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  • Krychek

    They look great! If you don’t mind asking – what type of armor is that on your elementalist trying out a new staff? Thanks!

    • DJRiful

      Its’ Tier 3 Cultural gears for Human.

  • apnea

    i’m looking forward seeing the sword and the greatsword

    • I actually do have a pic of the GS, I didn’t put it up as it was a dev holding it and the background/lightning conditions were kinda messy. Here it is: http://i.imgur.com/yGjtdmz.jpg

      • apnea

        ty so much this is so beautiful . i love it.

      • manu

        You can buy skins as you accumulate AP and choose one skin at a time. However, can you buy it infinite times as for the armors? i.e. can I have infinite Great swords for all my characters once I unlock it?

        • yes infinite times just like HOM skins

  • Zenalie

    Is that the only weapons available? No Focus/hammer/mace/rifle/etc?? I’d love to wield Zenith sword/focus on my mesmer ;__;

    • Full set is available, we were only given a couple to play with so that is why you don’t see the complete set

      • Zenalie

        Thanks for the response! Also i read a bit more of your guide, do you know if it is possible to unlock all of them?

        • Yes if you have high enough achievement points I think.

  • Tahkayun Ren

    When can we get Realistic weapons for once? These look awful.

    • Chindo

      Have… have you never looked at the TP? There are heaps of Realistic weapons. Your opinion on this set is noted, but forget about this “for once” nonsense.

    • Flirt

      Yes we could really use more realistic looking weapons for our magic spells to come out of.

      • Sandro123

        Realistic weapons are Human cultural Tier 1 and 2. You can either buy them for karma, 10k T1 and 20 or 30 T2 or go and spend badges of honor and buy them as skins on any WvW map, fairly low for T1 and a bit more for T2.

      • Guest


    • randomguy

      get some guild recommendation, and buy them realistic weapons, actually look cool.

    • Suic

      The set you can get with guild commendations is definitely the best ‘realistic’ set in the game in many people’s opinion.

    • ena

      realistic…you mean the ones that the mobs drop?

    • Ken Benn

      This is a fantasy game as well, so I don’t see why there needs to be “realistic anything” in the game.

    • Necroman

      there’s more realistic weapons in game than these fantastic and “glowy” ones.
      you can find realistic ones much more easily.

    • dddffhffr

      Most white weaps look quite realistic if i remember it correctly

  • Airwolf

    I hope that the focus looks just as great. I do like some of the focus skins currently in game, but nothing truly amazing.

  • awbee

    Oh my god these are SO beautiful. Probably my favorite weapons so far. Thanks for the pictures, and thanks anet for creating them!!

  • Sevv

    Wow. just wow…

  • Kuro Inu

    yeah such great weapons and you can use them more than one time! 😀 I was a little worried after the last events with great skins. It just sucks that you can use shatterer wings or gloves of living story just one time…

  • imanol

    When you ding the x,000 achievement points, are you required to pick your skin immediately? I ask because I main an engineer and a ranger, and these zenith weapons won’t go well at all with their all-leather look. I have a couple of alts though, but I haven’t decided yet what weapon they will be sticking to.

    • Sandro123

      I think you should pick up immediately but also you can withdraw as many copies of these skins as you wish

    • Yes you might need to do. If I recall is a chest that pop up on the right side of the screen like daily chests.

    • Siqness

      There was an arrow in the right hand corner, said something like “Pick up later” or “I don’t want this now.”

    • Lakvar

      I did not see what Siqness is talking about this morning and thought the choice was forced .. but it’d make for a smart design. I hope he’s right 🙂

  • Akamon

    thanks for all of this, Dulfy! not sure if i missed this somewhere.. but will these be available for t/sPvP?

    • yup, they should be

  • Sandro123

    I like greatsword and staff so much, might even abandon my mists greatsword on mesmer XD

  • Anni

    Yuck. Hideous.

  • Airwolf

    Well, seems like the second day will be weapon day 😀

  • digi_owl

    So one pr major chest, nice way to string us along ANet…

  • Siqness

    Are these bows backwards? I don’t want to shoot myself :O

  • Kenna

    At last a rifle skin from Engi! a tear on my eye

  • Vic

    where could i get the these skins? my 2nd chest(1,000) doesn’t have this :3

    • 1000 is NOT your second chest. Your first chest is 100, your second chest is 500. 1000 is your 3rd which comes tomorrow at reset.

  • phetus

    I’ve scanned this page over and over and can’t seem to find where the skins other than GS, LB, SB, staff and hammer come from. Little help in the right direction please?

    • It is all from the same chest I believe, just now shown

  • Dizz

    Can I unlock all Zenith Weapon Skin?

    And I can choose one skin every 1000 achievement poins, right?

    • Lakvar

      Well, 1000 and 2000 chests give you a choice of Zenith. 3000 thousand is armor (gloves) and it is my guess 4000 and 5000 are Zenith weapons again, as I said above.

      • I thought it was only the 2k chest.

        • Nah it is at 1k, 2k, 4k, 5k, 7, 8, 10k achievement points. 3, 6, and 9k pts are skipped since they give out radiant/hellfire armor skins there.

          • Ah.. good looking (as always) Dulfy. I had the drop points off in my head. I thought I got the 2k one today, but it was only the 1k. Which is sweet because it means I get one for both my primary weapons at Sunday’s reset. 😀

            • Btw you still need the hammer animation? I found someone with the hammer and took some screenshots. I grabbed a video I can upload as well.

              • Not as much now. I thought my AP was only netting me one, but I’ll have the next one soon. Others might want to see it though as I couldnt find it. Thanks Dulfy. You rock.

  • phtotrope

    I can’t help but wonder what the future holds for these chests. It’s making it hard to decide whether or not to save for later. My main concern is if the Zenith set will always be available, or will they replace them continually with new weapon sets. I feel like they’re throwing this new system at us without much explanation of the future. I’d like to get some of these weapons, but I’m afraid if they replace them, getting another 1000 AP in time will be difficult.

    • Suic

      That’s not really how it works. You don’t ‘spend’ your achievement points. Once you get a certain number, you get the reward without trading in, just like for the HoM rewards. So, if they do add in more rewards, it will be for a higher tier.

      • phtotrope

        Yeah, I understand that they aren’t spent. I was just wondering if there would be any benefit to saving a chest for later, aside from not knowing which Zenith weapon to pick. Basically I would like to know if 1000/2000 AP will always be Zenith weapons.

        • Rehjo

          3000 AP chest gives you a choice of Radiant/Hellfire gauntlets, just that. Not sure about the 4000 AP yet, it’s not visible on my achievements window yet.

          • phtotrope

            The wiki now has rewards up to 10k AP. It looks like 3k, 6k and 9k will be awarding the armor pieces. I just can’t help but wonder if that’s it? Are Zenith weapons the only thing we have to look forward to from AP rewards? If they start to offer new weapon sets, will they be rewarded only when you’re past 10k AP? Or will they retroactively award them again? If it’s the former, and any time in the near future, I feel like they’ll be inaccessible for years for most players.

        • Lakvar

          EDIT: I thought you were FORCED to pick a skin now .. but reading comments down, I noticed that Siqness said there is an option/button to Save for later or I don’t want this now – something I did not notice this morning. I went with a shield – when it sits on your back it is really compact; when you wield, quite handsome. Do I use shields? Rarely! But now I can. Next up – staff & greatsword, maybe even an underwater weapon. The tiers probably go 1000-2000, 3k is weapon as Rehjo said, then 4000+5000 are zenith again? Just guesswork .. but we’ll wait and see 🙂

  • Cardinal Nightfall

    i did something stupid!

    I unlocked a trident on my ranger for my elementist but i didnt notice it was soulbound on acquire. is it possible to unlock the skin to my elementist aswell? of did i just loose one of my chances?

    • Clone Paradoxy

      Go to your Achievements panel and infinite copies of your claimed skins will be there.

      • Cardinal Nightfall

        thats great news, thanks for reply! 🙂

  • Sylar^

    Zenith dagger; Dat ass

    • John Doe

      Underline the last part of the sentence . The Zenith Dagger is the most underwhelming , i dont understand why they still release the crappiest daggers possible and not making a decent skin for a change.

  • Naz

    Is harpoon gun glowing when shooting like other shooting type weapon?
    Anyone know about this?

  • Isra Lightfist

    Dulfy, the Zenith Shortbow and Longbow both cause the player to leave a trial of multi-hued lightning when running with the weapon wielded. This does not seem to be the case with the other Zenith weapons.

    • Naz

      shield causes too

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  • Gabefh

    What armor u got on the images of the great sword???

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