GW2 mini pets

GW2 Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack

Screenshots of the minis that are released as part of the Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack which can be purchased from the gemstore for 500 gems.


Mini Peggellegg the “Pirate”


Mini Kookoochoo the Incredulous


Mini Poowulpi the Persnicketous


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15 replies on “GW2 Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack”

I’m soooooooo happy about this. I’ve been hoping for a quaggan mini since beta 🙂 and sadly, Foostivoo was RNG. So so glad that these aren’t RNG. 🙂

When you buy the minipack, do you get all three, or just a RNG single? (I would login to check, but I’m crash-bugged because my characters were all in Gendarran. )

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