SWTOR: Amazon US now sells Cartel Coin codes with Umbral Blurrg pet

Amazon.com is now selling the 2400 CC SWTOR Cartel coin codes for US customers only. Those who purchase the code will also receive a Umbral Blurrg pet.

Players can purchase the Amazon Cartel Coin card from this link here. Here is the provided image for Umbral Blurrg pet. This pet may not be ingame yet as players that have brought this card have not yet received their pet.


Note: This is for US customers only with a valid US billing address.

  • Lucas

    Exactly what point does it serve to have it US only?

  • GuestPerson429

    Different stores get different options. There are already some EU-specific unlocks. This is just the option for the US Amazon store.

  • Lucas

    “Note: This is for US customers only with a valid US billing address.”

    So I take it US citizens need a valid EU billing address, if they were to purchase one of the EU exclusives? Otherwise it’s not the same.

    • Motoki_Mo

      The EU card is physical so even if you find a store that is selling it online and will ship the the US and you use Google Translate to translate to English you still have to pay a lot in shipping charges and wait a long time for the card to get to you. Not worth it unless you can find someone willing to sell the code on eBay and mail it to you or someone willing to trade for another code.

      In that case Europeans have those same options for the US only cards. eBay or trade with someone.

      • Kyr

        in ebay u can find a german store that email the code for the EU card, but i’m not sure it works on US, i have get the mine this way but i’m from spain

  • Luky

    you can still buy outside US if you enter any valid US address and pay gift code you bought previously

  • Gustav


    Seems like he’s right that EU won’t have access to this.

    • Vermouth

      He is talking probably about Walmart card.

  • Blurrg

    This pet is BoE. It is available on the GTN. That’s where I got mine.

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