GW2 Belcher’s Bluff activity guide

A guide to GW2 Belcher’s Bluff, a new permanent drinking minigame added with GW2’s Bazaar of Four Winds patch.


The Basics

What is it?

Belcher’s Bluff is a minigame that drew its inspiration from one of the Order of Whispers missions where you accompany Tybalt to a pirate camp to out drink them. This is a drinking minigame where each drink takes a hit to your HP. Your goal is to outlast your opponent by using various skills such as Bluff, Belch and special Signature Moves you can learn from various NPCs.

How to Play

To play this minigame with other players, you will need to purchase a Belcher’s Bluff kit from any Bartender in Tyria. If you don’t know where to find one, there is one near the WvW gates in Lion’s Arch and there is another one right beside Poyaqui in Labyrinthine Cliffs.

  • 1 Kite = 5 silver 4 copper
  • 5 kits = 20 silver
  • Unlimited kit: 100 gold


If you just want to play this game with the various NPCs to learn their signature moves, you do not need to purchase a kit.


  • Rounds occur every 5 seconds
  • Participants perform one action per round.
  • Actions are limited to: drinking omnomberry juice, drinking water, bluffing or belching.
  • If the participant does not drink juice,  the opposer’s belch is bolstered.
  • Belched on bluffers cannot bluff for two rounds.
  • Belchers cannot belch again until three drinks – juice of water – are consumed.
  • Water can only be consumed after three other actions.
  • Advanced drinkers can use Signature Moves once per match


1. gw2-belcher's-bluff-drink-icon Drink Take a swig of omnomberry juice. Reduces health.
2. gw2-belcher's-bluff-bluff-icon Bluff Fake a drink. If successful, no health is reduced. If opponent uses Belch, Bluff will be unavailable for two rounds
3. gw2-belcher's-bluff-water-icon Water Drink water, increases health. When used, three rounds must pass before using Water again.
4. gw2-belcher's-bluff-belch-icon Belch

Let loose a belch. Reduces opponent’s health depending on player’s health percentage. No damage if used against Drink. Negates healing if used against Water. Punishes if used again Bluff

  • 5% damage if player’s HP is above 50%
  • 10% damage if player’s HP is above 20%
  • 20% damage if player’s HP is below 20%
5. gw2-belcher's-bluff-ready-icon Ready Let your opponent know you’re ready to play! Both players must use Ready to begin. If you have Signature Moves unlocked, you must choose one before using Ready.
6. gw2-belcher's-bluff-toggle-icon Toggle Signature Moves 0.5s recharge
7a. gw2-belcher's-bluff-boast-icon Boast Defeat Caiwyn the Corsair to unlock this skill. Decreases percentage of health lost from next three Drinks.
7b. gw2-belcher's-bluff-woo-icon Woo Defeat Maddie to Unlock this skill. Prevent opponent from using Water for next three turns.
8a. gw2-belcher's-bluff-for-science-icon For Science Defeat Graster Beakerbane to unlock this skill. Increases percentage of health gained from next Water.
8b. gw2-belcher's-bluff-back-in-my-day-icon Back in My Day Defeat Berddi to unlock this skill. Your next Bluff cannot be punished.
9a. gw2-belcher's-bluff-spirits-vision-icon Spirits Vision Find and challenge Poyaqui to unlock this skill. Opponent’s next Bluff within three turns is automatically punished.
9b. gw2-belcher's-bluff-critique-icon Critique Defeat Adnul Irongut to unlock this skill. Prevent opponent from using Bluff for the next three turns.
0. gw2-belcher's-bluff-forfeit-icon Forfeit End Belcher’s Bluff. If a match is underway, this forfeits the game.
  gw2-belcher's-bluff-3-drinks-icon Skill Lockout (3) Skill is locked out for 3 rounds (Water) or 3 Drinks/Water (Belch)
  gw2-belcher's-bluff-2-drinks-icon Skill Lockout (2) Skill is locked out for 2 rounds (Water) or 2 Drinks/Water (Belch)
  gw2-belcher's-bluff-1-drinks-icon Skill Lockout (1) Skill is locked out for 1 round (Water) or 1 Drink/Water (Belch)

Acquiring Signature Moves

Maddie – Divinity’s Reach – Woo (Hard)



  • Her signature move is Woo, which damages you if you attempt to drink water while this buff is up (3 rounds)
  • If you see this buff icon on her, try to Bluff as much as you can until the buff is gone so you can drink Water again.


  • Maddie tend to spam her signature move when she is near ~60% and below. You get 1-2 rounds in between Woo to drink Water to heal up.

Berddi – Rata Sum – Back in My Day (Easy)



  • Very easy to defeat her, only thing you have to watch out is that your Belch cannot punish Berddi’s Bluff when Berddi uses her signature move – Back in My Day


  • She is a bit buggy and the game will sometimes tell you that your Belch has no effect on her even though she doesn’t have her signature move buff (she does get punished regardless).

Caiwyn the Corsair– The Grove – Boast (Medium)



  • Caiwyn will take a lot of damage early on when he takes a drink but at around 50-60% he will activate his signature move, which reduces the damage he takes from next 3 drinks. He will keep spamming this signature move so he will take longer to defeat in the second half.


Adnul Irongut – Hoelbrak – Critique (Very Hard)



  • Adnul is quite hard to defeat due to his special move which prevent you from using Bluff for three rounds. Additionally, Adnul love to use his Blech on your heals. It may take you quite a few attempts to defeat him.
  • The signature move best used against him is Boast from Caiwyn. Use this skill when you are at very low health and forced to drink due to Adnul’s buff.
  • Watch for his buff and try to get in Bluffs between his buffs to prevent taking damage from drinking.


Graster Beakerbane – Black Citadel – For Science (Easy)



  • Graster drinks Water every other round and his signature move increase his heal from Water by quite a large amount. You have to play aggressive here, drink frequently and keep your HP low. This allow your Belch to recharge faster and hit harder.
  • The signature move from Maddie, Woo, works great here. Activate when you see Graster activate his.

gw2-belcher's-bluff-graster-beakerbane-3 Poyaqui – Labyrinthine Cliffs – Spirits Vision (Medium -Hard)



  • Poyaqui isn’t particularly hard for a Grandmaster. To challenge him, you must have defeated all five masters listed above and then you can find him in Labyrinthine Cliffs (a bit high up in the north section of the map).
  • Poyaqui will mimic your moves until he activate his signature moves once he get to about 60% HP. To counter this, select Critique from Adnul as your signature move and activate it at the start. Use 3x Bluff, which will consume all charges of Critique, will bring Poyaqui low enough that he will activate his signature moves (you should be still at full health)
  • From here on, you will need to closely monitor Poyaqui’s buff icon. The moment you see Poyaqui’s buff icon disappear, activate Bluff. This will buy a round for your Water heal. Getting a Bluff in is crucial as without if you will probably lose to Poyaqui when he is around 5-10% HP.


  • You can try to use Bluff when the buff is up. Doing so will remove Poyaqui’s buff but then he will keep copying your moves until he regains his signature move buff.


Meta achievement

Master of Om – Complete all six achievements below

  • Reward: Title – Omnomnivore, 15 achievement points

Solo achievements

  • Punisher – Punish opponents for using Bluff 25 times – 11 achievement points
  • You’ve Got the Moves – Obtain all six signature moves- 11 achievement points
  • One Drink Left – Defeat your opponent while one drink away from losing – 5 achievement points
    • You tend to get this achievement done while drinking against Maddie, Adnul Irongut or Poyaqui
  • Flaunt It – Use all six Signature Moves against your opponents – 11 achievement points

Versus Players achievements

  • Frequent Belcher – Play Belcher’s Bluff against other players – 16 achievement points
  • Drinks All Around! – Play Belcher’s Bluff with a player of every race – 11 achievement points

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

105 replies on “GW2 Belcher’s Bluff activity guide”

For the Drinks All Around achievement, do you have to play it with 5 characters of different races that you own to get the achievement? Or does it mean that your opponents must be from all 5 races?

One question. When you learn a Signature Skill, is it unlocked on your entire account, or just the character? Same question applies to the Infinite Belcher’s Bluff kit; it would REALLY suck if you had to buy the kit each time on every one of your characters. >.<

My advised order would be to get berddi out of the way, then suffer through maddie, then Graster, then Caiwyn, and then Adnul and lastly Poyaqui.

i don’t get how to chalange other players. any thoughts or do you presume it’ll be released at a later date?

Will this kits be available after the event is finished? Like if I want to get the permanent one I don’t have to worry about getting it now and just farm the 100 gold later?

Oh and btw Dulfy, thanks for all this guides, they’re always a great help.

Vsing Poyaqui and trying your method, he never has a turn where his special isn’t in effect. I’m not sure how “The moment you see Poyaqui’s buff icon disappear, activate Bluff. ” works

For the versus player achievements, do we get it just by doing it one time? Or do we have to grind it, like it has many tiers?

You need to do it 50 times according to the achievement panel.

However, what I noticed is that if your opponent forfeits during the match and leaves, you will NOT get credit towards the achievement AND you will lose your belcher’s bluff kit. So do this with someone who’s after the achievement as well or with friends.

ps. I’m after the achievement and have 48 of the kits with me. 🙂

Anyone know the most efficient way to get Punisher? Mine also doesn’t seem to be updating in the UI?

Being base health tied to the character’s profession and increased with vitality, why didn’t anyone mention some sort of “Play X profession with Y gear to maximize victory chances”?
Thanks for this and for every other guide you made… 🙂

You wrote at a certain point “juice of water”, but I think you meant “juice or water”, right?

Great, foods got fixed, so I get late in the party and now I have to do the proper way while a bunch of cheaters already cheated their way thru the achievement? ty anet…

For the record it is not cheating. Food buffs are perfectly legit in any environment for the player’s benefit. The dev team simply forgot to turn it off for this one specific NPC. Given the difficulty of this Belcher the food regen buff was actually very cool and should remain for those who need help with it.

i played with my Guardian and i don’t believe i saw any green numbers. but i may be wrong.
now i wonder if you can have others around who, who are not playing heal you. it wasn’t instanced was it?

However, except the grandmaster, all are simply in the home instances – people can join you there.

There’s a bug on Adnul in which he begins the match with Critique, but it does not show up underneath his name when selected. Perhaps he is belching, but the animation and text are not for belching and it happens twice in a row.

That bug is still not solved as of today! If you get a message saying ‘your opponent is watching you closely’ at the start of the match while bluffing, resign and restart your match. Adnul will start using “Critique” once his health goes below 60%.

It has apparently been patched on, or doesn’t work with other foods than mango pie. Will try again with mango pie later though I highly doubt it.

I don’t understand how on earth you justify Graster being easy. Every other turn he heals half his health, the strategy you have of keeping your HP low to buff the belch doesn’t make sense. I can’t belch every other turn.

Belch recharges after 3 drinks/water so the more you drink and the less you bluff it recharges faster. Rotation is basically Belch -> Drink -> Drink -> Water -> Belch. Once you get Graster low just use the Woo skill from Maddie and he will be defeated pretty quickly. Have you watched the video?

You want credits for sharing an exploit with the public? Post this crap on the Live Forums, you’ll get all the credit you need.

Latest path notes:

– Drinking on an empty stomach is the only way to play Belcher’s Bluff. Food buffs are now removed when the match begins.
– Adnul Irongut has calmed down, no longer insisting on critiquing at every possible moment.

Arenanet has acknowledged that Adnul was too difficult for many. He’s been nerfed. Try
again. For those who defeated him in his pre-nerfed state you REALLY earned that achievement! 🙂

They apparently fixed his critique spam but when i verse him, as soon as the buff stops, he’ll wait 1, maybe 2 rounds and critique again. How is that fixed?

I agree. I call bullshit on that fix. They just made it harder because you can’t use food now.

It used to be back to back. As in, you could NEVER bluff, as he’d refresh it on the turn it expired.

An exploit is something that negatively changes the mechanics of the game for personal gain. Given that food buffs where simply active during the Belcher’s Bluff means that it was not an exploit. At the time I did not think it was an exploit. I thought it was part of the Belcher’s Bluff mini-game given Adnul’s difficulty. When Arenanet patched this then it became an unintended bug; a bug Arenanet didn’t bother to check before pushing the update live.

It is worth noting that health boosts from the gemstore still work and hasn’t AFAIK been patched. Curious that the buff from an item you buy from the TP was removed, but the buff from an item you buy from the gemstore is not… hmm. Double standard?

That was the only item I thought looked best. Too bad GW2 did not have player housing. The shield would look great over a fireplace.

Obviously (since it was patched) food buffs were not intended. The fact that they worked /exploited the mechanics of the game in your favor/.

Otherwise, the karma weapon issue from launch wouldn’t of been called an exploit, now would it?

Exploits don’t change anything about how the game works – otherwise, they’d simply be hacks not exploits. (not saying a hack can’t use an exploit to work, but exploits by themselves don’t change things in the game – they simply are).

I recently completed Gates of Madness (one of the hardest missions in Guild Wars: Nightfall) using two very well known exploits (they’re listed on the GW1 wiki of all places).

The first is to flag stack my heroes just outside the entrance and pull Shiro Tagachi all the way back so that he passes the entrance threshold. After he does this he’ll bug out and try to return to his starting position. All I needed to do was keep ranging him and he constantly bounced back and forth between attacking and fleeing. thereby effectively cancelling his Impossible Odds skill; an ability that can and has one-shot my party.

For the Undead Lich the exploit is to run to each shrine and flag stack my heroes behind the shrines. Because this is beyond the Undead Lich’s range it will retreat back to its starting position. This freed me up to kill the mobs at each shrine in short order. Once the shrines were mine the Undead Lich died in about 1.5 – 2 minutes.

Given the nearly impossible difficulty of these two bosses would you consider these exploits or beneficial tricks? If you say “beneficial trick” then in my mind Mango Pie was a beneficial trick to defeat the nearly impossible difficulty of Adnul.

I did and I didn’t use any tricks like the rejuv booster. It took like 10 tries, but it’s possible.

Try this: that worked the first time for me (or may be i’m just lucky)

1st : Don’t forget to use a rejuvenate booster, its help a little.

2nd : take Boast as special move

3rd : Always bluff, don’t waste your belch trying to counter water or bluff, the norn never ever bluff and use water randomly. and don’t worry to be punished, it doen’t matter

4th : (Wait for the first belch of the norn to follow this) When water or belch is avaible, use them immediatly (belch first if both are avaible)

5th : if critique is up for 3 round and if water and belch are disable for 3 round, use boast. (actually i used it near the end just for fun) if not, follow 4th.

6th : if the norn begin with a belch, retry.

i finished the fight with ~45% life. good luck

“Belcher’s Bluff kit” – are these permanent available to obtain or only during event? Where I will get 100 gold in 2 weeks -_-

Instruments are permanent additions aswell, but you can get them only during certain amount of time – this is why I ask. It’s very hard to determine for casual player like me when they just rain time-limited content all over the place 🙁

even with all tips and tricks its still impossible. the skills for us are bugged. we take 20% instead of 10% dmg and we heal 10% instead of 20% as written in the skill description. the exploit they fixed was the only way to actually beat it its really pure luck.

Adnul is IMPOSSIBLE. Even if he doesn’t use his skill that keeps me from healing, he ALWAYS sees a bluff, hurts me and I cannot keep on bluffing.

And since I can only use Boast once, it is just not enough. I never got him anything under half, at most 40% health.

I don’t understand – the guide for how to beat Maddie in Belcher’s Bluff uses HER elite skill “Woo” to beat her. How can we use that skill when we haven’t beaten her yet?! A guide that is actually doable would be nice please. Many thanks.

Please actually watch the video before commenting. If you had watched the video to the end, you will notice that I never used Woo against her. You are forced to select a signature move before you can start the fight and the video is my third win against her so I had to pick Woo even though I am not using it.

Figured I’d try posting a comment here about this since I don’t have many friends willing to bother with this in game. And really was unsure of where to post this on the official forums, so here I am.

But if anyone is wanting someone to grind out the “Frequent Belcher” and “Drinks All Around” achievement with, I am up for it. I have one of every race in LA and can buy tables. Just send me a in-game mail to Kaliyanei or Katreyn.4218 and we can plan something out. I’m on US server Ferguson’s Crossing, but I can guest to any US server if needed.

Edit: for some reason it kept my old post. You can delete that one if needed. >.< Didn't mean to spam.

Edit2: Thanks to Atri to sitting through 50 games of alcoholism. xD And the nice charr/sylvari guy that helped me get the last two races. You guys are awesome. 🙂

If anyone needs help with races or games in the future send me a message (Kaliyanei) and I'll try to help you.

Has it been confirmed that “Punisher”, “One Drink Left”, and “Flaunt It” can only be achieved via solo matches with NPCs, and cannot be obtained in a Versus Match? If so, that’s a rather strange decision on the devs’ part. And there’s nothing in the flavor text to indicate that these shouldn’t also work for Versus matches.

Friend told me he got “games played” for the Belchers Bluff you play with the pirates in the Whispers quest line where you rescue Demi Beetlemore. I did not confirm it, but it might be worth checking out for anyone trying to complete this achievement without buying kits.

Would anyone like to grind out some of these achievements? Message me in game, DAVYtm.7168 or ign Davytm

Hi Dulfy, I watched all yours videos and they were very helpful. Thanks to them I could beat most of the bluff masters, except one – Adnul Irongut. I used exactly in the same way skills as you did (even wrote all down), but I couldn’t defeated him. I tried various tactics and nothing… Any advice how I could beat him pls? Running out of patient here 🙁 Thanks!

Adnul is really tricky to beat. There isn’t much you can do except trying it alot of times and get lucky. There are some suggestions posted by other below you can try but as they are kinda exploitly I cannot mention them.,

iron gut keeps killin me guys he’s such a pain in the arse… 🙁 i’ve sitting inside that instance and got him to one drink death but he keeps healing when he’s abt to lose or blechs at me and kills me pls help need a real solution to beat this norn boozer…

You can “cheat” by using a rejuvenation booster it makes him “easier”.

PS: it isn’t an exploit ANet fixed the buff food exploit and left this out for some reason, AND winning isn’t 100% sure even with this on.

place a box of fun at the drinking table and set it to petrify mode.
start a match vs adnul.
use the box of fun to petrify yourself.
go do something else for 10 minutes.

I came up with a good way to get punisher, but you’ve got to beat Poyaqui first, and you’ve got to use it on Pyaqui:
1) start match with poyaqui
2) pick spirit vision as your special
3) when match starts, activate spirit vision and bluff
4)Poyaqui will copy your bluff, but since you have spirit vision, he’ll be punished
5) surrender, rinse and repeat

Hope this helps!

just testes this and no go, looks like he’s punished but I get no increase to my Punisher total, maybe they changed something or I’m doing something wrong

Got the norn 3rd try…just watch him, use your heal after his belch, Boast is key, but don’t waste it early game, save it for later when you’re low health or have bluff locked and belch on cooldown

thanks for the guide Dulfy 🙂

I’ve defeated the Charr, Asura, and Human without gaining the signature moves. I didn’t notice any prerequisites to be done before getting those aside from defeating those NPC. Any idaes?

Same happened to me today. I won 4 npc’s and it didn’t unlock any skill and it’s still 1/6 in the achievement instead of 4/6.

Anyone know what’s mean “race”?
or how to join race?

My last achievement stuck on Drinks all around but don’t know how to do it…

By Race, they mean each of the 5 different races, Asura, Charr, Norn, Human and Sylvari. You have to play against each human controlled player (non-NPC)

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