SWTOR: Treek will have a cartel coin unlock option

Eric Musco went on the forums today to respond to concerned players that Treek, the new Ewok companion to be added in patch 2.3, will have a cartel unlock option.

petition for the ewok to be buyable via CC | 07.01.2013, 03:25 PM

Hey folks,
Just wanted to let you know that no petition is necessary, you will be able to acquire Treek via Cartel Market if you so choose. Having her be a part of the Legacy system allowed an avenue for players to get her without spending any of their Cartel Coins if they wanted!


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8 replies on “SWTOR: Treek will have a cartel coin unlock option”

Its kind of a bummer since i worked hard for legacy 50. Im not a hater and think its a great companion for a new starter toon for any player since its a healer/tank. Just a little bummed out its easy to get now and legacy still means nothing.

I know how you feel Chai. I am Legacy 39. I have 5 alts at 40, 3 at 55 so I will get there soon and playing since launch. It would be good to pass onto the Devs that there should be Legacy exclusives. I think that currently there isn’t any perks for being above 20? Even if it is exclusive skins for Treek, etc. And not something you can buy off of the Cartel Market. I would vote for a permanent Double XP or 3XP during XP events to make it easier to level our alts. That could be 40+ maybe. And an exclusive armor/armor skin variant for Level 50. Something would be good for higher Legacy levels.

You know Jonathan after reading the SWToR boards and what your replied personally am thinking Legacy 25 would be good, but also really everyone deserves to get it either CM or the legacy way. There is way to many elitist MMO snobs especially in this game. Thats just my thoughts after thinking about it.

I re rolled when the population was low so my legacy level isnt 40. It would be had I not re rolled as I abandoned a level 50 character. I’d be pretty annoyed if I was punished for re rolling.

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