GW2 Skyhammer PvP map preview

Skyhammer is a 3-point capture map with a superweapon that can turn the tide around. If one can pick three words to describe Skyhammer, the new map introduced with the Bazaar of Four Winds, it would be verticality, knockbacks, and cannon.





Like Temple of Silent Storm, Skyhammer is not just a flat map. It has a number of vertical layers, separated by jump pads. Here in the screenshot, you can at least 3 layers.


Players can move freely between the layers via the numerous jump pads placed throughout the map. This bring the fight to another dimension and allow players to gain the drop on or escape from opponents.



What is verticality without players falling to their deaths? The glass flooring you see in this map are special. They will shatter about 2-3 seconds after a player steps on them. This means you can lure an opponent across a glass floor and if they are stupid enough to follow you, they may drop dead, literally. By the same token, if you are against multiple opponents and in trouble, you can walk over a glass and then try to knockback your opponents into the gaping hole.


In addition, both objective A and C are located very near the edge of the map with multiple glass flooring surrounding it. This will make for some interesting play with both the glass flooring and the edge of the floor to worry about.



This map is named after a special Asuran weapon called the Skyhammer. It is a massive cannon that is player controlled and can hit a majority of the map. It has a 6s recharge attack that deals ~10k damage and knockdown enemy players caught in it for 2s.

It can be accessed by an Asuran gate located in the middle of the map. This gate will take you to a control room with multiple glass floorings. It should make for some interesting gameplay as both teams try to gain control of this weapon of mass destruction to bring chaos to the enemy team down below.


Think of Battle of Kyhlo but with a bigger trebuchet.


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4 replies on “GW2 Skyhammer PvP map preview”

Very impressive! I cannot wait to jump right into this map upon the release of the new patch.

I can see a lot of players taking advantage of knock-backs, especially Mesmers & Elementalists. Ah, I can feel the frustration already.

Cheers for the very valuable information!

~ Zealon

Gah, why can’t we knock mobs off edges? The loot claim is bunk, as wvw proves that loot can spawn to us in such cases.

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