GW2 Sanctum Sprint activity guide

GW2 Sanctum Sprint activity guide with detailed writeup and video. Sanctum Sprint is a new racing minigame introduced with the Bazaar of the Four Winds patch.

Getting started


Sanctum Sprint is a mini game in Labyrinthine Cliffs/Zephyr Sanctum that challenge players against 11 other players for a race to the finish. Along the way, players must gather crystals and powerups to use their abilities that allow them to navigate around obstacles and bypass opponents.

The designers of this game drew their inspiration from Rollerbeetle Racing in the original Guild Wars, an activity that first opened up during Canthan New Year celebration back in 2007.

The race itself is around 8 minutes but most players will finish it in 4-5 minutes. This minigame is only available for the month of July and will be removed once Zephyr Sanctum has departed.

Video demonstration

The following video was recorded on an empty track and does not demonstrate use of the power-ups. It is mainly used to show off the track.



You are given abilities 1-3 by default but must collect power ups to activate skills 4-0. The powerups you get are randomized and depends on your position in the race so you don’t really have control over which powerups you get.

Racers in the front tend to get more abilities like 5 (Fake Power-up) and 6( Grounded) while racers in the back tend to get more  abilities such as Gale, Lightning Rod or Blinding Light.

gw2-sanctum-sprint-leap-icon Leap Use Aspect of Wind to Leap really high
gw2-sanctum-sprint-light-dash-icon Light Dash Dash Forward at Speed of Light (1s recharge)
gw2-sanctum-sprint-lightning-pull-icon Lightning Pull Use Lightning to pull yourself to the target location (900 range, 5s recharge)
gw2-sanctum-sprint-aspect-master Aspect Master Power up all of your movement skills for a short time (i.e. you can leap higher, dash longer, jump further with skills 1-3)
gw2-sanctum-sprint-fake-power-up-icon Fake Power- up Place a fake power-up that launches competitors and remove their power-ups
gw2-sanctum-sprint-grounded-icon Grounded Learn the next skill you’re hit with and gain stability
gw2-sanctum-sprint-gale-icon Gale Slow down your competitors with a mighty gust of wind. Knocks down airborne competitors (900 range)
gw2-sanctum-sprint-lightning-rod-icon Lightning Rod Call down bolts of lighting to stun other racers (1200 range)
gw2-sanctum-sprint-blinding-light-icon Blinding Light Blind competitors with the sun’s brilliant light (1200 range)
gw2-sanctum-sprint-light-travel-icon Light Travel Teleport to the next checkpoint

Crystals and Powerups

Blue Crystals: Light Dash here uses endurance so you must recharge your endurance by collecting blue crystals you encounter along the way. There is also an achievement for collecting 500 of these crystals, which is fairly easy to get.


Orange Crystals: Not far into the race you will also get orange crystals. These crystals will grant you swiftness and vigor for a few seconds, allowing you to move faster and regenerate your endurance faster.


Generic Powerups; These brown bags are divided into two categories: defensive Powerups marked by a blue shield and offensive powerups marked by a red crossed sword. These grant you random defensive and offensive abilities respectively depending on your position in the race. (Players in the front tend to get offensive skills such as Fake Power-up while those in the back can get Gale, Lightning Rod of Blinding Light).

  • Defensive abilities: Aspect Master (#4), Grounded (#6)
  • Offensive abilities: Fake Power-up (#5), Gale, Lighting Rod, Blinding Light

Aspect Master enhance all of your 1-3 abilities for a short period of time, allowing to to basically move faster. Fake Power-Up is a really good tool against players that are lagging behind you. Place them on narrow beams or tight areas and some sucker behind you will run into it and get even more behind.


Ability specific powerups: You will also encounter powerups that are specific for your 1-3 abilities along the way. Beware that some of these are fake powerups placed by other players so if you run into one you may get knocked back. These specific powerups specifically enhance the corresponding skill, allowing you to either leap higher, dash further, or pull yourself further. Shown below are the powerups for Light Dash and Leap.


Track Markings 

If you played around abit in Labyrinthine Cliffs, these track markings should be familiar to you. Basically they tell you what skills to use to get around the obstacle.

The cloud marking tell you to use #1 Leap to get up top.


The lightning marking tell you to use your #3 Lightning pull to get around.


Rewards & Points

Every single time you finish the race, you can open a chest at the end. The chest contains a number of Quartz crystals and a random item (usually green). Anyone that finishes the race get the same chest, there are no additional rewards for finishing first or second etc.

  • Very rarely you can get a Catcher backpiece skin from this chest


The score you see up top are calculated by how many checkpoints you cross and how many other players you have outrun. A typical match has 12 players and 13 checkpoints so you maximum score should be 175 if you come in first place.


You will get a title Sanctum Sprinter for placing first in the Sanctum Sprint activity.


Unlike rewards, there are achievements for coming out on top.

Sanctum Sprint – Find the Aspect Master – 1 achievement point


  • Find and speak with the Sanctum Spirit activity master in Zephyr Sanctum. Talk to the Aspect Master just south of Sky Docks waypoint (crossed flags on your map) will complete this achievement.

Crystal Obsessed – Collect 500 crystals in Sanctum Sprint – 21 achievement points

  • In Sanctum Spirit, collect as many (blue) crystals as possible
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 50
  • Tier 3: 100
  • Tier 4: 250
  • Tier 5: 500

Crowd Favorite – Complete Sanctum Sprint 25 times – 10 achievement points

  • Complete Sanctum Sprint multiple times
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 5
  • Tier 3: 15
  • Tier 4: 25

Pickup Completionist – Use 7 unique pick up items – 9 achievement points

  • In Sanctum Sprint, use every possible pickup item at least once.
  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 3
  • Tier 3: 7

Speedy Sprinter – Place top 3 – 5 achievement points

  • Place among the top three racers in Sanctum Sprint

Sanctum Sprinter – Place first – 10 achievement points

  • Place first in Sanctum Sprint
  • Title: Sanctum Sprinter

Frequent Sprinter – Run 15 races of Sanctum Sprint – 0 achievement points

  • This achievement can be completed infinite times until Sanctum Sprint goes away. You get a loot bag for its completion, which contains a rare item.

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Not to be a grammar-someone, but you wrote ‘which contain a rare item.’ at the very end.
If you can maybe change it to ‘which contains a rare item.’
And please no bashing or flaming, i’m just trying to help Dulfy reach Godlike Perfection :p

It’s not a problem, i’m just really glad you make time for the community.

I really love your guides, so thanks you a gazillion! <3

Have to ask

The “Crystal Obsessed” achievement is it for one race a total of 500 or cumulative across multiple races?

Thanks for the good work Dulfy !
I ran two races this morning (after a small patch) and I had a karma item and a bag of coin. So my guess is they have update the chest at the end 🙂

Why the hell did they place this in pvp though. once you end you cant even go afk for 2 minutes or you will get disconnected…


Under “getting started” for the sprint, why in the blue-eyed world wouldn’t you include WHERE TO GO TO GET INTO THE RACE?

After half an hour of poking around, I gave up.

There is a big red circle on the NPC’s location on the map and even a pic of the NPC..and I even included the waypoint and line of dots connecting that waypoint to the NPC.

The NPC indicated by the red circle and picture (the “Aspect Master”) sends you to some PvP area, not to any race. This leads to the conclusion that this is not the NPC who sends you to the Sanctum Sprint, which in turn leaves one wondering where to go to get into the race. I have since read that this is a bug and might be fixed some day. Probably right after the Zephyr leaves town.

Hey! My Sanctum Sprint isn’t working at all. Everytime I try to do the Sprint, it redirects me to the normal PvP. I’ve talked to the Aspect Master and even restarted the client etc. I also waited a day to see if they made a fix but no such luck. Help please? 🙁

Ah, I just saw that they are coming out with a fix. In the meantime, you have to go to the Sanctum Sprint from the first conversation screen with the Aspect Master.

Does anybody know what all the abilities are that you need to do to complete Pickup Completioninst? I’ve been at 6/7 for the past 10 rounds and can’t figure out what I’m missing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Got it this morning. Make sure you get hit by something while using Standing, I think that’s what I was missing. Good luck!

Getting first now gives a different Bag of Coins that doesn’t stack with the others, as well as a Sip of liquid Karma as opposed to a thimble. Just thought I should put that up here somewhere.

It would appear that this round of the achievement is bugged. For the new Living Story, we have to complete 10 Sanctum Sprint’s. I completed 4, yet it still only shows me at 1/10.

is it not possible to get the title sanctum sprinter this round even though one is first place? because i had 175points a few times and i still did not get the title

And you’re an asshole. Now that we shared our opinion of each other, I’m not sure why you felt it was important to tell me yours to begin with, but whatever.

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