GW2 Radiant and Hellfire armor skin gallery

GW2 Radiant and Hellfire armor skins gallery. Radiant and Hellfire armor skins are 3 piece skins (helm, shoulder, gloves) obtained from the account achievement rewards introduced with the Bazaar of the Four Winds patch.

The armor is not dyeable and share same appearance across all armor types.

  • 3k and 12k achievement points for gloves
  • 6k and 15k achievement points for shoulders
  • 9k and 18k achievement points for helm
  • You get a choice between Radiant and Hellfire at each stage above and must pick one.  

Preview codes (obtained from Dragonzz6 on reddit)

  • Radiant Warhelm:[&AgGJqgAA][&AgGKqgAA][&AgGLqgAA][&AgGMqgAA][&AgGNqgAA][&AgGOqgAA][&AgGPqgAA][&AgGQqgAA][&AgGRqgAA]
  • Radiant Vambraces: [&AgF3qgAA][&AgF4qgAA][&AgF5qgAA][&AgF6qgAA][&AgF7qgAA][&AgF8qgAA][&AgF9qgAA][&AgF+qgAA][&AgF/qgAA]
  • Radiant Mantle:[&AgGbqgAA][&AgGcqgAA][&AgGdqgAA][&AgGeqgAA][&AgGfqgAA][&AgGgqgAA][&AgGhqgAA][&AgGiqgAA][&AgGjqgAA]
  • Hellfire Warhelm:[&AgGSqgAA][&AgGTqgAA][&AgGUqgAA][&AgGVqgAA][&AgGWqgAA][&AgGXqgAA][&AgGYqgAA][&AgGZqgAA][&AgGaqgAA]
  • Hellfire Vambraces: [&AgGAqgAA][&AgGBqgAA][&AgGCqgAA][&AgGDqgAA][&AgGEqgAA][&AgGFqgAA][&AgGGqgAA][&AgGHqgAA][&AgGIqgAA]
  • Hellfire Mantle: [&AgGkqgAA][&AgGlqgAA][&AgGmqgAA][&AgGnqgAA][&AgGoqgAA][&AgGpqgAA][&AgGqqgAA][&AgGrqgAA][&AgGsqgAA]

Video showing off armor animations



Radiant Armor



Hellfire Armor




Hellfire Armor


Radiant Armor



Hellfire Armor


Radiant Armor


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94 replies on “GW2 Radiant and Hellfire armor skin gallery”

how many ahcievements points are required for those?
also great job as usual,thanks for all the coverage you do on the coming events ^^

I asked but they were not really sure. One dev said it could be anywhere from 3k-5k achievement to start but she wasn’t certain either. Wish I could give you a concrete answer sorry.

i have 4k5 points and my friend have near 9989 points, so yes, 3k is nothink 😀 (best on my server have 8000+ points)

please dont say best, since it doesnt have anything to do with how good the player is 😛 and this comes from a 7,9k player, but i agree that 3k is nothing, even some friends who log in like once in a week or two have around 3k

What does that have anything to do with it? Then they are newbies who started playing and need to earn it. It’s not freebies.

Also with new Living Story coming out every 2 weeks there are more than enough opportunities to get lots of achievement points.

Bazaar Ambassador alone is 50 APs.

Doing some of those achievements require boring tasks. I pass on doing a lot of those so I don’t get the achievements.

I think what they were going for is that you shouldn’t be too worried about these rewards, and should think of them as extra goodies as you play the game.
The only problem with that philosophy being that these goodies are some of the few new armor skins they have released since, well, release. And it doesn’t help that the only full armor set skin is shoved into the cash shop.

Only if you don’t play the game ROFL.

Friend (a girl) has over 8100 APs, I have almost 5000 even though I had not played for 5 months.

Gloves are 3k
Mantle + Helm 6k
Chest + Legs 9k

What are the leggings that are in the first pictures with the human female? haven’t played in a while but they are exactly what i was looking for for a certain look on my warrior. was it a limited time armor skin or is it still possible to get it?

everyone going to look the same id rather they add more body/facial features them more and more skins……everyone gona look the same

Can you only get one or the other? Or if I have enough achievement points I can have both sets?

When you reach a certain amount of points, not yet known how many, you get a chance to choose 1 part at least from these 6 parts, yet again, no one knows how armour skins will be rewarded for certain.

I hope we get a shot of aquiring both sets , the prices for them not being 7k achiv points. Here’s to hoping. Dulfy please keep us posted 🙂

I dont think anyone with less of 15k points will be able to unlock both sets, Anet doesnt want this work to be consumed in a week, also when they establish points for these skins they will be able to add up new ones before anyone reaches them. 🙂

15k points? haha that is funny , the casual community will burn the forums if this would happen let’s not overreach please 🙂 . And related to the work in a week it’s 3 items only I call that hardly work , the community wants new armor sets since last year? maybe.

Well yeah i am not fan of achievement points myself, have almost 6k by daily playing without doing dailies and just having fun. I play since launch and rarely do any dailies, but i almost always try to do monthlies. I never said that i would be happy to see sets to cost around 15k because i’m one of the casuals 🙂

If you play daily and have 6k achievement points you aren’t a casual player by any stretch of the imagination.

Nope. Do you know how Hall of Monuments work? So you never spend any points you just progress and progress until you reach a milestone where you get rewards based on what kind of chest it is, then again you go up and up and up you points are never spent. Also when you choose a skin you can withdraw it as many times as you wish.

Its an Account wide skin, so once you’vfe unlocked it you can use it for any character in your account for as many times as you wish. =D

Each individual piece is but you can get others by looking in the summary page of your achievements.

They gave you the items but did they clearly say at which amount of points each part will be unlocked? Braces are unlocked 3000, 6000 for last part sounds weird

At certain levels of achievement points, you get choices on what to unlock for your account. I’ve seen the gloves (someone said @ 3k). I know that the weapons unlock at 1k and I think 2k so you can pick which one to unlock.

Though they say ‘soulbound on aquire’ you can go into your achievement panel summary on any character and get as many as you’d like on however many characters.

Dulfy you’re not right about the achievement points. The bracers are 3k, not 6k. Besides that, the forums will burn down if it’s true that you need 6k and 9k points for the other pieces. Almost no one has that.

3k for the gloves, 6k for the shoulders and 9k for the helm. I was responding to the guy about the helm below and did not see he mentioned incorrectly 6k for the gloves.

Hey Dulfy, do you know, for example if i choose Radiant Skin will i get heavy, medium and light as well or just one of em ?

If i have exactly 9k achievepoints and i want both set is 9k is enough for both 3 piece of hell and radiant? Or i can only have 1 set oh between them? How many achipoints to get both sets?

Currently it is not possible to get both sets. At this rate, it will take 18k achievement points to finish one set (a piece every 3k), and if they give the option for more it might take 36k total to complete both.

i believe that comment is a mistake you if there are only 3 pieces, the one set will be completed at 9k achievement points! If I’m wrong then excuse my ignorance! It’s still not possible as of yet to complete both sets but 3k for 1 vambraces, 6k for mantle and 9k for helm! which you state at the top of this page!

Lazy Anet.

Instead of designing three different versions (Light, Medium and Heavy) they all look the same (Heavy).

Look at the plates and stuff on the Radiant, obviously Heavy.

Got today the “radiant” shoulders with my mesmer. When i got the skin, i couldnt use it. Game told me that its only for heavy class. Destroyed the skin, and retrieved it again. Again, i can use the shoulder skin only for the heavy class. Anybody an idea how to obtain the shoulders for the light class?

I think that happens and you just double tap to transmute it. Previewing and such always seems to make it preview for the heavy class for some reason…

is it possible to get both sets already(ignoring the fact that you only get one chest per day)? I’m wondering because 18k is hell of a lot.

yeah of course. that exactly was my question. is it possible to have 18k points already? 😉 I’m barely at 6k but I’m not really far so I’m curious if it is possible to have that amount already

hey i’ve been inactive for a pretty long time already, i’ve logged on today to see how to get my hands on those gloves. Can someone tell me how to actually get them? ( I’m on 4Kish archievement points atm)

what kind of armor is the female human toon wearing demonstrate the radiant and hellfire? It looks like some kind of plate skirt?

The Hellfire looks so good on my Charr but I find myself wishing I had picked the radiant because of how unique it is.

Do you know what the equivalent dyes for the Hellfire set are? Obviously I’d like to blend the items with the rest of my armour pieces.

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