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SWTOR Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack contents

A list of the items found in the upcoming Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack released with Patch 2.2.2 on July 9, 2013. High res ingame images are taken from SWTOR facebook page.


Black Efficiency Scanner


Alde Statesman’s Armor set

– Alde Statesman’s Coat
– Alde Statesman’s Boots
– Alde Statesman’s Gloves
– Alde Statesman’s Trousers
– Alde Statesman’s Sash
– Alde Statesman’s Cuffs


Panteer Loyalist Armor set

– Panteer Loyalist Chestguard
– Panteer Loyalist Boots
– Panteer Loyalist Gauntlets
– Panteer Loyalist Helmet
– Panteer Loyalist Greaves
– Panteer Loyalist Utility Belt
– Panteer Loyalist Bracers



Revered Chronicler’s Armor set


Diabolist Armor set

– Diabolist Robes
– Diabolist Boots
– Diabolist Gloves
– Diabolist Lower Robes
– Diabolist Sash
– Diabolist Bracers


Adept Scout Armor set

– Adept Scout Jacket
– Adept Scout Boots
– Adept Scout Gloves
– Adept Scout Earpiece
– Adept Scout Pants
– Adept Scout Utility Belt
– Adept Scout Bracers



Relnex’s Armor set


Imperial Huttball Away Uniform/Imperial Huttball Home Uniform

– Imperial Home/Away Shoulder Pads
– Imperial Home/Away Cleats
– Imperial Home/Away Gloves
– Imperial Home/Away Helmet
– Imperial Home/Away Pants
– Imperial Home/Away Belt



Republic Huttball Away Uniform/Republic Huttball Home Uniform

– Republic Home/Away Shoulder Pads
– Republic Home/Away Cleats
– Republic Home/Away Gloves
– Republic Home/Away Helmet
– Republic Home/Away Pants
– Republic Home/Away Belt



Mira’s Armor set

– Mira’s Jacket
– Mira’s Combat Boots
– Mira’s Gauntlet
– Mira’s Headband
– Mira’s Pants
– Mira’s Utility Belt


Color Crystals and Dyes

Advanced Copper Color crystal


Deep Purple and Medium Pink Dye Module


Medium Red and Medium Green Dye Module


Medium Orange and Light Green Dye Module


Pale Blue and Medium Purple Dye Module


Medium Orange and Pale Yellow Dye Module


Dark Red and Pale Red Dye Module



Gurian Tornado



Aratech Ghost



Aratech Red Spirit



Aratech Techno



Adno Locust



Adno Saberwasp



Lhosan Razor




Isoptope-5 Droid Pets

  • Preview for them is bugged



Model VX-5 Ricker

swtor-model-vx-5-ricker-supreme-mogul's contraband-packswtor-model-vx-5-ricker-supreme-mogul's contraband-pack-2swtor-model-vx-5-ricker-supreme-mogul's contraband-pack-3

Model ML-39 Brute Patrol Ship


ST-N3 Power Droid


Paradise Flutterplume


Iridescent Lizardbat



Primordial Assault Cannon Besh


Primordial Blaster Besh


Violatile Derelict Saberstaff


Primordial Rifle Besh


Primordial Sniper Rifle Besh


Volatile Derelict Lightsaber


Emote & Misc

Emote: Stylish Dance


Emote: Restless


Emote: Slow Clap


Pocket Sarlacc

  • Item appear to eat you and then spit you out at end of channel.



Reuseable Jawagram: Good Job

Reuseable Jawagram: Nice Try

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

100 replies on “SWTOR Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack contents”

Agree with Dhan, Sarlacc is prolly the best in this pack imo, lol. But all in all a good pack though. Dang it, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten a frogdog huttball uniform yet, the imp ones look way better!

Is the Revered Chroniclers set definiately in the packs? It’s not listed on the contents blog on, is all.

Going to be a shame if it turns out it isn’t D:

I’ll bet you they sound exactly the same as the last bunch tho… but i dont know if i can agree that they suck… these new ones dont suck… not more than most guns in the game anyway.
At most i would say they are “average”

Sarlacc Pit is pretty awesome. The Isotope-5 pet looks neat too. Other than that its pretty much the same stuff. I have a hard time getting “stylish” from the picture of it 😛 Does the slow clap sound condescending or genuine?

The Diabolist Robe is the item that I’ve been asking for since launch. Well, 20 months later it’s HERE!

Sarlacc pit is a must have for bounty hunters. I mean what would the other hunters think of you if you didn’t have one :/

I like most of this stuff, and I see they’re still going to push those god damn jawagrams to give us a smaller chance of a rare item, but most of this will be way too expensive for a f2p player to buy on the gtn.

IIRC, Eric said thet due to pushback no new cubes which he clarified to mean after this round of packs.

i do like the relnex armour set. maybe my consular can finally look like a proper jedi. WIsh the armour sets were a complete 7 set instead of 6 though

I hope the Relnex set isn’t too rare. I really want that hood-down Jedi robe without shoulder thingies for my Jedi. Too bad it doesn’t have a flap over the crotch, though.

Oh its most definitely not rare, just has no gloves though. Maybe those will be in one of the next pack as it doesn’t seem to be added to your collection without the gloves.

Guess we’ll wait and see

Do the blasters dound the same as the version from the previous pack? (im actually hoping they do so i dont have to buy new ones to show on my sound preview channel)

I haven’t played KotOR 2, but Mira’s Jacket looks good. The sarlaac pit looks cool too.

Depending on how the dyes work with the Relnex set, I might have to buy the whole set…

On the whole, a pretty decent shipment…

Ah, but he didnt say he didnt know who she was 😛
Just that he never played KotOR 2 (which implies that he knows where she is from)

I hadn’t google’d Mira when I first posted, then I did and edited it, but swser was clearly too quick for me 🙂

Mira’s armour looks great! Very nice piece, a bit disappointed with the mounts as a lot of it is repeat, though more Adno speeders is fine but the rest looks good really.

They really should add some landspeeders in these packs to be honest. Getting a taxi as a mount would be pretty funny.

Other than a few new armor pieces, it’s mostly all recolors/resized models and tacked on tron lights.

Funny that someone feels the need to point that out each time there is a new pack.
The packs will always contain recolored models. Its called variety.
Personally im fine with it since i might not want a green speeder, but a red one… so if there is both a green one and a red one im happy 🙂
But of course, they could stop doing that and just have fewer items in the pack… and only one colour on each type of speeder or armour set… that would be fun… right?

well, OR they could design new models and not just re-color the same old model time after time after time. But if you like to spend money on lazy designs with different colors, by all means, go for it.

OR you could realize that making new models take more time and effort than re-coloring a model thus resulting in much fewer items in each pack or much more time between pack releases.
Either way you lose.
Not to mention the fact that you would only get one colour of each item, which sucks if you like the item model but not the colour…

You’re not making any significant points. It really doesn’t bother me as I don’t ever really use the cartel armor, but it is obvious that they are just pushing out boring recolored stuff because they just want to keep pushing out cartel packs. You would think they would have enough money now to hire at least one or two more designers. Even if they haven’t paid off the original budget.

Chakra, but that is exactly my point. Of course! it takes more time and effort to come up with new stuff! But they sell this recolored lazy ass stuff for good hard money anyway. They already make a great effort to push cc and cartelshop in our face. Actually I’d like the idea of much more time between pack releases, no lose on my side. Better this and new items than always the same old same old.

Or they could stop recoloring stuff, and instead extend and perfect the dye system with more choices of colors, opening the primary/secondary/… combinaisons so we could choose the colours we really want and letting us apply thoses colours to speeders/weapons/skills effects…

Which would take alot of time and effort leaving us with alot less items for a long long time.
Adding the colour dye system to speeders and skills would require alot of rewriting since those are not items, but something completely different.
Weapons sure, but they arent really releasing “recoloured” weapons anyway so there is no point to putting effort into that.
The rest are not items, and not built to have any sort of slots.
But some people are never satisfied.

Yeah that Sarlacc toy is so derivative of all the other player-consuming, healing, orifice-looking toys in the game. 🙂

I am really liking this Mira set, from the pictures… Glad they finally added such a thing as headband. They should look into more headgear like this! Loving some of those mounts and REALLY want to see that hopefully sarcastic clap and restless emotes in action…

So regarding the datacubes — Remember the “special prize” that was teased at their release if you were to collect all 8? Anyone know what that is? Thanks!

I kinda feel like Ralphie in a Christmas Story right now. You know, after he gets his decoder ring and sees the secret message. 🙁

haha, whoops. It’s already in the article above.

Is it BoL or something useful at least? That set isn’t all too pretty. :/

I heard you got the set in a lockbox; can prefered players open this lockbox? Because usually we can’t accept quest lockbox rewards…

Yes it’s true. You don’t get the lockbox at all as a “prefered” player.

Blown half a million credits on the datacubes to get that armor set, and now have that character stuck on a quest reward popup I refuse to accept… And I’m not even sure re-subbing (which I dont intend to do in the near future) would make the problem go away. But maybe it’s just an oversight…

Could a subscriber maybe drop a word on the official forums regarding this ?

I can’t imagine that is intentional. I will submit a ticket to CS. (They seem to get better responses than forum posts.)

Sorry Dulfy but I think the prevew pic in the middle for Copper crystal is off, and the one to right may a bit off too

I am thinking this Emote is bugged. Somehow it feels like it should chain multiple moves after one another. Instead it performs one of 3 at random.

Not sure if anyone reported this yet but if you did all 8 of the Encrypted Cube quests you get a box containing the Revered Chronicler’s set as a reward.

Completed it today on Red Eclipse.

Does anyone know if you have to complete them on the same character? I have a feeling I’m not going to like the answer, but I hope you don’t need them on one char.

Only subscribers can actually get the box as a reward (because item roll boxes are not available as quest rewards to non-subs, which is usually not a big deal), and the quest can only be completed once…

I seriously hope this is some kind of oversight ? It’s not like I paid for the datacubes or anything…

they say that is is the last contraband, that means when they stop them no more reputation points? i have a feeling that in 3 months they stop them permanently ^^

I think it just means that this is the last of the “criminal underworld”-themed names — the next one will probably be Corporate-themed (lots of Czerka etc) to go along with the stuff from patch 2.3.

Not that the actual contents have much thematic link to the shipment names, other than the Title unlocks….

Just picked up a pack, got a volatile saber and a datacube. Looks like you no longer get cash rewards for the datacubes and the major experience reward is bind on pickup… talk about useless for a level 55. I really hope they change this.

There’s a ‘well connected’ title.

Not quite the supreme mogul I was hoping for, but thems the breaks.

Is the Revered Chronicler’s Armor set really part of this pack? The BioWare page nor the facebook site does list it. And i can’t find it on the GTN!

Once you’ve completed all eight quests (presumably on the same character), a window opens with a crate in it. All the revered chronicler gear is inside.

Which player character can complete the datacube quests? Are there any requirements? Like min level, or is the Maceb Extension required?

I already got about 4 datacubes and did quests but I dont remember which ones, tehrefore I dont know what other 4 to get. Is there anyway you can check which you’ve already completed? Please help, ty 🙂

Does anyone know what the armor worn in the Emote Restless and Slow Clap demo pic is? I looked around the site and tor fashion but couldn’t find it…

I’ve tried to trigger stylish dance by typing /stylish, /stylishdance, /stylish dance, and /stylish-dance. What’s the super secret command?

It seems a crystals color also change the sound of a lightsaber when it hits.

I get that different weapons have different sound effects.

I have been using the Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber for my Jedi Guardian for some time now.

With a Hawkeye Blue-Core crystal.

And during combat it would make a wind like sound effect very close to Force-Sweep

I recently changed it to Black-White Hawkeye crystal and the only time there is the wind sound effect is when I use force-sweep.

So its really a 2-part question.

Does a crystal also change the sound effect of weapons? if so is it limited to melee weapons?

I ask because in combat the sound effect is clearly different between the two. even with companions. and I don’t have all the crystals to prove my theory.

I mean different color crystals. Am not sure about different types like Indestructible and Eviscerating.

Does the artifact level box for the Adept Scout complete set actually have the earpiece in it? None of the other boxes for the set appear to contain this item.

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