• Jon

    Quaggan’s a piwate! Yarr!

  • awbee

    I’m soooooooo happy about this. I’ve been hoping for a quaggan mini since beta :) and sadly, Foostivoo was RNG. So so glad that these aren’t RNG. :)

  • Genesis

    The pink quaggan on last row looks so sad D:

    • Charl

      I would be sad as well if I did not have a fancy hat like the first one :<

  • the sad face

    the quaggan slavery era has finally descended upon us!

  • ormtjusarinnan

    i will sooo get these! Have been longing for a quaggan slav.. I mean pet, since launch

  • Nobody

    I was hoping Kookoochoo at least had an animation – for example, the fire breathing one.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    poowulpi looks morbidly obese

  • Gladius

    poor Poowulpi looks like a pinky demon from Doom series :(

  • Yegrinna

    meh, i got the xmas one. i still like that one.

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