GW2 Fortune Scraps and Zephyrite skins guide

GW2 Fortune Scraps and Zephyrite skins guide showing you how to acquire the Fortune Scraps needed to purchase the various Catcher backpiece skins and Zephyrite Helm skins.

What can I buy with Fortune Scraps?

Fortune Scraps can be used at the Fortune Scrap Vendor in Labyrinthine Cliffs (near the Bazaar Docks waypoint) or at Black Lion Weapon Specialist (one can be found above the Trading Post in Lion’s Arch).


This vendor currently sell three versions of Zephyrite Helm skins for 250 Fortune Scraps and three versions of Catcher (backpiece) skins for 150 Fortune Scraps each (She also sells  Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box for 10 scraps each). If you are lucky and obtain a Golden Fortune Scrap, you can directly purchase any skins. All of the skins are account bound.

Note: You can also get these skins as rare drops from the Sanctum Sprint chest.

Catcher (backpiece) skins (all animated)


Lighting Catcher Skin


Sun Catcher Skin


Wind Catcher Skin


Zephyrite Helm Skins (All animated, same for both sexes and all armor types)


Zephyrite Wind Helm Skin


Zephyrite Lightning Helm Skin


Zephyrite Sun Helm Skin


Where do I get Fortune Scraps?

Fortune Scraps are obtained from Kite Fortunes. Kite Fortunes give you a 10 minute boost and can give you either the regular Fortune Scrap or the Golden Fortune Scrap. Both versions of Fortune Scraps are account bound.


1) You can find them as random drops off various open world mobs

2) You can find Kite Fortunes from Zephyr Sanctum Kite baskets you can find in all open world zones except Orr (they are marked on the map). The drop rate is fairly low (1 in 10 or less). Each location can be looted once per day per account.


3) You can find them as drops from creatures spawned by Unusual merchants in Labyrinthine Cliffs (drop rate also fairly low).


4) You can purchase Kite Fortunes directly from the Gemstore.(5 for 120 gems, 10 for 200 gems, 25 for 400 gems)

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38 replies on “GW2 Fortune Scraps and Zephyrite skins guide”

Are the helm skins dyeable?. The wind one would be a perfect match for my guardian’s current look if I only could dye the red area.

The items in the preview always got the color of the armor you currently wear. Change your helm’s color if the color in the preview changes aswell it is dyeable.

Also if they’re dyeable they change colors if you preview a dye while still previewing the helmet. I’ll try that when I get back from work tonight.

Just out of curiosity what kind of armor did you have on the female character? Looks to be a medium armor toon and never seen armor look that good. Yes the helm looks good too.

Are Zephyr Sanctum Kite Baskets instanced, like every other mining node? I surely hope so, otherwise it would be a pain to get your hands on Kite Fortunes, making it a godly task (if you’re the unlucky/not rich type of person) to get those backpieces/helm skins.

I don’t know if they are, I know they disappear for me when I loot it. When it respawns though after 5- 10 mins, I can see the icon but if I loot it again it give me nothing. If I wait say after 1 hr and then try to loot it, it works again.

i experienced the following: you see them on the map until someone else loots them. if you sitll manage to find the spot you can loot the bags though. and: thanks dulfy! awesome work as usual.

Yup. Someone opens them, the bags are there for a minute or two, and then there’s a while (maybe 5-10 minutes) where you can’t pick up the bags and it hasn’t become available again. I usually put a personal wp on whatever one I’m running to in case someone opens it while I’m still running to it.

I’m certain you hear it a lot, and if you don’t, then… why do you continue to do this awesome stuff? πŸ˜€ Seriously, thank you for the high quality guides and game changing experiences that you’ve shared with your community. You’ve enhanced the quality of entertainment for many on countless occasions. Please keep up the excellent work! πŸ˜€

Really though Dulfy! YOU ARE AMAZING!! All your information is almost instantly available with each patch, and I have to say I personally wouldn’t have some of the awesome content I have to enjoy on my characters thanks to you! LOVE YOU!!! Keep up the awesome work!

Just so you know since this isn’t mentioned on this page. Kite fortunes CAN drop from normal mobs. I got one off a grawl in wayfarer foothills.

How to get a rare version of Catcher Skin backpacks? On vendor I only see a green version which are account bound, a rare one is tradeable because I see them in TP.

Could you get images of the celstial emlazoned armour pieces? Cant find them anywhere πŸ™

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