Not So Secret Aetherblade Jumping puzzle guide”

Do you get these shoulder items for every completion? Or only the first time (per character/account)?

I think you get one for every character you run through the puzzle. I am not sure if you can get a second one if you run the same character through twice (didn’t try it).

it is once per character. You can open the chest again and get other junk. I just got 2 greens from it.

I just did the JP and I only got 2 greens from the magnificant chest!
And it’s my first time I open that!!! 🙁

Same here, completed it for the first time an hour ago and got 2 greens and a medallion i think… :/ maybe now that the event is over there’s no more exotic reward?

You can jump to the water with one of caches, haven’t succeded without dying on my way down to it but it seem possible.

yes it’s once per character but since it’s not salvageable or sell able so don’t waste your time unless you want the stat

If the screen above with the tooltpis is correct then they can be sold to the NPC vendor for 60 silver? Yeah I know… not much for people that farm dungeons but for some people this might be nice.

Fixed a bug that caused the sale value of the exotic shoulders that drop
from the Aetherblade jumping puzzle to be higher than intended.

Regina Buenaobra an hour ago

You can port to the goggles all the way from the place underneath the ship with multiple pipes, maybe even from the cache in the water.

eny 1 know wtf, you jump 2 when you get the diving goggles on???????
you Cant se down, ther is just Rocks…

You have to jump from the platform, not the pipe. on the pipe you can
still see inside a little bit, but from the platform, you’re going in

To be honest, this puzzle is full of crap. I am not spending 3 freaking hours trying to jump, I have enough damned issues with lag preventing me from being able to actually accomplish jumping puzzles that it simply isn’t worth wasting my damned time trying and getting frustrated.

Looks like that doesn’t work anymore – I did it with the Mad King’s Slippers, but no dice here :-/

Just a heads up! I spent 2 hours working towards this Dive Master achievement only to realize I was already at 38/38 diving locations found from months ago. So…yeah, make sure you check your achievements so you don’t pull your hair out in frustration over nothing! 😛

Haha same here, but It took me like 15 mins of dying and using mesmer ports to realize that :p

That was ridiculously hard. Spent 2 hrs on the puzzle… finally decided to be smart and brought my mesmer bf so we could portal our way to victory.

Not hard, you are just not very good… took me what ~15minutes tops… only here so I can find where the diving goggles are.

I’ve just found that you can get the achievement without finishing the puzzle but you can’t pick the chest, if you have the “Experimental Rifle” (check the consumables guide) you can use it when you are on the large pipe from where you can see the final chest to jump toward the chest, you can’t land on the final platform to open the chest but you can get close enough to get the achievement

Dulfy, you might want to update the rewards section to mention that the Aetherized shoulder pieces are apparently no longer dropping from the end chest. It seems they may have been a reward that was only available during Sky Pirates. 🙁

worth mentioning that you can pretty much port your way up. most of the jumps won’t kill you if you miss them, so if you’re a mesmer you can place your portal before tricky parts. also, you can port people up right on the chest spot. all people has to do is to stand after the second fake wall, where the giant pipe and 3 aetherblades are (5th picture in dulfy’s guide)

I got the achievement in 15 seconds. A mesmer got there and port to the way point. She ran a few steps to the west to get in range and port back to the chest.

Also, there seem to be a bug. I park a toon at the chest and able to loot chest again and again every few minutes.

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