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SWTOR CZ-198 Daily area reputation rewards

SWTOR CZ-198 Daily area reputation vendor rewards. This reputation is Ordnance Acquisition Corps for the Imperials and The Adjudicators for the Republic.

Rewarded sorted by Reputation Level

Reputation Rewards Category Credits/Comms
Friend Czerka Security Armor Armor 325k
Friend CZ-P9 Miniprobe Pet 50k
Friend Rating 168 Droid Components Droid 80-100k &
50 Basic Comms each
Friend Rating 162 Mainhands with 69 mods Weapon 350 Elite Comms
Hero Czerka Executive Armor Armor 390k
Hero Czerka Hk-51 Customization Customization 100k
Champion Sword of the Vigilant Weapon skins 500k
Champion Rating 174 Droid Schematics
(450 Cybertech)
Droid 150k credits each
Champion Black and Deep Blue Dye Module Schematic
(450 Artifice)
Dye 100k
Legend Czerka Executive Cruiser Mount 1 mil

Armor and weapons skins

Sword of the Vigilant – 500k credits, Champion Standing (Vibrosword) – Bind on legacy


Czerka Executive Armor – Hero standingBind on legacy



Czerka Security Armor – Friend standingBind on legacy




This armor can be dyed. (Deep Red/White and Dark Purple/Light Blue)


Customization, Mount, Pet, and Dye

Czerka HK-51 Customization – 100k credits, Hero standing – Bind to Legacy


Czerka Executive Cruiser – 1mil credits, Legend standing – Bind to Legacy



CZ-P9 Miniprobe – 50k credits, Friend Standing – Bind to Legacy


Schematic: Black and Deep Blue Dye module – 100 k credits, Champion standing

  • 450 artifice


Droid Components & Schematics/Mainhand Weapons

All parts and schematics are Bind to Legacy (schematics are currently not but will be corrected on live).

CZ-127 – 80-100k credits and 50 Basic Commendations each – Friend standingBind on Legacy

  • DPS/heal set


CZ-144 – 80-100k credits and 50 Basic Commendations each – Friend standing – Bind on Legacy

  • Tanking set


Elite CZ-127 Schematics- 150k credits, Champion standing (Cybertech 450) – Schematic is BOP, crafted parts are BOE

swtor-elitecz-127-droid-components-schematicBooster Parts/Utility Parts

  • Beryllius x6
  • Mythra x10
  • Vial of Stabilized Isotope 5 x1
  • Turadium x10
  • Exotic Element Equalizer x2

Cores/Motors/Targeting Sensor

  • Beryllius x8
  • Mythra x12
  • Vial of Stabilized Isotope 5 x1
  • Turadium x12
  • Exotic Element Equalizer x4

Full set Mat cost

  • Beryllius x52
  • Mythra x80
  • Vial of Stabilized Isotope 5 x7
  • Turadium x80
  • Exotic Element Equalizer x24

Elite CZ-144 Schematics- 150k credits, Champion standing (Cybertech 450) – Schematic is BOP, crafted parts are BOE

  • Same mat costs as the Elite CZ-127


Mainhand Weapons – 350 Elite Commendations each, Friend standing

  • Not all weapons a shown, some are listed below as example.


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72 replies on “SWTOR CZ-198 Daily area reputation rewards”

Don’t know if you found it yet, but theres a Macrobinoculars quest as well. Have to scan an e-mail thing to start it. Awards a purple rep token, minipet and 13k.

Well.. another ugly HK customization. Is it so hard to make rusty red colored droid? I like the mount and finaly they added real droid armor.

Don’t be sorry, I’m excited for that speeder too! We should group up to do these daily quests faster 🙂

Hopefully it will be like the Gree event, where you can just pound out a ton of rep tokens and use them after the reset. Doing this you can have 26820 rep on Day 8 after the patch drops (just past Hero rank). Here’s to hoping :::crosses fingers:::

may be a lil off topic, as I understood all missions are fully voiced?! (am I correct?) – do they grant companion affection?

Are you gonna post the list of missions and their rewards? I’m going for the Legend Rep rank for the speeder so I’d like to get a look at that….

Either way you rock Dulfy!

Those Droid parts have 168 rating but they are worse than basic comm gear or crafted 66 mods… >.>
The picture for the Elite CZ-127 is wrong, btw.

is the speeder Bind on Legacy by any chance or am i gonna have to drop 1mil on every character i want it on

Even though it’s BoL, you’re still going to have to drop 1 mil for every character, as the item is BoL, but the ability most likely isn’t. I say most likely, because we obviously can’t test the speeder because of the rank required, but this is how items currently in the game works.

I imagine it’s fx. so you could send it to your level 30 alt if you wanted – assuming he’s got speeder piloting 3.

And the schematics are Bind on Pickup. So, no trading between alts.
I’ve got loads of basic comms on my main, but zero on my cybetech. -.-

Note that both schematics *and* crafted droid parts bind on pickup. So you need to buy them with your ctech and he can only craft for his own use.

I sincerely hope that’s an omission and will be changed before live.

am i the only one around here that thinks it is retarded that they make 2 motors, parts, and cores available to buy…with the exact same stats!?!

HOLY BANTHA!!! Finally the bestes of best of SWTOR vehicles will be availible as a usable mount! You can bet your bum that I’m going to be farmin’ the repuatation for it like mad!

Finally, a black/blue dye module! I’ve been wanting this for my Commando’s Colossus armor since the dye system came out. Hopefully, they’ll release a white/blue module at some point, for that awesome 501st look.

:O! The new speeder is a two-seater! Is this the one that was explained in that leak of “mysteries of Makeb” expansion all those months ago?
All the same, I am SO excited for this update! I think Bowdaar has a bone to pick with the Czerka officials…

Do you know if by chance there will be a shield gen or the off hand for the sage coming out for legacy bound

Dulfy, in your list it says the new mainhand weapons are 350 Basic Comms each, yet according to the screenshot they require Elite Comms instead. I guess Elite Comms are correct since they have 69 mods. Could you please clarify that? Thanks!

It’s worse than even that Vicious. Its 350 elite coms for the “Barrel/Hilt” as all the other mods in those weapons can be gained from other various items and slotted into a Main Hand weapon.

And even worse, the Hilts/barrels are the Endurance types, adequate for tanks,
Guardian Hilt for Knights/Warriors
Force Wielder Hilt for Consulars/Inquisitors
Commando Barrel For Troopers/Bounty Hunters
Patron Barrel for Smugglers/Agents (this one is utterly useless)

Yeah, I briefly considered buying one of these, if only for my companion (have too many elite coms) but the Tank/Patron barrels totally put me off. What a waste.

Quick question, with gear like the BtL stuff, do the characters in your legacy that you send the gear to also need to have the same reputation?

Dulfy can the Czerka Executive Gear Set be dyed? I have it on my toon but am at work atm :). Thanks

I know the schematic is BoP but if you have made one can you comment as to whether the part itself (core in this case) is also BoP? Therefore, you cannot trade, sell or transfer the part?

There are droid parts that have the same stats but different name (ex. primary core, secondary core). Do I have to craft both or can i craft just one of them twice?

I was disappointed to find that the droid armour is not as good as advanced 28’s in moddable droid armour, at least for DPS. You get a bit more +Crit and +Surge, but lose a lot of base stat and Power.

non-moddable droid parts are just sad.
The droid customization is only for Czerka’s base model droid, not that great.
None of the armor is something I’d put on any of my toons.

I guess that leaves the speeder and the dye recipe

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