Bazaar of the Four Winds achievement guide

GW2 Bazaar of the Four Winds achievement guide with detailed walkthroughs and videos on getting all the achievements related to the Bazaar of the Four Winds update.

Bazaar of the Four Winds achievements are divided into 3 categories: Bazaar of Four Winds/Zephyr Sanctum exploration achievements, kite achievements, and Sanctum Sprint achievements.


Meta achievement & Rewards  
Bazaar of Four Winds
exploration achievements
Kite achievements
Sanctum Sprint achievements  
Explorer achievements  

Meta achievement & Rewards

Meta: Bazaar Ambassador – – Complete 16 achievements – 50 achievement points

  • Reward: Gift of Quartz (account bound)
  • The character that consumes this item will have a Quartz Crystal Formation appear in their home instance that can be mined once a day per account. It will appear in all home instances for all your characters once but you mine it in one home instance, it disappears on all other home instances until daily reset.


Lessons from the Sky – Complete the scavenger hunt by finding 40 sky crystals

  • Reward: Zephyr Sanctum Model
  • Place this model on the ground and you can view a cinematic showing off Zephyr Sanctum in any city


Achievement point summary

Achievement Pts. Achievement Pts.
Bazaar Ambassador 50 Kookoochoo the Incredulous 5
Ascent to Zephyr Sanctum 3 Lessons from the Sky 26
Best. Dive. Ever. 5 Like Clockwork 15
Colossal Kites 5 Parachute Pilferer 16
Crowd Favourite 10 Pickup Completionist 9
Crystal Obsessed 21 Poor Man’s Kite 5
Diverse Trader 9 Sanctum Sprint 1
Grandmaster of Om 10 Sanctum Sprinter 10
Kite Bombing 5 Speedy Sprinter 5
Kites of Iron 5 Strangers from the Sky 5
Kites of the Night 5 Voyage to the Bazaar 5
Kites over Caledon 5 World vs. Kite 5
Total 240    

Bazaar of the Four Winds exploration achievements

Strangers from the Sky – Talk to Captain Magnus/Ellen Kiel in Lion’s Arch – 5 achievement points



  • Head to Lion’s Arch and check in with Captain Magnus at the Main Haven Headquarters in Fort Marriner

Voyage to the Bazaar – 5 achievement points


  • Arrive at Bazaar of Four Winds by taking a ship from Sanctum Harbor

Diverse Trader – Meet up with 5 traders – 9 achievement points

  • Speak with all traders in the Bazaar of the Four Winds. From the Bazaar Docks Waypoint, take a right and you will see the group of five traders you need for your achievement.


Ascend to Zephyr Sanctum – Approach six important characters – 3 achievement points



  • Speak to the Sun Adept, Wind Adept, Poyaqui, Lighting Adept, , Evon Gnashblade, and Ellen Kiel on your way to Zephyr Sanctum

Kookoochoo the Incredulous –- Watch the hourly firework show – 5 achievement points



  • Watch Kookoochoo the Incredulous’s breathtaking fire breathing show. This show takes place not far from Sky Docks Waypoint and occurs every hour (but not necessarily on the hour).

Lessons from the Sky – Find 40 Sky Crystals – 26 achievement points.

  • Find and activate sky crystals throughout Labyrinthine Cliffs. There are 52 Sky Crystals hidden in Bazaar of Four Winds/Zephyr Sanctum, you only need to find 40 for the achievement.
  • Please consult this guide for this achievement.
  • Tier 1: 1; Tier 2: 5; Tier 3: 10; Tier 4: 20; Tier 5: 40;
  • Reward: Zephyr Sanctum Model

Best Dive Ever – Find the diving goggles and dive off it – 5 achievement points



  • Perform the highest dive ever off the edge of Zephyr Sanctum. You will need the Assisted Leap (#1 skill) and Lighting Pull (#3) skill to attempt this. The diving goggles are located in the back of Zephyr Sanctum on the wooden structure above. I have marked the start location to get this dive. You can either figure it out yourself or watch the video.

Grandmaster of Om – Defeat Poyaqui in Belcher’s Bluff – 10 achievement points

  • Defeat Poyaqui, the Grandmaster of Om, in a game of Belcher’s Bluff before Zephyr Sanctum departs. You must have defeated the five Masters of Om before you can challenge Poyaqui.
  • Please see this guide on Belcher’s Bluff.

Like Clockwork – Create 8 Charged Quartz Crystals (200 Charged Quartz) 15 achievement points


  • Transform quartz crystals into charged quartz crystals at a place of power. Places of power are basically skill challenge locations with an orb that you can commune with. There are many located in Tyria but the easiest one to reach is probably the one outside Shaemoor Garrison in Queensdale.
  • Quartz Crystals are tradeable but Charged Quartz Crystals are account bound and used for crafting.
  • Quartz Crystals can be obtained from kite baskets, mined from Quartz Crystal Formation in Labyrinthine Cliffs and your home instance, from Zephyr Sanctum supply boxes, and from finishing Sanctum Sprints.
  • Note that since you only make 1 Charged Quartz Crystal per day, this achievement will take 8 days to complete.

Kite achievements

Parachute Pliferer – Open 60 Kite Basket Supplies – 16 achievement points


  • Find fallen kite baskets throughout Tyria, and loot their contents.
  • These kite baskets can be found in all open world zones except for Orr (they are all marked on the map) . Each zone usually have ~10 Zephyr Sanctum Kite Basket, which yield 2 Kite Basket Supplies that count toward the achievement (which means you only need to open 30 Zephyr Sanctum Kite Basket)
  • Basket at each location can be looted once per day per account.
  • Tier 1: 1 Kite basket; Tier 2: 20 Kite baskets; Tier 3: 60 Kite baskets

Learn to Kite – 15 achievement points

  • Find all seven of the large kites hidden across Tyria and the Mists
    • Kites over Caledon
    • Kites of the Night
    • Kites of Iron
    • Poor Man’s Kite
    • Kite Bombing
    • Colossal Kite
    • World vs. Kite

Kites over Caledon – Find the kite in Spekk’s Lab of Caledon Forest – 5 achievement points



  • Find the large kite hidden in Spekk’s Lab in Caledon Forest. The kite is all the way at the end of the puzzle and require puzzle completion.

Kites of the Night – Find the kite in Forsaken Halls of Dredgehaunt Cliffs-  5 achievement points



  • Find the large kite hidden in Forsaken Halls in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. If the door to Forsaken Halls is not open, you will need to visit Gerrvid in the tavern near Snowslide Ravine and escort him to open the door.
  • Make sure you interact with the closed door and read the text on it before talking to Gerrvid or he won’t let you read his books.
  • Use torch to shoo off the skelks and grubs which are immune to damage. You will need to escort Gerrvid to the second door and then look for 5 door pieces to open the door to the next area. Once that door opens, you can dump Gerrvid as the kite is in that second area.

Kites of Iron – Find the kite in Pig Iron Quarry in Fireheart Rise – 5 achievement points



  • Find the large kite hidden in Pig Iron Quarry in Fireheart Rise. You will need to complete Pig Iron Quarry jumping puzzle as the kite is at the very end with the jumping puzzle chest.
  • It is advised that you jump to the kite right away to get the achievement and then fight the veteran shaman since he has attacks with knockbacks that can push you off and make you redo the puzzle.

Poor Man’s Kite – Find the kite in Begger’s Burrow in Queensdale – 5 achievement points



  • Find the large kite hidden in Beggar’s Burrow in Queensdale. Fairly easy kite to get. You can either clear out the bandits or just run through them as the kite is not far from the entrance.

Kite Bombing – Find the Kite in Griffonrook Run in Lornar’s Pass – 5 achievement points



  • Find the large kite hidden in Griffonrook Run in Lornar’s Pass. The kite is about 70% of the way into the puzzle so you do not need to complete the puzzle. Also, don’t grab the bomb offered by the Norn NPC unless you want to do it on hardcore mode.
  • The entrance to the Griffonrook Run jumping puzzle is this little hole in the water. Look carefully or you may miss it.

Colossal Kites – 5 achievement points

  • Find the large kite hidden in the Cliffside Fractal in the Fractal of the Mists. This kite is NOT near the entrance so it would be very hard to solo it. It is best to get a group and then set difficulty to level 1 and keep zoning into the fractal and then exit it until you get Cliffside fractal.
  • You will need to defeat the first boss and then grab the hammer he drops. Grab the hammer and head to the first seal. You will need to kill a cultist to activate the #4 skill which allow you to hit the seal.
  • Once you get past the seal, run up the windy stair/platforms (use stability if you need it) and then you should see the kite at top of the platform (image submitted by Nijjion on reddit)


World vs. Kite – 5 achievement points



  • Find the large kite hidden in Obsidian Sanctum (World vs World). Unlike last time, the kite is not at the very end of the puzzle but rather about 90% of the way in (it is on top of the large dome with caged animals below). You will need to complete majority of the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle nonetheless.
  • Remember that there are 3 entrances to Obsidian Sanctum, depending on which keep your World control.

Sanctum Sprint achievements

Sanctum Sprint – Find the Aspect Master – 1 achievement point


  • Find and speak with the Sanctum Spirit activity master in Zephyr Sanctum. Talk to the Aspect Master just south of Sky Docks waypoint (crossed flags on your map) will complete this achievement.

Crystal Obsessed – Collect 500 crystals in Sanctum Sprint – 21 achievement points


  • In Sanctum Spirit, collect as many (blue) crystals as possible
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 50
  • Tier 3: 100
  • Tier 4: 250
  • Tier 5: 500

Crowd Favorite – Complete Sanctum Sprint 25 times – 10 achievement points

  • Complete Sanctum Sprint multiple times
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 5
  • Tier 3: 15
  • Tier 4: 25

Pickup Completionist – Use 7 unique pick up items – 9 achievement points

  • In Sanctum Sprint, use every possible pickup item at least once.
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 3
  • Tier 3: 7

Speedy Sprinter – Place top 3 – 5 achievement points

  • Place among the top three racers in Sanctum Sprint

Sanctum Sprinter – Place first – 10 achievement points

  • Place first in Sanctum Sprint
  • Title: Sanctum Sprinter

Frequent Sprinter – Run 15 races of Sanctum Sprint – 0 achievement points

  • This achievement can be completed infinite times until Sanctum Sprint goes away. You get a loot bag for its completion, which contain a rare item.

68 replies on “Bazaar of the Four Winds achievement guide”

Dulfy, quick update for the guide… this sentence:

The character that consumes this item will have a Quartz Crystal Formation appear in their home instance (and only that character’s home instance) that can be mined once a day.

is not accurate. Anet made a post in the official forums stating that the Node will appear in ALL characters home instances regardless of which character consumes the item

hey dulfy can you make the embedded YouTube videos in the future larger? I can not read your commentary unless I go to the youtube page or full screen the video :/

Thanks for that info. Just managed to solo the first dude and get up there by myself(Ranger can solo this it just takes about 20 mins of kiting and careful dodging/pet swapping). Also I am only lvl 53 so yeah any 80 with pet traits can easily clear the cliffside

Why the heck do they keep making things in Obsidian Sanctum?

Perhaps some of you are on servers where people don’t camp the portals, but Jade Quarry is a bunch of *********s

I’m actually on Jade Quarry, when I ran the achievement for the Pirates solo, there were individuals from all three T1 servers… all of which were friendly and waved at eachother, allowing others to pass without conflict.

Everytime I try to read Gerrvid’s books he tells me to quit peekin at his research. How do I get past this?

you ahve to read the text on the gate in order for it to work, it took me a while to figure it out

yea but you have to read the note on the door, then talk to him, then read the books, then talk to him agian.

if someone has recently completed the entire mini-dungeon, the instance will reset. This causes the ‘interact’ with the inscription on the door to have to respawn and it does not do so instantly. This is likely the 10-15mins wait people are having to do.

I got stuck at 5 of the pickups. I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. Perhaps it’s the fake power up not hitting anyone and thus not counting as being used, or the grounded power up not learning a power up used on you not counting as being used. I don’t know.

you have to use the skills AGAINST other Players … maybe no other player runned in your FakeItem? (the Exploding item bag)

I found a vendor to exchange tickets for the helm and the back pieces…. Are there any other skins that are available? Also it said it took my crystal quartz to my home instance. I am guessing that is divinity’s reach (hume). but where exactly did they put it in there? The only instance i know of is the queen’s palace and its not in there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

I think I just lost 50+ quartz crystals. Don’t know how. I had 70+ before going to Queensdale, and then I opened a fortune, opened up a few more baskets, and then checked my inventory and saw I only had 25 quartz crystals. What the heck happened?

Didn’t lose them. They are considered crafting materials, so I accidentally sent them to my crafting storage.

It’s typically the 2nd or 3rd place you go on your personal story… your personal home instance is in whatever city is designated by your character’s race. When you are about to zone in you are given a prompt and it it says ‘(HOME)’ – not too difficult to find at all,

If you’re still confused:

Thanks, is there a specific place in the instance where I can find the node? I used mine on my Sylvari. Or, will it appear in the other character races homes too?

Is the “Kites over Caledon” location in the jumping ‘mesmerable’ (as it were) if someone would be willing to (with tip, of course) pull me up to it? Or must the puzzle be done ‘as is’ to that point?

I’ve never attempted that one, but it looks ‘timed’ to me, and I don’t do very well on the jumps under pressure (clock tower, et al). I can jump, and have done quite well so far (for me), and I just have this one and the WvW one left. Actually did my first fractal for this…and we completed the fractal, even though 3 of us really just wanted the kite and had never done a fractal. Good times. 🙂


it is, jump towards the right and you will fall in slow motion (maybe a bug or because of the invisible wall), then jjump towards the checkpoint below or to the lava heal and tada drop the port

I just make people jump from 6th station to end. Get yourself there at some point, die to go to the beginning, put down 1 portal there, talk to lab assistant, put second at 6th station. You could probably even jump across before doing that, but I don’t. Anyone portaled to 6th who dies or whatever can then talk to the lab assistant to get back to 6th (though not any earlier ones since they hadn’t reached them).

You can remove all armor and backpiece to avoid damage. Then each part has a checkpoint so it’s not that aggravating.

I wouldl be willing to go behind you and keep the things turned on as it were, look up Talsera on Dragonbrand 🙂

For the best dive ever achievement, you do not need the number 3 skill. Rather when you get to the highest point possible, move along the huge center beam until you are blocked by the few vertical ones. Then jump up in-between them (looks like you are stuck), and press your 1 skill to jump up and over. Much safer, with no risk of falling.

I’ll do those first then 🙂

Was doing the Caledon one, but been lagging a lot; so that’s not nice to have with timed jumps :)) kept falling in mid-air while doing lightning jumps at the bazaar too x)

thanks a bunch :))

Anyone knows for sure when the achievements (or event) will end? I just was in holidays and wont be able to get “Like Clockwork” till next Tuesday… would be sad to fail at 7/8 since I am totally achievement horny :/

Anyone else having trouble getting the Pickup Completionist achievement? I have used every item like 10 times and still have not received it.

i also had trouble, but i think you have to use them all in a single race? which makes it more a matter of luck and being sure to get lots of both types of power ups. also, use them constantly because each time you die (and sometimes when you are hit with an effect) you lose everything you have, so just spam them as soon as you get them.

Hmmm…so guys, apart from being a completist and/or any titles you get from these bazaar events…is there any lasting benefit/reward/reason for doing these that will presist after the event is over (other than for fun obviously)…? i.e. what is the main reason ppl are grinding these achievements?

Just curious…went into the zone & ran/jumped around aimlessly, completed some stuff, mined some crystals, climbed around the top ship (which is quite spectacular I must concede), BUT, any practical value in any of this longer term? :-/

You can buy unique gear from the kite token lady in that new zone. but you have to collect those Kite Fortunes from doing the achievements and fighting monsters there. And you “open” them and hope to get some Kite Scraps, which is the currency you use to buy the special gear.

I think there should be another achievement for getting “Crowd Favorite” without ever getting “Speedy Sprinter” (not to mention “Sanctum Sprinter”). Call it “Comic Relief” or something. *Sigh.*

The acheivment for Acsent of the Zyphr or w/e is bugged. I talked to all 6 npc and it does not reward the achievment at all. Ive tried multiple times to no avail. Also the Achievment Frequent Sprinter and Sanctum Sprinter both disapeared after I reached my 25th race completion. Even tho it says my most recent achievments completed were Frequent Sprinter and Sanctum Sprinter which I got both at the same time.

it’s worth noting that “Crowd Favorite” requires 25 completions of the sprint game. each game takes 8 minutes, +10-15 seconds at the end and at the beginning, plus at least one wasted game each time you join in (unless you were super lucky on the timing). this means you’ll probably spend at least 3 and a half hours grinding this achievement, making it one of the longest (if not technically difficult) in the bunch.

for the Bazaar Ambassador set, maybe. But the Southsun Survival for Evon Gnashblade is even more painful. You have to play 15 full rounds for the Survival Survivor achievement, each round being 15 minutes which gives us a minimum 3.75 hours to complete it, THEN on top of that you have to earn 2500 points to get the High Scorer achievement (and the most I’ve
seen someone earn per round so far has been 85 points) and that’ll probably take more than 15 rounds depending on your luck in the game.

Is the achievement still available and/or doable? I tried starting it but it would seem that one of the achievements like “Strangers from the Sky” is no longer available.

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