SWTOR: Treek unlocked via cartel coins will have no legacy level requirement

Treek, the new Ewok companion to be released in Patch 2.3, will have no legacy level requirement if purchased with cartel coins instead of credits.

We Need Clarification | 07.05.2013, 10:02 PM

If you wish to purchase Treek using Cartel Coins there is no Legacy level requirement. The Legacy level requirement is only if you wish to use credits.

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Seems kind of a crock that those that spent the time to lvl our legacy and work to build our toons have to pay a million and lvl 40 legacy. All the while F2P or anyone else who was to lazy to do it gets it for a couple of coins. Where’s the love for the loyal subscriber at. A million is a lot even in todays loaded daily world. Just saying that’s all.

Speaking as a a “loyal subscriber” (since early access, in December 2011), and Legacy level 50 since about April 2012, I’ve got no problem with this; I already get a good number of cartel coins every month (600 a month for 6 month subscription and 100 per month for security key). And, I unlocked HK-51 on a few of my characters with Cartel Coins rather than pay 1m credits OR do the really annoying search for HK components on Taris.

Or, put another way, it’s a great way of persuading preferred players to pay a bit more toward the running of the game (since, if they buy cartel coins at all, they become preferred not f2p).

I agree with this. For one thing it brings more money into the game which means it helps support it and keep the game around and going for everyone. For another I don’t see why it matters how someone else gets whatever they want to get in their game. I get things the way I want and let everyone else do the same. I’ll have no way of knowing if I see someone running around with Treek if they got him via Legacy or Cartel unlock and quite frankly, it’s none of my business.

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