• Zylonite

    This is awesome….Thanks for the guide…

  • Bezz

    so you buy this chests for your achievment points or they just unlocked, when you reach certan point?

    • They become unlocked and you get a popup on the right side of your screen.

  • jj

    that’s it? Nothing extra for points above 2500?

    • There is, the achievement window shown was a mock up and doesn’t have everything.

      • jj

        Another question – do you know if the perma bonuses are cumulative?
        for e.g. at 2500 you have a total of 2% MF gold find and karma gain?

        • I don’t know for sure but they should or some of those bonuses won’t make sense

  • Noirr

    What is the max achievement points you saw that contains a reward? (i ask cause ive seen some with up to 10k achievment points)

    • Achievement window only went up to 2500 for us so we couldn’t see. The devs are aware there are people with 11-12 k achievement points so these people will be rewarded accordingly.

  • Crimsonbeak

    Are they adding the old achievement skins like the flower or dragon wing backpiece in to the skin gallery that can be applied to all chars?

    • I am not sure, the achievement window they showed us were missing those event achievements.

    • Jake Mitchell

      that would be a great idea, same with town clothing for the holiday events people participated in and allow people to actually use some of their holiday stuff 😛

  • Scolai

    Any indication if they plan to add more rewards to the achievement point system down the line? Also, you say that “keg brawl” isn’t available yet. I believe you mean Bar Brawl. Thanks, Dulfy!

    • Yes, don’t be mislead by the chests stopping at 2500 points. That is either because my achievement points are low or they gave us a mockup they only went up to 2500

  • Will these be retroactive? Or for points accumulated after the patch?
    I.E. Will I get skins on login? Or am I going to need to grind?

    • They are retroactive but you may not get them on day 1 since retroactive rewards are given once per day.

      • Awesome… Day 1,2 or 7. Either means I dont have to spend the grind time if I really want a skin. Sounds like I’ll just get them whenever the timers line up and that makes my day. 😀

        Thanks for all you do Dulfy.

  • Dude Like GW2

    Any new title add into this new achievement system?

    • There are titles associated with Belcher’s Bluff and Bazaar of the Four winds if that is what you are asking.

      • Yulan

        I believe he meant titles every x achievement points and such, which looks like we’re not getting. Thanks for your work!

  • Advent Echo

    I see you have a very low number of achievement points does it take points away when you unlock stuff? or was this just a demo and it had low points to start with? i’m close to 9,000pts and don’t want to go down i love having more then all my buddies 😛

    • It was just a demo and no it doesn’t consume any of your achievement points

      • Advent Echo

        Yay now im happy ^^ Thanks and keep up the great work 😀

  • Seth Lunenoir

    Thank you for the guide!!

    • Seth Lunenoir

      I have a question: They said they will also be doing something with currencies dealing with WvW and Spvp. Did you see anything about that?

      • Seth Lunenoir

        sorry not currencies, rewards.

        • Nope didn’t see anything related to that.

  • Devilsmack

    The weapons skins are also account-wide? I mean, once I unlock, lest say, the staf… will I be able to re-use that skin over and over like with the HoM rewards?

    • Yup, exactly like HOM rewards.

      • Devilsmack

        Thx for the prompt response.

  • thecritickitten

    Wait, it says in the guide that “You can pick only one skin to unlock per achievement chest.”. So when I hit 1000 points, I can only choose one weapon skin from the five, and that’s it? Or would I get to choose another one to unlock at 1500, 2000, and so on until they’re all available?

    • Yes so at 1000 you can pick 1 skin out of the 5 for example and then at 2000 you can pick another skin out of the 5 to unlock etc. You can keep getting unlocking them as you get more achievement points unless of course there are some new rewards at a higher tier that you want.

      • thecritickitten

        Every 1k then to unlock new skins, not every 500? That’s….ouch. By that math you’d need 10k achievement points just to unlock all of the Zenith weapons. And assuming the other items are unlocked with the same mechanic, that’s at least 16k points just for what they’ve shown! Sheesh. Getting HoM rewards was so much easier. o_o;

        • Yes for now that is what it looks like. However keep in mind that we havn’t seen beyond 2500 yet so you may get weapon skins every 500 points and then armor skins every 1000 points at higher tiers.

          • Jake Mitchell

            I hope so… I am only at 5k points and that is mainly because I spent a lot of time early on in the game, the more points you get the harder it becomes to grind out the last ones. 500 feels fair, 1000 seems painful for people at 7k+

  • Aapheus

    Does it occur to anyone else that dumping all that “free” gold into the game is going to drive up the cost of pretty much everything in the Trading Post?

    • Adam Wagner

      Gold find just means any cash mobs drop. Considering they drop paultry sums I don’t think an additional 1% is going to cause economic upheaval.

    • Sylvers

      No I personally doubt it, you’re talking about 1 to 5 G max per unlock here, it’s nothing that you can’t make in a couple of CoF runs with extreme ease. And certainly not a spammable affair per account.
      If anything, they are most useful to the GW2’s noobies who are either not versed in farming gold or simply haven’t hit 80 yet. Makes no difference to me and many others.

    • Jake Mitchell

      … This is bugger all, anyone who is at 3k+ points will know how to farm cof anyway and being able to get 10-14gold in an hour there with no effort other than time spent at any point is going to be more than the tiny extra bits of gold here.

  • Luke Bailey

    so i have to wait 14 days for my stuff that’s lame 🙁

  • Mechanix

    Choice of five Zenith weapon skins (longbow, shortbow, hammer, staff, greatsword)
    So… Dagger and pistol?

    • They are either not shown here with this version of the achievement window or they are unlocked at higher milestones/tiers.


    Dulfy… can you confirm that we get ALL rewards of a specific tier. I.E. for 1000 achievement points you get the gold, the Laurel, the +MF bonus AND a choice of (1) skin?

    • Yup all the rewards

  • Kil

    Last chest is at 2,5k AP?

    • That is not the last chest, it is just the last chest you see in the preview.

  • Adrian

    So only the 1k/2k box has the skins and the other ones don’t? just making sure.

    Personally i find making skins available at 1k is a bit to easy. Everyone will have them and that’s what most will want to play for. Also what about the armor skins? Can we also get them from the box? or are they “unlockable” as how it’s with HoM? for ex “u have reached over 9000 awesome points, u can get skin X at any point in time”

    • Adrian

      Meh….lately it seems i can’t even read T.T Ignore the armor skins question.

  • L34D

    So does the “achievement-points” get deleted when you “buy” a chest or do you have still an overview of your points that you had collected to see how progressed your char is?

    • Randomguy

      TLDR You do not spend any achievement points to get those chests. They are automatically given to you and do not require purchase.

      • L34D

        yeah sorry epic fail. 😀 I was just watching the vid.

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  • Harnace

    “Rewards will be given for retroactive achievement points but you will only get 1 chest per day” Well that is wierd, why not just give all chests when patch goes live?

    • Cuz that would do bad things for the economy when you have those with high achievement points suddently get lots of laurels and gold

      • Jake Mitchell

        I don’t think it would be as bad as expected, the gold they are giving is rather tiny, same with laurels… I doubt it would influence the economy for more than 2 days at best.

  • TeraFlop

    Did they separate out the tracking of achievements and the tracker for daily/monthly completion? That is the change I want to see. I hate having to go in and untrack everything just to get a nice sorted list of daily/monthly tracking progress. They need to be separate, and I hope they did so with these changes. Please tell me they did?

    • No they did not separate them unfortunately 🙁

  • Jake Mitchell

    Crabtoss isn’t working on my server, completely locked out.

    • Betox Frias

      It was removed in the dragon bash patch, it will be back later in another patch.

  • Alex

    Can be saw the paths we have already done in the dungeons?
    Sorry my english.

  • shlro

    Can the armor,weapon skin use in pvp?

  • TDC

    Is there a 100 point chest?

  • Jape

    What about the achievement points i already have. I have more than 3k points. Do they count? I got today a 100 point chest will i get the others as well?

    • Yes, you get 1 chest every day until the rewards reach your current achievement point total.

  • Bleak_Advent

    Do we know which reward level we receive armor skins at?

  • Yegrinna

    Greaaatt.. i gotta wait 2 weeks to get all my chests :/

  • Where is Bar Brawl game?

    • Not in this patch, will be put in the future

  • lenn

    if you got al the chest wil the next day start you then from the begining over and over again??

    • no, it will continue from where it left off.

  • єηνy ™

    If i unlock an armor, does it unlock for other character as well?

    • yup all characters in your account.

      • єηνy ™

        thank you!

  • Tommy

    So you get the reward for (example) 1000 points only once?

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  • Yegrinna

    i wonder what we’ll get after 10k points? i’m nearly there.

  • another lost noob

    i’m new & tried searching what – badges of honor- are good for they are given for all achievement chests (except small)
    yes it say exchange at local armor or weapon vendors -been to severial just in case i picked wrong one but they don’t show a use for them

    • They are used for purchase armor and weapons in the world vs world vendors. Go to your home world map and the vendors are behind you when you enter the map.

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