GW2 Chop-It-All Logging Axe and other gemstore items

Video and screenshots of the Chop-It-All Logging Axe and other items introduced into the GW2 gemstore on July 2 gemstore update.

Chop-It-All Logging Axe – 800 gems



Other Items

Several of the old town clothing and items have being bundled into packages for sale in the gemstore

Recovery package – 300 gems each or 5 for 1200 gems


  • 1 Revive Orb and 1 Instant Repair Kit

Tradesman’s Package – 100 gems or 10 for 800 gemms


  • 1 Merchant Express
  • 1 Trading Post Express
  • 1 Bank Access Express

Air Rider Package – 650 gems


  • Aviator’s Cap
  • Riding Broom
  • Riding Pants
  • Riding Gloves
  • Riding Boots

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11 replies on “GW2 Chop-It-All Logging Axe and other gemstore items”

Woot! Time to complete my unlimited harvesting tools collection! 😀 The animation is nice too, although wouldn’t striking a tree with lightning multiple times just set the tree on fire?

Could have made a mini chainsaw+animation if u ask me, but that aside the skin+animation is cool.

I was pretty happy when it turned out to shoot lighting though. 😡 I guess Tyrian objects are used to being hit by magic so they dont spontaneously explode instantly. 😛 Glad it is not an overly obnoxious chainsaw sound, but I think they learned they lesson from the Greatsword at Halloween. That noise still haunts me.

At least my Ele is happy now. Can melt rocks, shoot lightening at trees and water plants. lol

Best troll weapon in the game…almost at the same level as a legendary.

Want me to shoot u with my dual-quip? I guarantee u will quit the game because of the nightmares u will have.

The Quip sound isn’t that annoying to me really (On my server I only know of one person that has a Quip that I run into frequently). But then again, I’ve never heard dual-Quips before. I bet that does sound pretty bad. xD

I will Never Buy Items on this “shop”
I have buy 3 Day´s before an Armor, and have become ? Nothing ……

and The “german – Support” – “No one Sry”, or a message, absolutely Nothing

Your english is very hard to understand. Try to delete your ingame mails, you won’t get the items if your inbox is full.

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